Krishen Iyer Exclusive Interview

Krishen Iyer is a prominent and incredibly successful entrepreneur based in California. His areas of interests include real estate, Health Insurance, as well as marketing. Iyer is an Icon in the entrepreneur department. He has established and pushed many companies to success in profitability. Recently, he found a Managed Benefits Company which is his most recent outfit. He is the Chief Executive Officer of this company which is set to redefine the generation of leads starting with the main concentration on health insurance department. Krishen Iyer has great love and passion for marketing. His primary goal is to build firm and healthy client relationships. Krishen recently responds to occasional interviews where he shared some secrets about his tremendously successful business ventures.


When he was asked to discuss his talents and expertise, Krishen Iyer noted that he has great passion and highly enjoys marketing for the mere reason that it just requires skills and ability. He also said that marketing provokes his curiosity and builds on his innovativeness and creativity. Krishen also noted that marketers are smart and brilliant people. Marketers are always fond of creativity and innovativeness. They are still concerned about improving and strengthening their practices and growth in all their endeavors. Marketers also acknowledge technology implementation in their activities.


To clarify his point, Krishen Iyer pointed out that Technology has highly improved communication. With the recent technological advancement, he can be able to get in touch with many people quickly and very fast. Krishen also noted that he likes to focus on focus on people. Iyer also indicated that he loves developing valuable and long-term connections with other people. He stated that the market is high paying and rewarding when approached with an open mind. Krishen Iyer believes that communication needs to be a critical factor in all his dealings and that it must be used to increase success.

Sahm Adrangi Predicts Proteostasis’ Medication Will Fail in Testing

Sahm Adrangi’s reputation for shorting companies producing pharmaceuticals that he doesn’t think are as effective as their testing data states. While on initial glance these medications may seem like game changers for the diseases they were created to treat, further research performed by the team at Kerrisdale Capital shows the data portrayed isn’t honest and sometimes completely inaccurate.

This has been the case for companies such as Zafgen, Sage Therapeutics, Bavarian Nordic, and Prothena among a few others. Now, only time will tell if it’s true for Sahm Adrangi’s newest biotech target Proteostasis. Proteostasis is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and has a medication designed to treat cystic fibrosis that is currently still being tested.

The preliminary results from the testing appeared to be quite impressive, but Sahm Adrangi didn’t think something about the information was right. He and his company, Kerrisdale Capital, decided to look into the medication themselves and performed extensive research to get a better idea of what the data they released really meant. While it is true that the group that received the medication did significantly better than the placebo group overall, a further look showed that the placebo group fared significantly worse than patients with the disease usually did. He believes that this fact allowed the medication to appear far more effective than it actually is.

The placebo group in the study only consisted of 4 people. Sahm Adrangi does not believe that this size was large enough to properly study the effects of the medication. If the placebo group had the average lung function of patients with cystic fibrosis, the medication would have shown to only increase lung function by around 1%.

The medication currently in testing has been fast-tracked for approval as there aren’t many effective treatments for cystic fibrosis. Despite these special allowances, Kerrisdale Capital doesn’t believe there is much chance that the cystic fibrosis drug will be approved once the results from further testing are released to the public. Sahm Adrangi has been quite open with the public about his recent short as well as the shorts that he has made in the past.

Shervin Pishevar Notes that Inflation Will Continue to Increase Despite the Government Intervention

Inflation, which is the drastic increase in the cost of consumer goods, is currently taking roots in the United States without many individuals realizing it. Shervin Pishevar notes that a large number of people around the country have not realized the current changes in the prices of goods because they have a higher purchasing power. The problem is that there is a small proportion that is made up of the low-income group of individuals who are not able to meet the cost of the goods.

Shervin Pishevar records that the problem will not change and it will even increase to the point that those individuals who can pay for the food and other everyday goods will not be able to handle it. This brings the biggest question of all time which tries to figure out why inflation is affecting the economy of the country.

One of the most critical aspects that are causing inflation to increase in the country is the current aspect of importing goods from other countries. There is an agreed consent that most of the industries around the country are not operating which have left the ordinary citizens at the mercy of multinational organizations operating outside the United States. The goods and services imported come at a higher price than what most individuals around the country would be able to get.

Shervin Pishevar also notes that the government is implementing policies to control inflation that cannot work in the country. Some of the changes introduced in the country include restricting a significant number of countries from exporting their products to the United States through stringent and unbalanced trade policies. The problem is that the supply of goods in the country becomes small against a large number of consumers, which causes individuals to compete for a few products and services which causes a price increase.

The bond market, which has for an extended period been used to control the market has significantly changed and is no longer having impacts on how the market operates. Shervin Pishevar feels that the government should develop other new policies that affect the market so that the problem is eradicated.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Is A Passionate Plastic Surgeon

About The Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is plastic surgeon in Dallas Texas. He is board certified and is a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He work includes cosmetic surgery for the face, nose, eyes, breast and body. Dr. Jejurikar has more than 21 years of experience and received extensive training in the field. He works hard to help him patients reach their goals, and he gives service with warmth and sensitivity. His work is completed used the latest and greatest technology. He can help patients whether they just desire to look younger or if they want a new look completely. He understands that no two patients are the same but his attention to detail and passion for his work allow him to create surgical and noninvasive remedies for each patient’s unique needs.

What His Patients Are Saying

Dr. Jejurikar has pretty good testimonials backing up his service. Patients are saying that he has a good bedside manor. Some patients have tried other doctors but were extremely satisfied when they found Dr. Jejurikar. He says the one thing that remains his focus in his work and that is his passion for doing it. Surgeons work very hard to get where they are, from training up until the end. Not all surgeons enjoy the art of plastic surgery. He says each year he appreciates his profession more and more, and he feels honored to be able to help patients on such a personal level. His business has gained quite a bit of popularity to both the locals as well as those coming in from other areas. With the growing economy in Dallas and its surrounding areas, people are taking notice and they are vising for his specialty procedures. Dallas attracts people from all over the world for the friendly people, the food, the football team, and the nightlife. It’s a great spot to do good business.

Jacob Gottlieb: Career path as an investment manager

Jacob Gottlieb, the former CIO at Visium Asset Management is now back in the healthcare investment sector after a break that saw him deal with issues that affected Visium. He is expected to work together with Stuart Weisbrod, another titan in the healthcare investment sector. Gottlieb holds a degree in economics from Brown University and a degree in medicine from New York University Medical School. Weisbrod on the other end has a degree in finance from Columbia University and a BA in chemistry from Colgate University. Looking at the qualifications of these two people we are likely to see a change in the industry if they combine their work.

Jacob Gottlieb started his career in 1998 when he was working for Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. he was working as an analyst on global healthcare trends. At the same time, he was pursuing CFA certification. He later left this firm and joined Merlin BioMed Corp where he joined Weisbrod who was the co-founder of the company. He did not stay in this firm for a long time; he went to other firms until he finally created his own company. In 2005, he teamed up with others to develop Visium Asset Management with an initial investment capital of $300 million. This company grew rapidly. By the time of its collapse in 2016, it was worth $8 billion.

Jacob Gottlieb got a chance to prove to the people that he was indeed a reasonable investor, he was ready to help them manage their investments. He did not take long to realize this dream. Many invest9ors came flocking to his firm because of the results he was recording. His performance was great, and he earned an excellent reputation in the industry.

Jacob Gottlieb has built a career based on the influence he had growing up, his parents were professional, and they encouraged him to take up a professional that would lead him in the same path they had taken. Gottlieb developed interests in both of them, and that is how he ended up in the Wall Street with a degree in medicine and economics.

If they chose to work together with Weisbrod, this would be an excellent opportunity for them to succeed.

The Valuable Real Estate Lessons Everyone Learns From Jim Toner

Jim Toner can be easily dubbed the epitome of a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur. In the last 25 years, Jim has maintained his play in the real estate industry without skipping a beat. The American real estate field has undergone transformative seasons due to financial interruptions such as the recess. Consequentially, according to, many real estate personas dialed down or ultimately changed their career industry. Jim Toner said, he experiences and seasoned analysis have rewarded him with wisdom and professional skills that any newbie could apply to level up in the industry.

Jim highlights the importance of adopting a winning attitude that overpowers the wavy real estate industry. Jim does not blame the lows of the industry to many uncontrollable financial conditions, as he believes that people are solely responsible for the decisions that eventually led to the fall of the market in 2008. Jim revealed that while most people opted to abandon their prospective money mines, he capitalized on the low prices. He urges investors to analyze both sides of a bad situation by establishing the possibility of any formidable long-term gains. Read this article to know about financial independence.

Jim Toner manages to keep his mind at an all positive state by associating with people who heighten his intelligence. This life principle is evident in other successful business people such as Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie. Jim’s perseverance through rocky industrial markets have afforded him an opportunity to reap the upcoming skyrocketing benefits that will steadily increase over the next five years.

Jim Toner’s work ethic and personal habits are a major ingredient in his journey towards wealth accumulation. He begins his day at 6.00 am and sets his mind for positivity by listening to uplifting podcasts and other self-development materials. Jim explains that real estate is a beneficial market to everyone. He states that while most people may not have the passion to deal with the intricacies of its business; it is possible to reap small benefits by making small-calculated risks. According to the investor, real estate is similar to other any business due to its possibility to expose one to mistakes and losses. Taking the first step towards understanding the history and possible future of a particular market will equip one with extensive knowledge for long-term involvement. See this vimeo documentary.


The Story of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin; How They Were Abused By Joe Arpaio

In 2007, two newspapermen saw first hand was a corrupt politician is capable of. That’s the year Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested by Joe Arpario, the at the time Sheriff of Maricopa County.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were in charge of over a dozen newspapers. They owned Village Voice Media, and publications all over the country were under their umbrella.

Joe Arpaio was worried about the investigative journalism going on at one of Lacey and Larkin’s newspapers. The Phoenix New Times had been investigating Arpaio’s under-the-table activities for years prior to the arrest;however, the arrest wasn’t Arpaio’s first attempt to silence the press. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Larkin and Lacey Fruntera Fund | Crunchbase

Arpaio had his friends at the courthouse draw up a subpoena. The subpoena ordered Lacey and Larkin to reveal confidential information pertaining to the readers, writers, and editors of the newspaper. When Lacey and Larkin ignored the order, choosing to publish the contents of the subpoena instead, Joe Arpaio believed that was reason enough to arrest the two men. The arrest didn’t stick. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were released, eventually taking home 3.75 million dollars, because a judge ruled that a person can publish the contents of their own served subpoena.

Joe Arpaio himself has been in legal trouble. Another incident from 2007 resulted in a judge ordering Arpaio to avoid issues relating to immigration during his tenure as Sheriff. When Joe Arpaio ignored these orders, he found himself in contempt of court.

Donald Trump eventually came to Joe Arpaio’s save. After all, Arpaio was one of the first Republicans to come out in favor of Donald Trump during the primaries. They share a similar, harsh stance on immigration, and this appealed to Arpaio. To return the favor, Trump offered Arpaio a pardon, which Arpaio hastily accepted.

Despite the long list of missteps during the Trump Presidency, the pardoning of Joe Arpaio is still one of the most brazen.

About Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

The newspapermen took a short break from the newspaper world, but they are back with Front Page Confidential. This new paper aims to hit a wider audience with a wider range of topics. Politics is still the focus of their publications;however, Front Page Confidential occasionally ventures off to cover pop culture, sports, and other relevant topics.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin also created The Frontera Fund. It is a charity that specializes in educating people about immigration.

How Gareth Henry Built A Name For Himself In The Financial Industry

Gareth Henry is a New York City-based businessman in the financial industry. He graduated in 2001 with a bachelor of science degree in mathematics and statistics, achieving 1st class honors. Four years later he was a director at the financial firm Schroders. He then joined Fortress Investment Group where he had been hired in July 2007 as their head of international investor relations. In January 2014, he was promoted to Fortress Investment Group’s global head of investor relations. He now works for Angelo, Gordon & Company where he is their global head of investor relations.

Gareth Henry is originally from Scotland and he attended the University of Edinburgh. He calls himself a “reformed math geek” who became an expert in the financial world. While he worked for Fortress Investment Group he was in charge of raising capital from investors in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. He also built relationships with those who manage pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, as well as insurance firms.

When Gareth Henry joined Angelo, Gordon, & Co. he was also named as a partner. The president of this company, Lawrence Schloss, said that Gareth Henry has shown throughout Gareth Henry’s career that he is more than able to meet the needs of his clients. Schloss brought him on board so that Angelo, Gordon, & Co. could continue to deliver strong returns to their investors. Schloss added that he had proven he could deliver strong results regardless of market conditions and with a broad range of strategies.

One nation that Gareth Henry is very interested in for investment purposes is Brazil. In 2014, while working for Fortress Investment Group, he said that Brazil represents an amazing opportunity to generate large returns. He said the opportunities ranged from equity markets to Brazil’s currency, the real. At the time Brazil was in the midst of a presidential election and he said that he expected the president at the time, Dilma Rousseff, to lose her election which would result in a major rally in the Brazilian economy.

Ryan Seacrest and His Journey to Success

Ryan Seacrest is a radio personality, host and producer of multiple companies and productions. He is best known for hosting the well-known vocal competition, American Idol. Seacrest has many subsidiaries from this success such as On Air with Ryan Seacrest and Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Seacrest was born in Atlanta. He won an internship at WSTR, a radio station based out of Atlanta. He was still attending high school during this time. He worked with Tom Sullivan during the internship. Seacrest studied journalism at the University of Georgia. He continued to be involved with radio via the local Athens station. He discontinued his college studies at 19 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in broadcasting. As per GQ, during May of 2016, Ryan Seacrest was presented with an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from the University of Georgia, the same school he attended many years prior.

He initiated his own company called Ryan Seacrest Productions. As a result, his production company has received many awards for their efforts. Ryan Seacrest Productions produces programs such as E! Live from the Red Carpet and Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset. Ryan Seacrest Productions also produces the show Shades of Blue. His company has allowed him to be involved with multiple opportunities and become well versed in the industry.

According to, his brand has expanded into retail and clothing. He has a clothing line sold at Macy’s. He also has a men’s skincare line, with the popular dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer. Seacrest has received endorsements with companies such as Coca-Cola and Ford. He is chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has opened 10 broadcast media centers within pediatric hospitals in major cities around the country. He serves on the board at the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). Seacrest is an honorary chair of the Grammy Foundation.

Throughout the course of his career, Seacrest, also a radio show host, has hosted and been involved in many popular productions and programs for decades.

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Milan Kordestani Has Accomplished More Than Most Adults

Milan Kordestani is only 17 years old, yet he has accomplished more than most adults in the world. For starters, Milan recently graduated at the top of his class from one of the best preparatory schools in America. He attended this school in California, which is where he moved after coming to America from England. In addition to graduating at the top of his class, Milan is also an equestrian, and he has won dozens of awards and contests for his fabulous horse riding. Milan also enjoys reading, going out with his friends, and spending time with his family.

Milan Kordestani always wanted to be successful, but, even more, he wanted to help his community. He feels that he accomplished this by landing a writing position with Huffington Post. On a daily basis, Milan writes articles about living healthy, thinking healthy, financing, world news, and so much more. He has millions of people reading his articles, and he is planning on writing about more subjects in the near future. Milan is also a businessman. While attending high school, Milan Kordestani started his own business, which is called Milan Farms.

Milan Farms is located in California. The main purpose of this farm is to provide the public with eggs and herbs that are completely natural. The chickens that are brought up on this farm are only fed all natural ingredients, and this makes the eggs they produce extremely natural, and there are no chemicals added to the eggs, either. People from all over the world can order eggs and herbs, and Milan Farms includes free shipping on every order, and all products are shipped priority, too. This is how much faith Milan Kordestani has in the products that are produced by Milan Farms. Milan Kordestani hopes to sell more of a variety of products in the near future.