Cloud storage services are regarded as crucial input to business operations all over the world. Gone are the days of large office files that take lots of time to peruse and access. Electronic files can be conveniently uploaded to remote servers all over the world and the data obtained from the cloud.

However, cloud storage has come under scrutiny over the last few years for increasing cases of data breach and loss. Hackers and business competitors use the cloud to access illegally other company’s files. This breach of security has given cloud storage service providers on high alert and led to the development of applications to secure cloud data.

Encouraging client to adopt cloud storage services while guaranteeing the protection of their data is a critical challenge nowadays. However, a company based in San Jose, California is reaping the rewards of innovative measures tailored for securing cloud data. The company Cipher Cloud was founded five years ago and already has strategic centers in Europe, Asia, Asia-Pacific and Australia.

The company has successfully pioneered a world class platform to offer cloud security of standards never seen before. They specialize in cloud computing and encryption, privacy, residency, compliance, protection and tokenization of data as well as enterprise software services. In the short time the privately held firm has been operational; they have managed to offer quality service to leading tech companies like Google and Amazon web services.

Through the Any app and Database Gateway platforms, Cipher cloud clients acquire licensing to extend cloud data protection services to third parties. Firms spare no cost in protecting records. Currently, Cipher Cloud manages over one hundred million files on behalf of its ever growing customer pool of almost 1.5 million. In 2013, the efficiency of Cipher cloud’s service earned them the SC Magazine Best Product of the Year Award.

Their ability to secure data in the cloud seamlessly has positioned the firm in the leading capacity in the industry. Their platform guarantees the most comprehensive security controls that include activity monitoring, malware detection, encryption, and tokenization and data loss prevention. Activity monitoring is new technology acquired from CloudUp Networks. It allows cloud users to track the real-time existence of their data and restrict access to it by unauthorized parties.

Furthermore, a cloud discovery application analyzes for malware and hidden risks. Cipher Cloud recently raised a whopping $50 million investment to increase it cloud security services portfolio. With its client base expected to hit the 3 million mark, the firm is running away with all the business in the industry. Data loss protection and complex encryption mechanisms assist the company to migrate clouds of data onto their network. The capital will be used to drive expansion by hiring equipment and employees for use in newly set up markets.

The Art Of Advertising In Brazil

Advertising in Brazil is a completely different game than is anywhere else. They use creativity , they use innovative and they make sure their ads are visually very attractive and appealing to the eye whether they are in magazines, newspapers, on the internet, or on television. They are famous for winning awards all over the world for their advertising because it is entertaining, and people in Brazil like it that way. They are open to ads and what they are selling unlike here in the U.S. where we have a more negative attitude. People involved in advertising are celebrities in Brazil, they attract the media.

There are three types of advertising in Brazil, there is the multi-national firms that have clients all over the world, there are many small agencies that were started in the local towns where they are located, then there are the firms like Heads Propaganda that are all over Brazil and are very successful and popular. San Paulo is the center of the advertising and business world, that’s where all the successful agencies are located. The frenzy all started over 85 years ago when an advertising agency opened an office in Brazil bringing its international advertising ways of doing things and things took off. They came to handle advertising for the giant company General Motors which had opened a large automobile manufacturing plant in Brazil. As General Motors started putting plants in all over the world, so did advertising agencies that followed them and set up agencies. The same result ensued with Ford and another ad agency.

Heads Propaganda is an advertising firm owned by Claudio Loureiro and is one of the largest agencies in Brazil. Located in the beautiful city of Rio De Janeiro, the company is run with a true sense of purpose in loving life, and using their knowledge to move forward for the betterment of mankind. They give their all when it comes to advertising, an unlimited giving that is inspired by life, the seasons of the year, the beautiful sense of giving and the relationship that can be developed between the agency and their clients. That is then passed onto the consumer and the brand they are representing. Claudio Loureiro is the executive a the helm of this company, he is the man who started it all and built it to be the number one advertising agency in all of Brazil. He started out studying law in college before moving on to advertising which went on to earn him awards and led him to produce several films. He was responsible for bringing Woody Allen to Brazil to work on a movie about Rio De Janeiro with him.

Hire Dan Newlin To Fight For Your Future

Become one of the many clients for whom Dan Newlin has recovered millions of dollars in damages for in the Sunshine State! Dan specializes in tough cases including accidents, Social Security Disability and wrongful death.

In this hectic world accidents are bound to happen. Just turn on the news and every single day reporters are speaking about a traffic accident and traffic delays due to the accidents. For observers and viewers of these newscasts, these are only minor inconveniences. The motorists involved face the likelihood of costly injuries that can make them unable to work for weeks or even months. Some nay not be able to return to work at all. This is not even including the costs of necessarily medical treatment.Dan Lewin and his team can easily guide clients on the forms that need to be filled out and the Florida laws that are applicable. They can also give victims knowledge of their options to deal with damage to their vehicles as well as medical injuries.One specific law that Dan Newlin specializes in is the Florida State No Fault statute. This statute states that certain insurance companies can offer policies that state that victims of motor vehicle incidents are not able to collect damages unless they have permanent injuries. Dan Newlin is an expert in this area and has been ranked as the best attorney in this field.

Shisocial Security Disability
Social Security Disability is a federal program that provides monthly payments to people of all ages who are disabled.The process to qualify for this process is lengthy and involves multiple layers of bureaucracy. Release forms for medical records are needed as are dates and places of treatment. The dates of employment for the disabled person are also required. Often the initial application is denied even in cases that are very strong. After this appeals must be made by the disabled person who is seeking to be approved for Social Security Disability. Dan Newman has multiple years of experience in winning Social Security Disability cases.

Wrongful Death
This is an extremely important field of law as well as a tragic one. A loved one passing on under any circumstance is difficult and heart wrenching. Add to that the stress of someone causing that person’s passing and the situation can quickly become impossible to navigate. The first question that must be asked is if someone intentionally commits an act that leads to someone’s death. A second fact that can lead to a strong wrongful death case is if someone’s actions lead to another person’s death because of negligence.

Brian Bonar and His Financial Security

Brian Bonar has risen to become the head of Trucept, Inc. While helping to start the company, he also runs many other areas of the business, all of which are especially important. Due to this, it is necessary to understand exactly what goes on with the business and why what he does is so important. With everything that he does and all of the hard work he puts into the business, it makes sense why he makes what he does. In fact, there is only one other executive working at Trucept, Inc, and she has one position while Brian Bonar has several. For anyone who is interested in what it takes to create a startup business and get it moving to the next level, Brian Bonar is the individual who they need to look after.

In order to understand what Brian makes and how to put it into context, it is necessary to first look over all of the different job titles he holds. For starters, he is the President of Trucept, Inc. Beyond that though, he works as the official secretary, the treasurer and the CEO, as well as the CFO of the company. However, he is not done there. He also is the Director of the company. With all of these different titles, it makes sense why his compensation is also high.

Brian has a base pay of $360,000. This is just slightly more than the other executive, as both are making over $300,000 in terms of their base pay. Now, where the difference comes in though is through the other compensation. While he does not receive any sort of stock or options awarded as it is a private company and there is no large base trading with the business, he does receive over $500,000 in total other compensation. This is not gone into additional detail as to what this all covers, but it usually goes with assisting with the purchase of vehicles, professional clothing, transportation and other requirements the head of a large business such as Trucept required. When running any sort of business, it is all about identity and making sure someone is properly represented and that they also look and feel the part. In order to attract outside investors, this is a must. So, it is a major reason why the total other compensation for Brian sits at over half a million dollars.

In total, Brian makes just over $860,000 annually when looking at the base pay and the total compensation package. With all of the different positions and titles Brian holds, this makes sense and it is understandable why he would make this kind of money as the head of the company.

Adam Sender Selling His Art Collection for $70 Million Dollars

If you read the news that Adam Sender was selling his art collection for $70 million dollars, you might think that this was just another story of a millionaire selling off part of his elaborate art collection. This story is unique in that Adam Sender was a hedge fund manager with little experience in the art world, but by making a few key decisions he was able to build a unique collection that today is worth a small fortune. To understand how extraordinary this story is, we have to go back to when Sender was only managing his fund.

Before Adam Sender even knew anything about collecting art, he was making great money for himself and all his investors. He could have simply taken all his profits at the time and just put it back into the fund and retired a wealthy man. Sender was looking for a way to grow his wealth more rapidly, so he decided to venture off into the world of Contemporary art. One thing that concerned Sender right from the beginning was that top pieces from the masters were commanding millions of dollars per painting. In order for Sender to make any profit, he was going to have to risk a huge amount of money and hope the market took a huge upturn. The risk was not worth the reward in his eyes, but he was not deterred by this obstacle.

Sender continued to study the art world and stumbled upon an idea that would change the course of his life forever. While looking at paintings by Picasso and Warhol, Sender discovered some amazing pieces of art that were right up there in quality as the masters. The only difference was because these artists were not well-known, their pieces were getting only a few hundred thousand dollars per painting. Here was an opportunity to amass a nice collection that was well below market value, and if his hunch was right, he would be able to grow his fortune in no time at all. Sender began searching the globe for these amazing pieces by the artists just under the radar. He wanted to test his theory, so here is where the story takes a dramatic turn.

In 2006, Sender decided to put 40 pieces of his growing collection up for auction. He wanted to make certain there was indeed a market for these pieces. To his amazement, the entire collection sold for an impressive $20 million dollars. Sender had discovered the road to his fortune, he just needed to ramp up his purchasing before the secret was out. In a ver short amount of time, he grew that art collection to 400 pieces by 138 different artists from around the world. That lot was commissioned by Sotheby’s to be sold off this year for an estimated $70 million dollars.

Why Adam Sender is a Legend in the Field of Investing

Adam Sender has always had a reputation for being an innovator and a taste maker in the world of art collecting. His art collection, with over 400 pieces of art is famous around the world and has received attention from some of the world’s greatest investors, some of which have spent over $20 million for just a few pieces of his art, a collection of virtually unknown artists who would be completely obscure without the guidance and direction of Adam Sender’s blessing.

Having such a profound ability to excite the art world’s imagination, he began to obtain a reputation for being a tastemaker and an innovator who directs the flow of trends in the art world.

Is a very daunting thought to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into a business that is virtually unknown and does not have the endorsements of a solid and well-known investor backing the business. The same is true in the art world, where artists who do not meet investors as passionate as Adam Sender will often remain unknown for the rest of their lives.

His desire to shift the thinking of millions of people from all around the world has allowed for a powerful resurgence of art as a tool, not only make money, but to soothe ones soul as well.

It is very exciting to watch someone like Adam Sender work his magic. He is passionate as well as meticulous on how he navigates through the art world to find pieces that he allows into his collection. As someone who has been investing in artwork for close to 20 years, he made a name for himself by purchasing a painting for over $100,000 that would usually only gather 1000 or two. His extreme conviction in certain pieces of artwork has proven to be an inspiration for all those around him as he is looked up to as a groundbreaking innovator with a knack for proving that he can make any artist at all worth multimillions of dollars.

As an investor, he has proven to be quite shrewd and only invests in companies that are extremely volatile in nature. Once he gives each company its thorough due diligence, he will then proceed to give them the money that they need to make millions of dollars in capital, enabling him to reap a healthy return on his investment as he has done expertly for over 30 years.

Ultimately, it is up to every investor to make the correct assessments in order to gain the maximum return on investment. It is often those who are not afraid of losing everything that actually have a chance to receive a lot of money in the world of investing.

The 990 Company: Every Home Seller’s Dream

Thousands of people sell their homes every year. Some people move, some just want a fresh start, and others want to be close to family. Regardless of their reason for selling their home, almost everyone who sells a home goes through a realtor. Usually realtors take a large portion of the home’s sale price as commission for their trouble helping the home to sell. That is where the idea behind the 990 Company comes in.

The idea behind this company is that, instead of charging clients a full real estate agent’s commission with each sale, the sellers are able to do a part of the selling process, which saves the real estate agent some trouble, so the sellers are then able to save thousands on the sale by paying the agent only $990, instead of the usual commission of several thousand.

While this may seem like a rip off for the agent, there is a catch. If the sellers do not do their part, then the agents still get their original commission. This works well for the agent in two ways. First, if the sellers do their part and do sell the home, leaving the agent with only $990 commission, then the sellers are incredibly likely to be happy with their experience with this particular agent. The sellers are also likely to tell their friends about their great experience with this agent, so the sellers’ friends are likely to use this agent. Second, it gets the agent’s name out in the community. Simply by having the typical realtor’s yard sign in the yard of the home for sale, the agent gets more name recognition than they would have otherwise had.

Through 990 sells homes, The 990 Company is taking the real estate world by storm. With their innovative way of handling the home buying and selling process, they are being met with rave reviews. From realtors to home buyers to home sellers, everyone seems to be happy with the service they receive from this innovative realty program.

Status Labs Online Helps Promote Your Company

Companies looking to promote themselves online are typically going to find it to be rather challenging, especially when starting off. There are so many other website out there that offer similar services and products, so being able to stand out from the rest might prove especially challenging. That is exactly why Status Labs Online Reputation Management wants to help businesses out. With the services it provides and the way it helps protect the business’s online presence, it can improve the way any business works, the way it looks online and how it connects with the online community.

Many companies and clients are starting to fret due to the recent Ashley Madison leak. This hack has destroyed the lives of millions of people around the country. Over 32 million registered accounts appeared on the website leak. For those unfamiliar with Ashley Madison, it is an online connection website designed to bring married individuals together who are looking to have an affair or outside connections from their marriage while being kept hush hush. However, this recent hack has exposed many of these individuals to their families, friends, coworkers and others around them, even though they assumed their personal information would be kept secret. This is a major security issue and a problem that an online reputation firm might not be able to assist with, at least in terms of a full company, but it may have more of a capability with an individual or smaller group.

With an online reputation management firm, it is possible to track down sourced information and to help expunge it from the Internet. Now, this is not always possible, but in many cases, they can make it far more difficult for anyone to obtain this sort of information. A business might want to take advantage of this kind of Ashley Madison service should someone in the business be associated with the company or if their information was outed. The info could potentially destroy, or seriously dampen their ability to do business. With the help of Status Labs, it is possible to hunt down this kind of information and have it removed from the Internet, thus both protecting the individual and the business they work for as well.

For many businesses, the online reputation is all that they have. However, that doesn’t mean it is always good. Online stores are popping up more and more, so knowing how to attract a successful pitch to customers is important and making sure everyone online about the company is beneficial is a must as well. This can be difficult to do for any business, no matter how new or old it is. That is why going with and using the assistance of a professional service provider like Status Labs can make sure the customer always can promote their content in the best way possible. They are able to avoid other issues that might cause the company problems later on down the line. It can all be handled by Status Labs Online.

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