Vijay Eswaran, the Entrepreneur of the Century

Vijay Eswaran is an author and businessman from Malaysia. Vijay Eswaran is the sitting Executive Chairman of the QI Group that has its headquarters in Hong Kong. QI group is a group of companies that’s involved in various businesses including hospitality, education, financial services, direct selling, and retail.

The company has employed over 1500 people and is in 30 countries across the globe on YouTube. Vijay returned to Asia where he co-founded a multilevel marketing company that has grown into today’s QI.

Vijay Eswaran was born on 7th October 1960 in Penang. His mother, Pushpavathy Chinnaiah, was a teacher and his father, Mr. Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu, worked for the state in the ministry of labor. Vijay is a graduate of London school of Economics where he got a degree in socio-economic. He later did some odd jobs that included a construction site in Belgium, plucked grapes in France and drove a cab in London. He was then introduced to the binary system and obtained professional qualifications from CIMA in the UK and later an MBA from the Southern Illinois University.

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Mr. Vijay has authored some books. He has also spoken at different business forums like the world economic forum. Mr. Eswaran established the RHYTHM Foundation, which is a social responsibility arm of the QI group. Vijay Eswaran also started a charity organization in Malaysia named after his father. Through these charitable organizations, he has initiated programs like mentorships and donations.

Mr. Eswaran has many accolades and awards that include the New Global Indian award for business excellence on In 2013, Forbes named him as one of the richest people in Malaysia.

Kabbalah for Contempory Wisdom

The Kabbalah is the esoteric teachings of Judaism that has existed for thousands of years, originating in 12th and 13th century France and Spain. It was originally considered a secret doctrine containing the mysteries of the universe. At this point in time, the teachings are considered a tool for understanding the meaning of life and the method of learning how to be a fully integrated human in modern society.

The Kabbalah Centre was founded in 1922 by Rav Yahuda Ashlag with the intention of passing on the teachings of the Kabbalah to the contemporary world and has expanded to 40 cities around the world as well as offering online courses to students in other locations.

The teachings are varied and focus on many aspects of philosophy as well as day to day behavior to help individuals navigate through life with clarity, understanding and spiritual wisdom. The classes are available at the various locations as well as with many classes offered online.

The website offers articles as well as books and audio products covering many subjects and information about the origins and traditions of Kabbalah. It describes the methods of personal study plans for transformation and how one can volunteer at special events.

The Kabbalah University offers lectures and classes throughout the year covering a multitude of subjects ranging from kindness to astrology to mediation to how food influences our energy and behavior. It’s premise is one that anyone regardless of religious believe or background can benefit from the Kabbalah teachings in order to fully understand the meaning and intrinsic value of one’s own life and live intelligently and joyfully.

Rav Berg and his wife, Karen Berg are the spiritual directors of the Kabbalah Centre and their son Michael Berg is the co-director of the Kabbalah Centre International.

The Coming Opportunity For The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of the year. While a lot of people watch it, it is better to be able to actually earn from it. This is in fact one of the best earning opportunities one has in a year. They get to take the time to learn what they need to know about the Super Bowl odds so that they could make the best bet. However, this is one of the hardest games to predict because both teams that have made the Super Bowl have played their best games throughout the year. Therefore, the anticipation is going to have an effect on the bets that are placed.

Fortunately, there is a way to improve one’s odds. One can use a great place for betting. This is called This site not only has information on all the teams available, but also has information on the type of NFL odds that one should expect. That way, people will be more comfortable with making the bet with their understanding of the Super Bowl odds. However, the Super Bowl game is rather unpredictable. There are times when the teams have a really close game to the point that it goes into over time.

Watching the Super Bowl can be a lot more rewarding for people if they know the Super Bowl odds. It doesn’t have to be fun only for those that have their favorite teams playing. People that have teams out of the game can benefit from the games that are played with People are not only able to bet on their favorite games, but they are also urged to bet responsibly. For one thing, money management is very important for people that place their bets. Therefore, it is important for people to not bet what they can’t afford.

Sports betting is a lot like other forms of gambling. If people gamble, then they must gamble with the understanding that there is a huge possibility of losing the money they bet. As a result, they will be better able to determine how much they can bet.

Amazon Loses Clients to Fabletics by Kate Hudson

Amazon is the leading competitor for online shopping and because so many people turn to Amazon to purchase things, it can be difficult for other companies to succeed. This is very true for people who are selling active wear. For Kate Hudson, she had to learn this as well. Her company, Fabletics specializes in selling active wear for people who work out and participate in yoga. She had a great idea and needed to sell it to others.


Kate Hudson decided to use her own knowledge of working out for her benefit. She knew what people liked and she knew how uncomfortable most workout clothes are. She found herself trying to come up with her own workout gear that would be less constrictive for her own body type. She looked around and seen that most women were uncomfortable in the clothes they were using to work out in so she thought why not change the feeling of the clothes. She then met with someone who was able to help her out. With the help, she thought, I’m going to use this to my benefit and start a company, and Fabletics was born.


Fabletics is much like your magazine subscription service. It will work like any other monthly membership that you have. Each and every month that your membership is paid, you will receive a workout outfit in the mail. If you like what you receive, you simply keep it, and if you don’t, simply return it.


At the beginning of the membership, you will purchase the membership for only twenty five dollars and then each month afterwards, the cost will go up depending on the membership level you choose. If you choose the VIP membership, you will have additional perks for being a VIP. Some of the benefits from being a VIP is that you get free exchanges and free shipping. If you are not a VIP member, this might be worth your while to choose to upgrade your account.


Kate Hudson knew that by making a membership program, she was able to reach a large group of women. If you find that you like the items you receive, you always have the option of purchasing more outfits from their online store. You will also find that the sales on items are perfect for stocking up as well. If you are looking for a membership that you want to give to someone, this monthly subscription plan would be great to use as a holiday gift, a birthday gift or just for someone you feel is in need of something special. Who wouldn’t love free clothes every month, right?

Choosing a Competent Busiess Litigation Lawyer in Brazil

If you are or even feel that you will be encountering a business lawsuit, the first thing you should do is contact an experienced attorney that can tell you of what you ought to be doing and your rights. Even if you have actually not been sued yet, an accomplished attorney can advise you if you really should be making statements or taking any other action at this stage.

Perhaps you are fully aware that Mr Ricardo Tosto is a proficient business and corporate litigation lawyers in Brazil.

When it comes to choosing a business or corporate lawyer, it is imperative to go with a lawyer who has an established track record. It is absolutely essential to select one of the best lawyers you can afford.

A business litigation attorney can advise you of your rights and assist you when you are being served with a lawsuit. In many instances, once a person is served with a lawsuit, court officials will question you further and may prompt you to give a statement.

You need to enlist the services of a powerful Brazilian business lawyer or attorney immediately if you are dealing with a legal concern concerning your business in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been rendering outstanding legal representation for years and is well respected in the industry. He has numerous clients who keep using his services to ensure that they comply with the law of the nation.

Ricardo Tosto is an expert business litigation lawyer but he also employs negotiation strategy in his practice. If negotiation does not resolve a client’s case, Ricardo Tosto will be prepared to take litigation approach in the case. Whether it’s litigation or alternate dispute resolution, Mr Ricardo Tosto will seek any kind of means to attain his client’s desired outcome.

Mr Ricardo Tosto represents clients in cases such as business formation, shareholder matter as well as other business or corporate legislation matters. Real estate developers as well as entrepreneurs throughout the nation go to him in order to help attain their commercial or organization purposes.

Financier George Soros Is Not Happy About A Trump Presidency

The Democratic Party has always been a party for the working class. Democrats are the yin, and Republicans are the yang in the political world. But through the years, the yin and yang of politics have grown closer together. Even though the Democrats claim to be liberals, and the Republicans are called conservatives, there are conservatives in the Democratic Party and liberals in the Republican Party. Some of the major donors to those ideologies would like to change the direction of their chosen party. One of those donors is billionaire hedge fund investor George Soros.

George Soros has been an influential voice in the Democratic Party for years. In 2004, Soros spent more than $14 million to keep George W. Bush out of the White House. And in 2015 and 2016, he donated $8 million to elect Hillary Clinton. George spent another $6 million on other political contests around the country. He supported Democratic senators and congressmen, and other Democrats that were running for district attorney in several states. George lost the election on November 9, 2016, but he didn’t lose his will to fight

Donald Trump doesn’t have what it takes to run the country, according to Soros and the popular vote. Soros thinks Trump is all show, and Soros isn’t fooled by his showmanship. George Soros, and a group of major Democratic donors, political leaders, and union executives met in Washington, D.C. recently to discuss the future of the Democratic Party. That group wants to keep Trump in check, according to an article posted by Nancy Pelosi, the recently reelected Democratic leader of the House, attended the conference, and so did Senator Elizabeth Warren. The conference is the first step in thwarting Trump’s first 100-day plan. Soros and other Democrats want to protect the achievements of President Obama.

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The Democratic Alliance Donor Club was formed by Soros, after the 2004 election. The Democratic Alliance sponsored the conference. The goal of the conference is to achieve a just and equitable nation. The Democratic Alliance was designed to represent the working class. But the 2016 election proved that the working class no longer trusts the Democratic Alliance. George Soros is planning to change that perception in 2017. Soros and the other major donors will spend millions to bring the Democratic Party back from the brink of disaster over the next four years.

Reshaping the Democratic Party is at the top of the Soros agenda. George Soros recently entered the hedge fund world after retiring in 2015. He recently made a huge investment in the gold market. George is also one of the hedge fund managers that is betting the Chinese yuan will lose 40 percent of its value over the next 18 months. A recent report showed that the Chinese banks are hiding more than $2 trillion in bad debts. Soros believes the Chinese government will be forced to use capital reserves to prevent a nationwide bank failure. If George is right about the Chinese situation and the gold market, he’ll have more money to invest in a Democratic overhaul.

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Farron Bernhardt Takes Over As CEO Of Senior Housing Community

Farron Bernhardt has spent over 30 years in housing development and especially managing senior living centers. Now he’s moving up to CEO of a highly-reviewed assisted living community in San Luis Obispo, CA. This assisted living community is The Manse on Marsh, cited by many senior living experts as one of the best places for elderly loved ones to receive care, and winner of many awards including the Caring Star award in both 2015 and 2016. Bernhardt will be taking his knowledge and experience to work alongside owner Chris Skiff and his team of administrators. Bernhardt has said he feels honored to take this position and wants to continue making Manse on Marsh the best place for the elderly to come.

What The Manse on Marsh does is provide a home away from home for seniors who need care with the assistance of staff and sometimes medical personnel. This is not just physical care for those who might have trouble walking, or need help with personal grooming needs, but also emotional and mental needs because feeling alone or isolated can sometimes be more difficult even than physical struggles. At Manse on Marsh, seniors are part of a family of caregivers and have the opportunities to interact with other tenants, as well as engage in social activities.

The Manse on Marsh provides a variety of housing options for its tenants. They have buildings with studio apartments with access to dining areas and the main lobby, and they also have private houses and cottages for those who need more space to themselves. There is room service available and emergency pendants in case staff need to be contacted right away. Families can come visit at any time and pets are welcome to live at Manse on Marsh, and while visiting families and their loved ones can take walks along the trails surrounding the property, or go into downtown San Luis Obispo and enjoy shopping or festivities. Chris Skiff is proud of what he’s built here at the Manse on Marsh, a man who has spent over 16 years cultivating this friendly place, and graduated with honors from UCLA.

Achievements by Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an international investment-banking firm situated in Chicago. The M &A Advisor recently declared the company as the finalist for their 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. This Award is a recognized achievement in the financial sector. Firms competing for this award are likely to win depending on their achievements in different areas like excellence in closing deals, achievements and contributions, and financing and restructuring. The M & A Advisor was introduced in 1998 with the objective of providing insights and intelligence on M&A activities. Since its establishment, the M&A has developed an international society of M&A.



Other Awards by Madison Street Capital



Some of the other awards clinched by Madison Street Capital include the Industry Mavericks Award (NACVA’s 40 under Forty), 10th Annual M&A Advisor Turnaround Awards, and the Cross-Border Deal of the Year Award.



Madison Street Capital has also secured a nomination for the International and Industrials Deal of the Year. The firm clinched this award due to its role in assisting DOWCO acquire Acuna and Asociados S.A. Responding to this achievement, Charles Botchway, the Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street was quoted remarking that the firm was proud and honored for having helped DOWCO acquire Acuna and Asociados S.A. Madison Street Capital has also secured a nomination for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. The deal makers in the firm are dedicated to helping their customers access emerging and growing businesses that are compatible with the expansion needs of their businesses. The firm is committed to establishing formidable enterprises within the business industries in the U.S. The activities of Madison Street Capital have had an impact both locally and globally.



Services at Madison Street Capital



The Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, Karl D’Cunha declared that the acquisition by DAWCO was among one of the greatest achievements by the company. Madison Street Capital Reputation of delivering financial services with excellence, leadership, and integrity is undisputed. Some of the other services provided by the company include financial options, merger and acquisition, and valuation. Madison Street Capital services are available to public and private enterprises. The main aim of these services is to help enterprises achieve success in the international marketplace. Madison Street Capital absorbs the objectives and aims of its clients to determine the best way to help them meet their aspirations. The financial organization is staffed with a competent, highly skilled, and talented team that is capable of handling a wide variety of financial issues ranging from capital raises to financial advisory. Madison Street Capital does not discriminate against emerging markets. In fact, the firm is dedicated to investing in these newbie industries. The company’s adherence to high ethical standards is the reason it has earned the trust of clients worldwide.

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The New York City Human Rights Watch Dog

Thor Halvorssen is the leader of the Human Rights Foundation based in New York City. He is 39 years old. Thor and his prototypes believe in the importance of individual liberty and human rights. They consider human rights as non-debatable discussions. Thor is extraradical and does not take time executing stereotypical ‘sad-sack’ movements like most human rights activists. His philosophy about human rights is not theoretical. He was raised in Caracas Venezuela and descends from a lineage of both Norwegian and Venezuelan leaders. Oystein, his matrilineal grandfather, was the famous Norwegian king’s delegate in Venezuela in the course of the Second World War. His grandfather is known for diverting all of the Norway trade fleets to Venezuelans and getting to war with Germans who opposed his move. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

His father was tortured in Caracas detention centers after he exposed the government extortion during the Venezuela drug wars. His mother is also a descendant of Bolívar’s Simón, the liberator. Simon provided help to Latin America during its struggles from Spain. His mother is a close relative of Cristóbal Mendoza, the first Venezuelan president. She got wounded during a demonstration against the Hugo Chávez regime. Read more: Thor Havlorseen | Facebook

Leopoldo López Thor’s first cousin was also a critic of the Chavista regime. According to Forbes, Thor Halvorssen still serves a Venezuelan political prisoner jail detainment. In many parts, Thor Halvorssen is considered as an important critic of dictatorship regimes in Latin American and some of the traditional funding institutions. Thor Halvorssen, however, refuses to accept traditional designs and considers himself a liberal classic in the Venezuelan Chávez left-wing.

His firm is ready and willing to disparage all types of dictators and does not consider employee political inclinations as long as they maintain his mission to eradicate tyranny from the world. HRF’s staff is selected from all over the world and strives to uncover tyranny and push for political prisoner’s release. The company is always ready to get to the ground and reveal perturbing democracies.

The Foundation has recently published child labor practices in American farm kids, commonly known as the Tobacco’s Hidden Children. The organization remains the world’s leading human rights watchdog being served with the veteran leadership of Thor Halvorssen.

Cone Marshall Representatives Discuss Firm’s Commitment to Economic Advancement

Representatives from Cone Marshall, one of the leading tax law firms in the New Zealand area, have recently released statements describing the law firm’s commitment to the establishment of a thriving economic system through services and measures implemented within the institution. The New Zealand firm, which is led by attorneys Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall, has been instrumental in the development of stable economic systems for families in New Zealand. Through the use of several of Cone Marshall’s programs, families have become financially secure and economically stable. Representatives from Cone Marshall have stated that the company has become committed to the improvement of the New Zealand economy through its focus on the assistance and education of New Zealand’s citizens.


Commitment Through Assistance

Representatives from Cone Marshall stated that Cone Marshall Law Firm has shown an exceptional ability to improve the New Zealand economy through its assistance programs. The firm offers assistance to citizens who are struggling to establish local and international trust funds. The firm is also instrumental in the development of estate plans and tax documents. Through Cone Marshall’s customer assistance programs, a large number of New Zealand citizens have gained the ability to develop trusts and estate accounts that they would ordinarily not have access to.


Commitment Through Education

Cone Marshall representatives also emphasized their company’s commitment to the development of the New Zealand economy through the fiscal education of its citizens. Cone Marshall offers several programs for individuals who wish to gather information about trust establishment or tax information. Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall, the founders of Cone Marshall, have become known for their desire to educate clients about the ever changing federal tax laws. When clients come to Cone Marshall for consultations, they leave with valuable information that can enable them to improve their financial outlooks.


Commitment Through Relief

Representatives of Cone Marshall also discussed the firm’s commitment to improving the economy through its fiscal relief programs. Leaders of the law firm created programs for clients who face financial hardships. By combining extensive legal knowledge about tax relief programs for qualified families with a step by step implementation program, the leaders of Cone Marshall have helped New Zealand families to get out of stressful financial situations and contribute to the growing economy. By creating a law firm that aims to solve problems for the local community, the leaders of Cone Marshall have become a company that is beloved by natives of New Zealand.