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Alex Pall: The Road to Success

Alex Pall, together with Drew Taggart, forms the band known as The Chainsmokers. Hard work and perseverance characterize the journey of Alex Pall towards stardom, and he never stopped until the young musician ends up being successful. Like most musicians, he and Drew Taggart had to start low. Alex Pall was a local DJ in New York City at night, while he becomes an art gallery assistant during the day. He met his future manager after a performance at a local club, and he was later on introduced to Drew Taggart. The two musicians instantly became friends because they share the same interest in music. After extensive and careful planning, their manager had the idea to turn them into a duo and gave them the title as The Chainsmokers.

Since the formation of the band in 2012, Alex Pall has come a long way. He and his partner have been releasing songs which are being recognized as a top hit, and their singles have been downloaded and played on a variety of media several times. They have also stated that more people are feeling the relation towards their songs, and they believe that it is another reason why their singles are becoming a hit. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart claimed that before they would write a song, they would have to think deeper and see how the song would affect them. They wanted their songs to be about discovering one’s self, touching the deeper parts of being a human. Alex Pall also shared that he would keep on speaking with Drew Taggart regarding their songs and how it would affect the public when they listened to it.

Alex Pall has been very thankful for the career that he is enjoying right now. He never expected that a manager from the club he worked for would soon discover his talent and will pair him up with an equal who loves music so much. Today, The Chainsmokers are visiting major cities around the world, meeting up with their fans and making them happy through the songs and music that they composed and recorded.