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How to Prevent Cyber-Breaches with William Saito

In this day and age, almost everything is digital. If you’re reading this right now it is on a computing device. You have probably heard of “hackers” and “cybersecurity” but have you ever considered what they actually mean?

Cybersecurity is a big thing today, many companies use it to help keep track of all the data they have. Just like documents that are held physically in a filing cabinet cyber data can also be stolen. Professional William Saito Has given advice to companies of how to keep their data safe. It’s not only the software that you use or the type of computer or brand that you buy but it is also being smart on the computer. Many people think that if they don’t use the internet that makes them safe from hackers. This is bad because it stops you from being able to watch your computers. This also gives your company a disadvantage of not being able to use the Internet. This also includes not letting coworkers use a computer outside of the network. This does nothing to prevent hackers and all it does is stop your company from being more efficient and effective while using the network.

One key goal of cybersecurity is being able to get information to one another quickly and efficiently. William Saito has given many tips on how to do this. The first thing is to not point fingers and blame anyone. If someone or a company is hacked it does not always mean that it is their fault. And when you blame somebody for doing this all it does is make them feel compromised and stop them from being able to communicate efficiently.

Another good thing to do is to not get lazy, which means if something seems suspicious check it out. It is better to tell somebody immediately that there is a problem rather than to try to hide it. People lose things all the time and just because you lose something doesn’t make you at fault. What is needed is a trusted network in which people can tell each other what is missing so that it can be handled quickly and easily rather than pointing blame and being counterproductive. This is one of the many important essentials that William Saito has told companies he has consulted with.

So the biggest solution isn’t to hide from the Internet or to blame somebody or to prevent the use of Wi-Fi or any computing device outside of a network. It is mainly just communication and trustworthiness. This is one essential action that every company could implement to help prevent their cybersecurity from being breached.