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A new Partnership for 2018: Securus Technologies Has a New Ally

When you have your own business, you have to understand that you can’t take care of all the sectors that you deal with. Maybe the expertise of your company is innovation in the field of technology, so, depending on the size of your company and how much you have to spare, it might be necessary to hire third-party corporations, or straight-up buy them.



This is the case of Securus Technologies, which recently acquired the enormous corporation GovPayNet to deal with their payments.



In this particular case, Securus Technologies is a provider of solutions for prisons and correction agencies, and all sorts of technological innovations have their birth in the labs of this company. They have tackled the communication industry, the security of the penitentiaries, improved many of the tools that these institutions have at their disposal. That, of course, might mean that they are, at full force, developing new ways to improve the lives of law enforcers, and that is right. With this type of dedication to a particular kind of business, the leaders and owners of Securus Technologies hired another company to take care of their financial administration and the payments that the company deals with.



As of now, both companies have had many achievements throughout their histories. Securus Technologies’ services are used in hundreds of prisons spread across the territory of the United States, mainly Texas, and they have the highest percentage of the market for that matter. GovPayNet, which is going to deal with debit and credit cards as well as payments for Securus Tech, is hired by thousands of agencies and institutions across the country. Both are really renowned groups in their respective industries, and this new relationship between them means that agencies and prisons will have an even better service provider in the year of 2018 and forward.



If you have never heard of Securus Technologies, make sure to check them out to learn more about their business model and how they achieved success.



Securus Technologies Wins Prestigious Award

One of the leading companies in the world of criminal justice technology is Securus Technologies. They have been praised for their many innovations when it comes to technology that is often used to conduct investigations and monitor prisoners. The Stevie Awards were recently held in Las Vegas. It was at this awards show that Securus was once again acknowledged as an outstanding organization from top to bottom. However, this time the award had nothing to do with the quality of their products. The award was in honor of their outstanding customer service that the company has become famous for over the years.


The Stevie Awards are held to honor companies that display remarkable customer service, sales strategies and work in their contact centers. The Gold Stevie Award was given to Securus for being the best when it comes to customer service last year. This is the most important customer service award that a company can currently win. It is a big deal and demonstrates that Securus always puts the needs of their customers first. The ceremony was held at Caesars Palace with literally hundreds of the most important executives in the world in attendance.


Securus has always taken the approach that customer needs should be a top priority. The industry they are in is very competitive. They realize that customers could easily jump ship and start using some of the technology produced by their competitors. This is why Securus has always made a point to immediately address the concerns of their customers and get them resolved as quickly as possible. The Gold Stevie Award is just one more significant accolade to add to a growing list that Securus has received. However, the company refuses to become complacent. They are now more committed to providing great customer service than ever before.