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GoBuyside — Get Involved Now!

GoBuyside was founded by Arjun Kapur. The company is a contemporary firm that specializes in assisting private equity firms, hedge funds, Fortune 500 companies, advising firms, investment managers, and other firms across a broad spectrum of investing and valuation. They leverage their power and knowledge of searching companies and studying asset history. The method of research yields a body of information that companies can use to place themselves above their competition. The history of asset valuation can provide much insight into the details of a company’s financial health. They can also encourage a firm .to revamp their investment strategy by offering their expert opinion on important topics such as liabilities and investments. A firm’s overall financial health depends heavily on their assets and equity and GoBuyside helps each firm improve in these vital areas.

GoBuyside has a staff that is well trained and educated in the areas of financial improvement. They provide the community with an important service that many benefit from. The equity compensation information that they provide will assist the community with the differences in fund structure. Each firm has a different approach to how they increase revenue and maintain their assets. The cash on hand and cash consumption can yield various funding structures and make the market volatile. Each company in the study conducted by GoBuyside has been included in the benchmarking for consumers to browse. The company speaks with thousands of professionals each year to complete the study and make the information widely available. The data allows consumers to connect with investment companies of their choice and make the wisest decisions for them. The most recent study has been conducted by 965 private equity firms and professionals. This level of detail is what makes GoBuyside a widely respected firm. They are a valuable asset to the investment community.

In order to enlist the services of GoBuyside it is as easy as setting up a private account and creating a portfolio. Your information is kept confidential and once you are accepted into the platform you will have full control over how you utilize the power of the platform. The world’s best financial experts are at your disposal and will assist you in all of your decisions. Many of the most exclusive investment funds, hedge funds, and portfolio managers have begun leveraging the power of GoBuyside and their profits have seen strong improvements. It is time to enlist the services of GoBuyside!

Cassio Audi Hits in His Early Musical Career

Cassio Audi’s early music career came to into play when he together with his other four friends came together when in school and formed a music band. Cassio Audi was the drummer in the band and also a vocalist. He started very successfully as the drummer and helped the band right from the start of music production up to the marketing of the band’s products. Cassio Audi tenacity lifted the band to stage performance in which they performed their electric performance on various stages. The band soon became famous all around the Brazil especially in the tracks that hit, Killera, the prince from hell and the Nightmare.

Cassio Audi and his band also advanced to the international level hitting the whole of Europe and America. As they traversed the continent, Cassio Audi continued in composing the song for the band. In the year 1987, the band manage to launch their first album, the Soldiers of Sunset, with the help of Cassio Audi. It was a big success for the band raising the band to the heights of rock music. The band shocked the rock bands by their great interest in English rock having in mind that English was their second language as Brazilians. While Critic told them that they needed to sharpen their skills, their audience considered their performance as talented.

Cassio Audi was also featured as a great composer and a lyricist when the band launched their second album named Theater of Fate in the year 1989. After this scene, Cassio Audi diverted from the music background. He had entered the music career due to his divided attention to different interest in making money. Cassio Audi is currently working in a financial firm but still remains in the Brazilian history as one of the top rock drummer and vocalist. Cassio Audi has attained a degree in business administration.

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Doug Levitt, Songwriter of America’s Economy

For more than ten years, singer-songwriter Doug Levitt because a very long Greyhound trip back and forth across America to gather the many stories, songs, pictures, and memories of the many bus passengers he encountered. His quest brought him face to face with individuals of all walks of life who for one reason or another met with present economic struggles along the road of life. His project, which he has called the “Greyhound Diaries” is the source material, thus far, for two EP recordings, a book, and a web series.

His ongoing project has been federally sponsored in order to bring attention to economic hardships. Levitt also makes performances at various places to share his music, pictures, and stories gleaned from his extensive travels. Doug Levitt has had an interesting path to this current years-long project. He was raised in Washington, D.C., the son of Councilmember Carol Schwartz. He credits his mother with instilling deep love and respect for politics and civics-related subjects It was also during these years that his entire outlook was deeply impacted by his father’s suicide.

Being raised in Washington, D.C. was also extremely helpful for his future career because helped him be more accepting of people who aren’t like him. Its been a very multicultural city with a variety of kind of lifestyles and economic levels also aided him. As did attending public schools which exposed him to all of this. When he grew up the talented young man became a CNN correspondent.

After coming back to America from his station in Europe, Levitt became inspired to use these gifts to help the obviously growing poverty level. He has been on the road since 2004. Since that time overall, the economic conditions of the country are better. However, Levitt says there are still a whole lot of people out there still struggling. For his project, Levitt said the bus industry was the key since financially struggling people often tend to take the bus. And with bus giant Greyhound he has very ample resources since it services a whopping 2,200 destinations all across the country.

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