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The Slyce Team Leading in Image Recognition Technology


Image recognition is a developing technology that identifies and detects objects, logos, people, buildings and anything of value to the enterprises and consumers. The technology is used in many applications such as security surveillance, toll booth monitoring and factory automation. Image recognition software can be used to initiate a search, and it can change a picture into a hyperlink, coupon, video or service. The technology is popular with Google and Amazon. Consumers with Smartphone, tablets, with image recognition software, can snap a shot of something they have seen, loved or require and find the same item online.

The technology can be used by publishers, retailers and brands to acquire new customers and maximize returns. Users can interact with retailers, brands and the experience is fast, affordable and accurate. The technology uses cloud platform and may be available from any web browser. There have been advances in the visual searches where a picture is explained out loud and thus helping the visually impaired and also incorporating safety features in cars. A customer can use quick response codes by scanning the code printed by a company to get a similar product and as earlier highlighted a picture gives back results of a product and brand. Consumers are also able to click and buy items that they see and like on adverts.

Slyce is an image recognition company that was founded in 2012 and uses universal scanners for accurate image recognition. Customers can snap an item and search the net and receive results of the same item. Other than pictures, Slyce handles coupons, QR codes and barcodes to give similar results. Through features available in Slyce, one can be able to either purchase, discover, buy or find more information about a product online. The visual search involves 1, 2, and 3-dimensional images. The 1-dimensional image uses barcodes, coupons and QR codes to connect the user directly to the information of the product. 2-dimensional images use print materials and products tags for customers to buy products online.

Slyce which has its headquarters in Toronto Canada has the following functions to choose from Snap to Buy, Snap to Discover, Snap to List and Snap to Coupon. Under the leadership of Tedd Mann the president, Slyce has worked with multiple developers and Fortune 1000 brands and companies.