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Jason Hope’s Approach to the Internet of Things

When you are the best at what you do, people tend to start taking notice. That is why ASU graduate, with an MBA, Jason Hope has begun to get more and more attention as one of the foremost futurists within the tech industry. Jason Hope jumped into the industry and found success with his mobile communications company Jawa and that early success has helped guide him toward the powerhouse that he is today. Let’s take a peak behind the curtain and see what makes Jason Hope tick and why he’s focused on this little concept called the Internet of Things.

If you ever get to talk to an entrepreneur you are going to want to start by asking them how their average day works. Every entrepreneur has a different approach to their business and each one puts focus in different areas. For Jason Hope the focus always starts with a great workout and a healthy meal. After he’s energized himself for the day through nutrition and exercise he begins with his daily tasks. Those tasks include going through email and social media in order to catch up on the night before. His job as a mobile communications leader means that he has to always stay plugged in to the goings-on around the industry. Hope says, that in order to keep his sanity at this desk, that he likes to take breaks when he gets too frazzled in order to keep his head clear.

Workshopping an idea for Jason Hope is all about attacking basic concepts and exploring ways to approach them in a new direction. Hope says, “Over complicating ideas will only waste time and encourage failure.” Hope goes on to say that he’s focused on making sure that everyone on his team and networked group is in the loop on new ideas and concepts as they arrive. Feedback is important to Hope. He goes on to say, “Every task or project I work on is one step at a time.”

These work concepts lead us to Hope’s latest passion and focus, the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things isn’t a widely known concept, at least not by name, but it is already making waves within the fast moving tech industry. The Internet of Things is essentially an explanation for how the world is growing increasingly connected to the internet. We already have smart technology interfacing in our day to day life but Hope believes that it will continue to grow and spread throughout the industry. Hope believes that one day the Internet of Things will completely interface our daily activities to the web, thus giving us more efficient, improved, and effective way to do things in our day to day lives.

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Eric Pulier; the Distinguished Harvard Graduate

From the first facial appearance, one cannot think of Eric Pulier accomplishing much in life. He is a Harvard graduate, a columnist, a published author, a bright technologist, a public speaker, a philanthropist, and a successful Technology entrepreneur. He was born in New Jersey. Education was only a sharpening tool due to his impressive intelligence. He started programming computers at fourth grade. At the end of his high school, Eric had already started database firm. He was later enrolled at Harvard. At Harvard, he became the editor and also a writer of The Harvard Crimson after graduation. Some of his articles can be viewed on his Harvard writer profile. He then moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams.

The most revolutionary start-ups he has includes the XPrize. This is a program that includes several completion and prizes for people ready to push themselves to their fullest abilities. The vision behind XPrize was to help determined teens and event adults who strive to achieve their dreams and be rewarded for success. He holds Akan which is another memorable accomplishment. He is also the founder of SOA software program and other various SOA vendors under the program in 2006.He later sold the company in 2016 to Rogue Wave Software; this was after it grew to be a powerful site for SOA solution.

Painted turtle is one his most noticed philanthropy work. This is a camp for children with chronic diseases. He is the VP of cloud operation the organization, and he has donated time and money. This helps the children who have special medical needs still enjoy summer camps. This passion with children is also depicted on his work at Starbright World. With his tech skills and money, he has built a secure specialized social media platform for children with chronic illness. This helps improves interactions between children with chronic illness. Eric has also worked with President Bill Clinton to find low-cost solutions for cloud computing in at needy communities. He is also the pioneer in the development of multimedia educational platforms for home use.

He has published Understanding Enterprise SOA which is a success. His book is highly rated because of its relevance, in-depth insight and easy readability. He has also written for Forbes. He has left a legacy for setting up the first interactive live feed stream in a space shuttle to help people with medical needs. His plan is to progress on helping, assisting innovative start ups and developing computer technology.

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