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Rick Smith the man that doesn’t sleep

Man the more research I do this man more tired I get just thinking of all the amazing things this man has done. First of all he has gone to Rochester school for his mba and his associates’ degree in technology. He also has gone to buffalo New York to get a bachelor’s degree in engineering, masters in engineering from state university of New York. From 1972 to 1998 Rick Smith held roles of controller and chief information officer with global crossing North America inc. Then from 1998-2000 he works at Eschelon telecom INC. as the chief financial officer. From 2000-2003 he was the company president than promoted to CEO in that time frame he increased the company’s revenue from 30 million dollars to 350 million dollars. Which in a matter of 3 years I couldn’t even imagine that much Money in a company in that short of a time. Summer of 2005 Rick smith led the company to a successful Ipo. He stayed with the company until 2007.


Than in 2008 he was hired into Securus technology as a president and CEO, and then became companies chairman in January 2009. So many articles so that this company is so happy to have hired him and that if this company succeeds it’s going to be because of him being in charge.

I’m sorry I’m getting ahead of myself Securus is a company that was in Dallas, Texas. The company provides a wide range of services like monitoring, biometric analysis, incident management, and emergency response communications. This company services more than 1 million inmates and 2600 corrections. The leadership under Rick Smith Securus performs 600 percent better than their competitor Global Tel Link. If the man can’t be any better of a leader from 2013-2016 the company invested in over 600 million dollars with patients, technologies and acquisitions. I thought this man couldn’t do any better than his company before Securus. This man is still young and this man can still do so much I couldn’t even imagine what he could do next. Maybe go back to school for more degrees. Maybe make the company more money than you could even count. Maybe he could even branch off and make his own company and be a billionaire. For this man life is endless. Check this article at to know more about Rick Smith.

The Variety of Careers at Wessex Institute

Wessex Institute of Technology is a research institute that is located in the center of innovation and cutting-edge knowledge. The campus is located at Ashurst Lodge in England, nearly 60 miles from London, and surrounded by the scenic New Forest National Park. Professors, scholars, researchers and scientists are drawn to the school and its support from dozens of other renowned universities. The career opportunities are plentiful for professionals wanting to join the Wessex Institute staff.

Professors, particularly research specialists, apply to teach the Master’s and doctoral degree programmes. Scientists and engineers work closely with researchers, and office administrators are also valuable members of the staff.

Academic writers and publishers work at WIT Press. All of the journals are published online, so Web developers are needed on the publishing team.

The WIT Conference Programme hosts more than 2 dozen conferences each year and needs the help of conference leaders,

Wessex Institute is a postgraduate research school known for innovative research, journals and conferences. People looking to bring more knowledge into the fields of science, technology and humanities are encouraged to work there. The WIT team works to inspire other educators at academic institutions all over the world.

Jason Hope Goes All In On The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is a tech entrepreneur as well as an author who has written extensively about the Internet of Things. He has said that he thinks this will be far and away the largest advancement that the world of technology has yet experienced.

The Internet of Things, in a nutshell, allows all of one’s various devices to talk to one another without the need for human intervention. This will include things like technology gadgets, phones, appliances, cars, streetlights, and even homes and businesses.

The goal of the Internet of Things is to increase efficiency, decrease waste, and help save human lives. Jason Hope has written that investing in the Internet of Things will be one of the largest that major corporations have ever been involved in. He has also said that at first it will be mainly for convenience at first but it will soon thereafter become necessary. He thinks there is going to be massive competition among technology companies to provide users with the most useful apps to use to engage with in their everyday lives.

Jason Hope grew up in Arizona and graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in finance. He also earned an MBA from the Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. He founded Jason Hope Consulting Business in order to provide his expertise in technology to other companies.

Hope is also heavily involved in philanthropy. One of the nonprofits he has taken particular interest and support in is the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation researches life extension as well as how to create a better quality of life. Instead of researching cures like most institutions, the SENS Foundation seeks to find ways to stop diseases from occurring in the first place.

How Eric Pulier Is Changing the Technology Industry

It takes a lot of work to be a great technologist but how does a technologist know how good he/she is? It is arguably easy for doctors to know if they are good at what they do or not. Does the sick patient live or not? Does the paralyzed man or woman walk or not? Does the broken bone heal or not? But how does a technologist know they are good at what they do? Eric Pulier, for example, is a great technologist whose accomplishment in the industry proves it all.

Eric Pulier is well-known as one of the leading and most successful entrepreneurs in enterprise technology and government. He has founded and co-founded more than 20 companies that are renowned in the technology industry. He is an active investor in several seed level startups in technology and media, raising hundreds of million of dollars for the ventures. The companies Pulier has co-founded or founded include the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, Media Platform, ServiceMesh, Desktone, Akana, US Interactive and Digital Evolution.

Mr. Pulier was astute in technology from a young age, and he started programming computers while in fourth grade. He even founded a database computer company in high school. After graduating from Harvard University, Pulier relocated to Los Angeles where he established People Doing Things in 1991. PDT was a company that addressed issues to do with education, health care among others with the use of technology. Since then, Mr. Pulier has founded several technology companies.

Not only is Eric Pulier a technologist and entrepreneur but he is also a public speaker, columnist and published author.  Mr. Pulier has written several books such as Understanding Enterprise SOA with co-author Hugh Taylor. The book gives young entrepreneurs insight on service offering and how to view technology differently. He also wrote The Enterprise Industrial Complex on the Forbes Magazine in 2012. Pulier is also a public speaker at premier technology conferences across the world and VAR Business named him one of 30 e-Visionaries.