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Kabbalah for Contempory Wisdom

The Kabbalah is the esoteric teachings of Judaism that has existed for thousands of years, originating in 12th and 13th century France and Spain. It was originally considered a secret doctrine containing the mysteries of the universe. At this point in time, the teachings are considered a tool for understanding the meaning of life and the method of learning how to be a fully integrated human in modern society.

The Kabbalah Centre was founded in 1922 by Rav Yahuda Ashlag with the intention of passing on the teachings of the Kabbalah to the contemporary world and has expanded to 40 cities around the world as well as offering online courses to students in other locations.

The teachings are varied and focus on many aspects of philosophy as well as day to day behavior to help individuals navigate through life with clarity, understanding and spiritual wisdom. The classes are available at the various locations as well as with many classes offered online.

The website offers articles as well as books and audio products covering many subjects and information about the origins and traditions of Kabbalah. It describes the methods of personal study plans for transformation and how one can volunteer at special events.

The Kabbalah University offers lectures and classes throughout the year covering a multitude of subjects ranging from kindness to astrology to mediation to how food influences our energy and behavior. It’s premise is one that anyone regardless of religious believe or background can benefit from the Kabbalah teachings in order to fully understand the meaning and intrinsic value of one’s own life and live intelligently and joyfully.

Rav Berg and his wife, Karen Berg are the spiritual directors of the Kabbalah Centre and their son Michael Berg is the co-director of the Kabbalah Centre International.