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Notable Rappers, Dead and Alive


Two famous rappers who died in the past five years are Bankroll Fresh and Doe B. Bankroll Fresh died of multiple gunshot wounds in a fight with a fellow rapper. Many celebrities attended his funeral including Lil Wayne and Plies. There have been no charges filed in the case and the shooter, No Plug, has stated it was in self-defense. Doe B. also died of a gunshot wound at the Centennial Hill Bar & Grill. He was killed before his first album was released. He is known for being signed to T.I.’s record label. At both of their funerals, people spoke of their excellent musical talents and bright futures that they had.


Two famous rappers that currently sing are Wiz Khalifa and Eminem. Wiz Khalifa is from Pittsburgh and is best known for his song dedicated to Paul Walker, for having a brief marriage with Amber Rose, and for using marijuana heavily. Eminem has been rapping for several years and appeared on Stretch and Bobbito. Stretch and Bobbito was an important radio show that shaped the future of rap and hip hop. Dr. Dre signed Eminem to his label in 1998. Eminem’s lyrics have often been a source of consternation for awards shows and parents alike. He has a little girl named Hailie who is currently 19 years old and was the subject of many of his songs. All celebrities have an impact in life and death.