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Austin, Texas’ Best Plastic Surgeon Is Dr. Jennifer Walden

Who wouldn’t want to go home to do the work that they were destined for, especially when it’s a job like plastic surgery? Dr. Jennifer Walden has always wanted to be successful, and she has become such a highly successful surgeon in her own right that many regard her as one of the best surgeons that the United States has to offer. With years of work and practicing in different offices between New York City and Austin, Texas, Dr. Walden has become a specialist in plastic surgeries and is highly sought after by many people.


Dr. Walden received her bachelor’s degree after attending the University of Texas, she kept pursuing her dreams, which led her to New York City. She spent a total of eight years living in New York City, and during that time she was in a program that helped her to increase her skills. She went on to open up a practice that became so successful that she would of stayed if it wasn’t for the fact that she had twin boys and needed a family support system.


Dr. Walden chose to make the journey back to Austin, Texas to give her kids the life that she had growing up around her family members, and this became a great decision for her as well as for her career. Dr. Walden opened another practice in Austin, Texas that has been the pinnacle of her work and has allowed her to thrive in the Austin, Texas area.