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Dr. Rohrich’s Genioplasty guide

Dr. Rod Rohrich, one of the best plastic surgeons in America is of the view that the patient shall arrive for his consultation in a prepared fashion to go over his or her medical history. This might include the medications you could be on currently, allergies related to drugs and any form of previous surgeries anywhere else in the body. It is vital as it helps the practitioner to treat you in the best possible way. When you go through Genioplasty, the first thing you do after your consultation is to meet a photographer who will take your photos for medical history. After this, you will catch up with patient coordinator who would go over your scheduling options as well as related payments.

Dr. Rohrich is known to carefully design techniques specific to your surgery and if you want to view them, you could set up an appointment with the computer imaging team. Depending on your situation, Dr. Rohrich is likely to make a tiny incision where the implant is likely to be placed, generally inside the mouth area at the intersection of mouth or gum area. He then makes a pocket in the facial tissue and inserts the implant so that the chin is properly taped and secured while it undergoes the healing process. In the next 5-10 days, sutures are likely to be removed. Depending on the complexity of the situation, Dr. Rohrich sometimes inserts the facial implants concurrently with the facelift or nasal reshaping phase.

And for bone advancement, the practitioner is likely to make a similar tiny cut on the inside portion of the mouth and then cut the bone on both sides of the jaw. For patients who need a minimum of 10mm advancement, a chin augmentation is a perfect form of operation. This is rather a more simplistic version of the surgery that is not very simple in practice. But if you are considering to go with Dr. Rohrich, you are likely to have a success with much ease. He has dealt with many different kinds of cases in the past and secured positive results for all of his patients.


Austin, Texas’ Best Plastic Surgeon Is Dr. Jennifer Walden

Who wouldn’t want to go home to do the work that they were destined for, especially when it’s a job like plastic surgery? Dr. Jennifer Walden has always wanted to be successful, and she has become such a highly successful surgeon in her own right that many regard her as one of the best surgeons that the United States has to offer. With years of work and practicing in different offices between New York City and Austin, Texas, Dr. Walden has become a specialist in plastic surgeries and is highly sought after by many people.


Dr. Walden received her bachelor’s degree after attending the University of Texas, she kept pursuing her dreams, which led her to New York City. She spent a total of eight years living in New York City, and during that time she was in a program that helped her to increase her skills. She went on to open up a practice that became so successful that she would of stayed if it wasn’t for the fact that she had twin boys and needed a family support system.


Dr. Walden chose to make the journey back to Austin, Texas to give her kids the life that she had growing up around her family members, and this became a great decision for her as well as for her career. Dr. Walden opened another practice in Austin, Texas that has been the pinnacle of her work and has allowed her to thrive in the Austin, Texas area.