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GreenSky Credit creates positive-sum incentives for everyone involved

GreenSky Credit is quickly becoming one of the most well-known fintech companies in the country. The company has been rocketing towards huge success, surpassing 17,000 retailer partners and doing nearly $5 billion in new loans every year. The secret behind the company’s near-vertical rise to the top of the fintech industry has been a reflection of one thing: GreenSky Credit has found a way to do business where everyone walks away a winner.

Doing what works

Unlike many of its fintech competitors, GreenSky Credit never promised to change the world or fundamentally alter the laws of economics and banking. Instead, GreenSky Credit went after markets where it saw that technology could potentially make for a more frictionless environment, allowing transactions to take place that would not have otherwise materialized because the consumers simply didn’t have the on-hand liquidity to complete the sale.

The first place that GreenSky Credit started focusing in on was the home improvement space. The company’s founder David Zalik had worked extensively in the home renovation industry, and he knew that there was one area where home improvement businesses and contractors had a serious leak.

Homeowners would often severely underestimate the true final costs of completing major home renovation projects. For someone who has no experience in contracting, finding out that installing a high-end stainless-steel kitchen is going to cost $100,000 can be a shocking experience. Unfortunately, this sticker shock often meant that home renovation projects that were on the verge of taking off were getting put on the back burner, permanently.

But Zalik immediately noticed something unique about these big-ticket retail transactions: Even the most expensive home renovation projects, like $100,000 kitchen remodels, usually added more to the value of the home than the projects themselves cost. And this meant that the homeowners were actually losing money, in some cases large amounts, by not being able to complete these projects.

GreenSky Credit, through its instant point-of-sale loans, was able to earn the homeowners serious money. It also gives contractors five- or six-figure jobs that would have fallen through while providing its lending partners with top-end loans.

Stream Energy: Helping Hurricane Victims and Other Philanthropic Activities

More companies in the United States are launching their philanthropic arms to help those who are in need. One of the most recent examples would be the launching of Stream Cares by Stream Energy, a Dallas-based energy producing company that has been serving states on the eastern coast.

One of the reasons why there is an increase in the number of philanthropic efforts from companies is because of the prevalence of natural disasters. The United States is being hit by strong hurricanes multiple times per year, and these disasters are causing a lot of damage and loss of life. The issue with climate change has also highlighted the power of 21st-century hurricanes, and they are eerily stronger than the older counterparts. Scientists are saying that these hurricanes will keep on becoming stronger, and humans would need to learn how to adapt against these disasters. Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy are some of the most disastrous hurricanes to hit the United States. When Hurricane Harvey hit the state of Texas and left billions of dollars in damages, Stream Cares is one of the first organizations to help the victims who have affected by the storm. They staged recovery and rescue efforts, and they also have extended assistance to those who are having financial burdens. Another philanthropic activities spearheaded by the company was the partnership with Hope Supply Co. to address the problem of homelessness in Dallas.

Aside from participating in a lot of philanthropic activities, Stream Energy is also serious in expanding their operations in other states. Delaware is the newest state in the list of areas that the company services and the local population welcomed the addition of Stream Energy as one of their providers. The states in the Northeastern United States have been experiencing energy shortage, and they stated that the energy which will be provided by Stream Energy would help thousands of households across the region to harness affordable and reliable power. The chief executive officer of Stream Energy, Larry Mondry, stated that they are still planning to include more states in the areas that they serve, and they are looking for potential candidates.

Resilience of Greg Secker

Greg Secker is one of the prominent people who has earned a lot of success on matters that are related to the business. He has made his skills into practice by implementing many ideas that are business related. Through this, Greg has become a noticeable person across the globe who can teach and assist on how to carry out business and put them into reality. Secker gained the ideas of entrepreneurship through the immediate environment that he was raised up in. He was born in 1975 has has proven himself great person by assisting many people in the society with a purpose of bringing change and transforming the lives of people.

Greg has come up with different projects with the aim of boosting the livelihood of the poor in the society. For instance, Action Group which was known to be a section of Learn to Trade companies was set up through his ambition of making as many people as possible to take part in the field of trade.

Greg is the primary person who is the success of his company. Additionally, he has put in place a team of experts that are checking and making sure that all the services that are provided to their clients are well coordinated. The move has put in place leading platforms that offer that learner an opportunity to gain skills and experience in trading. The earlier exposure that Greg learned in the business world boosted his confidence on matters of creating and implementing the new business ideas. His company by the name The Virtual Trading Desk gives the learners an opportunity to merge skills on how to carry out the forex trading. Furthermore, Greg has organized different seminars that provide the learners with of forex a chance to ask the different question on areas they are experiencing challenges. The take has brought a lot of transformation in the society an elevated the level of livelihood status. Through the resilience that Secker portrayed, he became the Vice-president of Mellon Financial Corporation which is one of the top financial institutions in the world.

Greg Secker has played a critical role in the transformation of lives of many by integrating them into the business world.

The Causes That George Soros Supports

George Soros is often vocal about the causes that he supports and he tries to let people know that he is supporting different causes. Nearly all of these lead back to the fact that he is a liberal and he wants to see a lot of change in the world that he lives in. As an activist, George Soros knows that things need to get better and he will go to any length for that to be able to happen. He also wants to show people what things will be like if they could just change the situation that they are in. Recently, George Soros was featured in an article from The Washington Times. It talked about how he was not a politician, how he helped people out and what he was doing for the Ferguson protests. All of this led to him being able to make things better and provide more to the people who were in different situations. Read his profile at Forbes.

Despite the fact that George Soros is very involved in politics, he is not a politician. He does not consider himself one and most people do not consider him one, either. This is something that has set him apart from politicians though. Since he is not lobbying for people to do things for him or to pay his way onto a ballot, he can feel free to spend his money how he pleases. Most of the time, he is spending his money on politicians and trying to support them.

Along with politicians, George Soros also believes in helping the little guys. He likes to help people who cannot help themselves because he knows that he may be their only hope. By doing this, he is helping to make the world a better place and is setting it up to grow in the future. He helps by educating people on what they can do. Instead of just giving people money, he prefers to donate to teach them things that they can then turn into skills that are marketable. This way, they can then get their own money for the things that they are doing. Read more on

Similar to how he has helped other people who can’t help themselves, George Soros decided to help out in Ferguson. He saw the problems that were going on in the area and he wanted to change things for the people who were there. He wanted to make the protests better and wanted to make them find out what was going on. He knew that if they continued to do protesting, they would eventually get the civil action that they needed. It worked and the Ferguson protests were able to bring about changes and make a difference for everyone.

Patty Rocklage’s High-Octane Renovation Schedule

Patty Rocklage is a noted philanthropist, psychotherapist, and renovation habitué. Rocklage is married to chemist, Dr. Scott Rocklage, and the couple has been part of the charitable and professional landscape of the Boston area for over 20 years.Patty Rocklage followed an early interest in mental health science during her university years and became a graduate of Psychology from the University of Southern California in 1981. She currently works as a licensed psychotherapist, treating both families and individuals.

Mrs. Rocklage and her husband snagged the charitable spotlight in July of 2016 when they subsidized the renovation of crucial MIT nanochemistry research spaces. Mr. Rocklage completed his PhD studies within the department under Nobel Prize winner, Richard R. Schrock. He has long praised the school for providing him with the foundation for his own successful career. Though they might not have known it at the time, more structural renovations were on the horizon for a successful couple. Dissatisfied with portions of their historic home, the Rocklages sought out contractors for a kitchen renovation.

However, upon selecting and meeting with Ed Freedlender of Sunbury Companies, the couple did an about-face when realizing the true source of their dissatisfaction stemmed from the logistics of the home’s front face and the fact that the facade was not conducive to hosting guests. Freedlander subsequently designed and implemented a recycled rock landscaping design in accordance with environmental preservation practices of the area. A more welcoming front façade was then constructed, facilitating a flipped front foyer with various walkways. Stopping briefly for the Rocklages to enjoy the Christmas holidays, renovation was relatively quick and painless. The couple now enjoys hosting guests within their four-season front space and revised entryways.


Betsy DeVos Contribution to the Education Sector Has Created Significant Influence

Betsy DeVos life has been that of a revolutionist; her political prowess manifested in her early life when she participated in campus politics at Calvin College. She hasn’t looked back ever since and she at one time served as the Michigan Republican Party Chair as well as a volunteer for President Gerald R. Ford in 1976. Betsy has over the years strived to offer solutions to social problems innovatively. She co-founded Windquest Group together with her husband. The firm focuses its investments in clean energy, manufacturing, and technology.

Her Roles

Besides her business and political interests, Betsy DeVos is notably an active reformer through undertaking various roles in non-profit ventures. She is a renowned philanthropist as she heads several foundations such as the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. She is a board member of Mars Hill Bible Church, the Foundation for Excellence, the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, and Kids Hope USA. Betsy chairs one of the most influential foundations that advocates for school choices. She has found a drive to fight for more parents to have a privilege of choosing a school for their children.

School Of Choice Program

Betsy recently shared about her work and beliefs in her undertakings, noting that she was impressed by the rising statistics in her educational choice program, the Alliance for School Choice. The program has taken root in 17 states and has continued to gain popularity. She noted that her involvement in the program is to assist low-income parents in accessing good affordable schools for their children. Her interest was birthed at the Potter’s House Christian School and has since continued to support it significantly. Her desire to see other parents afford to place their children in schools of their choice led her to start a scholarship program. Her involvement in the education sector runs far and wide as she at one time sat on the board of two foundations: Children First America and the American Education Reform Council. In her quest to improve the education sector, Betsy also founded the American Federation for Children. She also noted that her biggest success has been in Florida that has recorded the largest number of students placed in their schools of choice through their tax-credit scholarship program.

Read more on Los Angeles Times.

Other Platforms

Apart from students accessing their schools of choice, other reforms can improve the education sector. Betsy noted that although charter schools, digital learning, and homeschooling are still not well recognized, they are slowly gaining momentum and will have a high and positive influence in the future. She noted that her educational choice movement is designed to involve virtual schools, magnet schools, homeschooling, and charter schools. It’s notable that her program is not intimidated by the rise of charter schools as she influenced her husband to start the West Michigan Aviation Academy

Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.

How Studying Kabbalah can Help Learners

Kabbalah teaches its students basing on aspects of Torah. Torah means guidance. That is why Kabbalah teachings involve giving students instructions to guide them through their lives. Students of Kabbalah to do just aim at reaching high goals regarding their lives but they study so as to be inspired by this challenging life. If you dedicate yourself to learning the Kabbalah, you will have the direction of life and practical guidance.

Different issues are surrounding human beings in their everyday lives. The Kabbalah provides you with the proper dimension of approaching and handling these matters. Consider something like illness. There are also many challenges that you will face in this life as a human being. If you study Kabbalah, you will have the right approach to dealing with these challenges of life. Remember that you have a mission in your life and it should direct you to the divine sparks. The sparks are for you since they are unique.

It is important to understand the dimensions so that nothing will be trivial in your life. All that happens in your life is meaningful. Everything moves to one purpose and with one goal. If you study Kabbalah, you will have an understanding that will enable you to go through those challenges and achieve what you want in life. It will make you live a fulfilling life.If you take the time to comprehend the dimensions of life, nothing can be trivial in your life. It is notable that all that happens in your life is significant and purposeful.

The Kabbalah differs from other religions in that it does not focus on serenity. It does not also focus on intellectual enlightenment. The difference is that it gives these two as means but not as goals. Kabbalah has one goal of an action that is inspired. All that is learned in Kabbalah and the wisdom that is gained through Kabbalah will result into beauty in this world. The results are beautiful and are positive results. Some teachers will tell you that you should do well because it is one way of going through the path. However, a Kabbalist knows that if you do well, you are already there.

How James Dondero is Helping Uplift North Texan Communities

Highland Capital Management’s cofounder and president James Dondero, has undoubtedly made a name for himself in the world of finance. However, his latest venture is winning him praise due to the fact that it will create a positive impact in the community. He has taken a hands-on approach to charitable giving, which highlights why he is one of the most talked about philanthropists in Texas. The growth of his global business platform has coincided with the growth of his charity efforts. Dondero is seeking to recruit an experienced partner, who will help manage Highland Capital Management’s annual philanthropic budget.

Jim points out that with the growth of the firm’s charitable giving to more than 3 million dollars annually, there has been a need to find an organization that will help channel the funds to projects that create a lasting positive impact on local communities. In this regard, Dondero settled on The Dallas Foundation because it is an organization that has deeply ingrained itself among local communities in North Texas. For a long time, Jim has been a staunch supporter of education, veteran and healthcare initiatives in Dallas.

James Dondero in Brief

Mr. Dondero a highly successful hedge fund entrepreneur. Before cofounding Highland Capital Management, he had honed his skills working at large corporations including Protective Life and America Life.

At Highland Capital, Jim is in charge of the firm’s operations and investment strategies. With over three decades of experience, he has been able to establish HCM as a force to reckon with in the hedge fund industry. Dondero is similarly credited for being among the developers of Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) transactions, which have greatly revolutionized the financial services industry. Jim is an accountant and financial analyst. He studied accounting and finance at the University of Virginia. Apart from HCM, he is a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios. He also chairs the boards of NexBank, CCS Medical Corporation, and Cornerstone Healthcare. To read more, click on:

Adjusting for Real Estate in other Countries

If living in another country and looking to purchase real estate in the United States, it can be difficult to understand the exchange rate in pricing from that countries currency to what is expected in the USA. However, because of the efforts of David Osio and his company Davos Real Estate Group, they have created a mobile application called the Davos CAP Calculator, designed to help investors translate currency into real costs in real estate in the USA.

This type of calculator, as created by David Osio and his team, will help improve investment portfolios. The design gives investors an edge to understand what the output of performance will look like. Another factor that will assist investors with the Davos CAP Calculator is diversification of their investments in US properties.

The Davos CAP Calculator will accurately calculate net income, capitalization rates and cash flow of real estate investments. Like someone who is shopping for a mortgage for the first time, they can access any number of mortgage calculators that will calculate monthly mortgages, long-term cost of the interest, and when it will be paid off.

Of course through the Davos Real Estate Group, investors can actually use services like their online Mortgage calculator as well as download the Davos CAP Calculator for free from iTunes. This will allow customers and investors to have a myriad of tools to use to make savvy investment decisions.

David Osio is the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group, a domestic and global strategy firm. Osio has spent more than 20 years transforming his company into the global firm that it is today. Before founding this venture, he worked in banking from 1989 to 1993 as Vice Pesident of commercial banking for Banco Latino International in Miami. The work in the banking industry helped prepare him to successfully run his own company. Learn more:

His strong education prepared him for the career he has developed over the last 20 years. Learn more:

The Life of Stephen Murray, Investor, CEO and Philanthropist

Stephen Murray graduated from Boston College in 1984 with a degree in economics and went on to earn his master’s in business administration from Columbia Business School in 1989. These would set him up for a long and accomplished career, beginning with being hired as a credit trainee in Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co., a large New York bank formed by a merger in 1961. After three more mergers, it’s known today as J.P. Morgan.

Over the years he would rise to become the vice president of middle-market lending and by 1989 he would join a unit of Manufacturers Hanover that was a predecessor to CCMP, a private equity investment firm focused primarily on growth capital transactions and leveraged buyouts. You can read more: CCMP’s Murray dead at 52

Before it would become CCMP it would be a part of J.P. Morgan Partners, where Murray would end up as head of the unit. After complications involving a bidding war in 2004 that resulted in TPG, a private investment firm, threatening to pull their business from J.P. Morgan when Murray’s unit outbid them for the drug company Warner Chilcott, J.P. Morgan split off CCMP.

In 2007 Murray became the CEO of CCMP, establishing a new identity for the firm and raising billions in funds. However, successfully leading the firm for more than two decades wasn’t all he did. He served on the board of numerous major companies, including Aramak, AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcott, The Vitamin Shoppe and more.

In early 2015 he stepped down from his position as CEO of CCMP, citing health concerns. He passed away only a month later on March 12th at the age of 52, leaving behind not only his wife and four children, but an incredible legacy, too.

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