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George Soros: Overcoming Demonization

It’s not strange to hear political opposites demonizing each other. That’s just the way politics work these days. Unfortunately, there are people who just get caught in the middle of those wars of words while trying to do something good for the world. George Soros is one such man.

He’s never really done anything bad; he’s just hated by a lot of right wing supporters. Over the years, many of George Soros’s opponents have been right wing conspiracy theorists. According to them, Mr. Soros is a busy man. In a recent JPost article, the far-right’s side of the story is explained.

According to them, George Soros is deliberately trying to destroy their world. Because he’s supported Black Lives Matter and Antifa, he’s an evil man with hatred in heart. He apparently set up the Colin Kaepernick NFL protest and the Women’s March. They’ve even accused him of hiring women to falsely accuse Republican candidates of sexual assault.

Most of their claims are supported by two past events in Soros’s career. First, in 1992, he made a billion dollars by shorting the British pound like no one else. That created world of conspiracies, which were later supported by his attempt to prevent George W. Bush from being reelected.

George Soros has supported the many groups and movements mentioned in the conspiracy theories. He’s supported numerous organizations and movements over the past 30-plus years. It was that long ago that he founded Open Society. Over the years, he’s slowly donated $800 to $900 million to his foundation every year.

Now, the NY Times is reporting that his donations have amounted to $18 billion. His donations made Open Society the second biggest philanthropic organization in the nation. Honestly, it should be considered among one of the best philanthropic organizations in the world.

Open Society operates in more than 120 countries, helping wherever they can. Lately, the organization’s been focused on the United States. For years, hatred in America has grown out of control. There are too many groups being attacked on a regular basis. Open Society is trying to stop all of the abuse.

In 2014, Open Society helped fund treatment center during the Ebola outbreak in America. They’ve also been supporting the LGBT community and female activists fighting for equal pay. It’s an organizations that reaches out to just about anyone trying to do the right thing.

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