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PSI Pay Utilizes Ecurity to Prevent Illegal Use of Contactless Money Transfers

PSI Pay a global contactless payment company that utilizes cutting-edge technology that allows users to make purchases without cash and credit card use by providing contactless forms of payment with smart technologies to make those purchases securely and reliably with the Ecurity measures. With the progression of new contactless purchase opportunities, it is important that the general public can firmly rely on the security and safety of these transactions from organizations that provide the infrastructure and technological software to perform these convenient money transfers.

Ecurity is a new term that has been coined within the contactless money transfer industry and it provides a measure of the reliability of the organization to protect and safeguard against illegal activity that can be perpetrated within the new money transfer arena. In fact, PSI Pay and Kerv an affiliate of PSI Pay, has established an opportunity for consumers to utilize their contactless payment system with the assurance that unauthorized transactions will not apply to their accounts and they will not assume the liability for the losses.

By giving this option to consumers, the technology can continue to grow with guarantees that transactions are performed with 100% safety as part of the institutional framework for the money transfers. Furthermore, the new currency is transferred with the same institutional protections that are utilized in the chip and password PIN Security transaction software. According to HiTechChronicle, various safeguards are used including balance notifications and other risk assessment measures that prevent unauthorized users from falsely and illegally utilizing PSI Pay customers contactless payment accounts.

PSI Pay and EcoPayz is continuing to evolve its technologies and security software infrastructure to prevent against compromising data within their contactless purchase platforms by giving not only end users but also businesses the tools necessary to combat illegal activity and streamline the process to make it more reliable and safe for individuals to continue to utilize and propel the revolutionary technology into the future. PSI Pay is guaranteeing that its customers can continue to utilize this technology with the peace of mind and assurance that all transactions performed over the contactless payment system will be done with accuracy and the utmost security.

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