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The Causes That George Soros Supports

George Soros is often vocal about the causes that he supports and he tries to let people know that he is supporting different causes. Nearly all of these lead back to the fact that he is a liberal and he wants to see a lot of change in the world that he lives in. As an activist, George Soros knows that things need to get better and he will go to any length for that to be able to happen. He also wants to show people what things will be like if they could just change the situation that they are in. Recently, George Soros was featured in an article from The Washington Times. It talked about how he was not a politician, how he helped people out and what he was doing for the Ferguson protests. All of this led to him being able to make things better and provide more to the people who were in different situations. Read his profile at Forbes.

Despite the fact that George Soros is very involved in politics, he is not a politician. He does not consider himself one and most people do not consider him one, either. This is something that has set him apart from politicians though. Since he is not lobbying for people to do things for him or to pay his way onto a ballot, he can feel free to spend his money how he pleases. Most of the time, he is spending his money on politicians and trying to support them.

Along with politicians, George Soros also believes in helping the little guys. He likes to help people who cannot help themselves because he knows that he may be their only hope. By doing this, he is helping to make the world a better place and is setting it up to grow in the future. He helps by educating people on what they can do. Instead of just giving people money, he prefers to donate to teach them things that they can then turn into skills that are marketable. This way, they can then get their own money for the things that they are doing. Read more on

Similar to how he has helped other people who can’t help themselves, George Soros decided to help out in Ferguson. He saw the problems that were going on in the area and he wanted to change things for the people who were there. He wanted to make the protests better and wanted to make them find out what was going on. He knew that if they continued to do protesting, they would eventually get the civil action that they needed. It worked and the Ferguson protests were able to bring about changes and make a difference for everyone.

The Role of Thor Halrvorssen as a Human Rights Activist

Thor Leonard Halrvorsean Mendoza is a human rights advocate and film producer. He has a Norway and Venezuela background. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with both the undergraduate and graduate degrees in political science, history, international relations and romance language. Thor is mainly skilled in matters related to human trafficking, threats to democracy, slavery, philanthropic, and angel investing. His efforts are concentrated on fighting for human freedom.

Career path

His advocating career journey started in the year 1989 in London when he organized opposition to South African apartheid and advocated for human rights. He became fully involved in advocating when his father who was a Venezuelan ambassador for anti-narcotic affairs in the administration of Carlos André’s Pérez. However, with the help of the amnesty international organization Thor protested for his father release.

Thor’s contributions to the society

Thor became the CEO and executive director of the foundation for individual rights in education (FIRE) in 1999. In this organization, Harvoseen joined organizations like Feminists for free expression, the eagle forum, and heritage foundation. In 2004, Thor Halrvorssen founded the human rights foundation. It was after his mother was shot dead. The main roles of human rights foundation include promoting tolerance and democracy in Latin America. Since its foundation, Halrvorssen has led campaigns exposing some personnel violating human rights regardless of the social areas engaged. He has also published two books outlining the responsibilities of the state and those of individuals.In 2009, Thor Halrvorssen founded the Oslo Freedom Forum. It consists of prominent personnel from all continents from several occupations. He encouraged the members to speak boldly against those violating human rights. Halrvorssen also became a patron of the children’s peace movement. The movement ensures that there is a bilateral relation between children and adolescent and children in warring countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Film work

In Film Theater, Halrvoseen has played various roles such as film production and co-production. He has produced films and documentaries. Thor’s films have their theme mostly in the struggle for freedom and political independence, human trafficking, and anti-intellectual culture. Halrvorssen has won several awards and gain recognition for his work.

A Human Relentless Rights Activist in Thor Halvorssen

Born in 1976, Thor Halvorssen is a renowned filmmaker and a human rights activist. Being selfless and having a heart to champion for human rights, he got referred by the New York Times as ‘a champion of the underdog and the powerless.’ He has a Norwegian and Venezuelan background. The human rights activism in him sparked in 1989 when he was still an adolescent. Then, Thor Halvorssen organized opposition to the South Africa’s apartheid.

Halvorssen’s father once became a political prisoner in Venezuela, and this is when Thor decided to involve himself in the full-time promotion of due process and human rights. In 2014, his mother got shot in Venezuelan referendum recall peaceful protest. This impacted Mr. Thor as to start his foundation dubbed The Human Rights Foundation (HRF). This organization is dedicated to liberating political prisoners. It also promotes tolerance and democracy in the broader Latin America.

Some of the achievements of HRF so far are that it managed to secure the release of seven prisoners of conscience. It has also provided the Truth of Evidence Commissions, and also it has submitted amicus briefs in several international human rights cases. The organization has so far published two books touching on individual rights and the responsibilities of a state.

Other than HRF, Thor is the Oslo Freedom Forum’s founder and CEO. This is an annual global human rights activists gathering. It is described as ‘Spectacular human-rights festival’ by the Economist. The Economist likens it to the Davos economic forum version of human rights. Thor is also the patron of On Own Feet, which is a Prague-based Children’s Peace Movement.

As a film producer, he has produced and co-produced several films such as The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Freedom’s Fury, and many others.

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