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The Real Waiakea Water

The bottled water industry is one of the most successful divisions of the beverage industry. Bottled water is something that millions of people rely on every day. It’s amazing how popular bottled water has become in the last decade. It wasn’t that long ago that selling water in a bottle seemed stupid.

In most countries, people can get free water from their faucets, especially in countries where the water is filtered. Somehow, bottled water managed to build a $100 billion industry worldwide. If people can sell bottled water, it’s fascinating to think about what people will bottle next.

Once bottled water became a huge success, companies started trying to make their water different from others. It’s a part of the business to set themselves apart from the competition, but water can only be water unless they turn it into something else, but that would no longer be water.

Whatever they’re doing with their water, they’re trying to outsell their competitors. In most cases, that may include adding vitamins or claiming their water is infused with some kind of life-changing goodness, hoping to start some brainwashing trend. Usually, those techniques work, but now, people are starting to wise up to those little advertising tricks.

One company not using marketing gimmicks or misleading consumers is Waiakea Water. It may sound weird, but Waiakea Water is the only bottled water brand based in Hawaii. Hawaii is known for its gorgeous waterfalls and streams, but no one has ever thought about opening a water packaging company there before?

Waiakea Water sets itself apart in many ways, but people mostly are affected by their filtering process. Unlike their counterparts who filter using machines, Waiakea Water is naturally filtered because it’s real volcanic water. It comes out of springs all over Hawaii after being filtered through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock.

The volcanic rock also adds all of the healthy vitamins and minerals Waiakea Water brags about, whereas their competition adds their minerals during the packaging process.