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About the Infamous Dr. Mark Holterman

Dr. Mark Holterman MD Ph.D. is a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago specializing in pediatrics and surgery. Regenerative medicine and therapies related to stem-cell research are some areas that he is an expert in. His focus on research and development have led him to further discoveries in these fields over the past twenty years.


The cellular therapies that Dr. Holterman focuses on in his research help improve the body’s ability to restore cells and continually regenerate. The body has a natural activation of adult stem cells when there is an injury. However, humans lose this ability with age as fewer stem cells may be available to regenerate over time.

Dr. Holterman has helped propagate stem cell research and the use of advanced techniques to improve existing technology and procedures. Much of his work has been characterized by the progress made the Mariam Global Health Fund. It was set up to further medical treatment and technology using the scientific process of discovery.


Leveraging the work of esteemed scientists and physicians, the Mariam Global Health fund has helped healthcare progress to include dynamic and new methods of treatment. He started the fund with a passion for driving change and using what the medical establishment now knows, to craft effective solutions for the future. This fund has grown to be increasingly popular over the years and has completed numerous projects across multiple disciplines of medicine. Dr. Holterman has spearheaded research projects that are both innovative and represent viable solutions to contemporary problems in health care and stem-cell research.


Core principles that have defined Dr. Holterman’s work are a commitment to progress, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He also co-founded the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies, based on these experiences ( By using decades of experience in healthcare settings, he has leveraged his knowledge as a physician into reforming technology as well as the way it serves research.