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Choosing The Right Medicare Advantage Plan With InnovaCare

Getting the top medical care available is the top priority for many individuals. This is especially true in areas where the options for these services can seem limited. Many people in Puerto Rico feel that this is the case in their area. This is especially true for many of the individuals who are on the government ran Medicare plans.

Puerto Rican medical recipients have several plan options available to them. Among the more popular plans are the Medicare Advantage plans. InnovaCare plans operate in many of the same ways the traditional medicare plans work. However, there are some very distinct differences in these plans.

The Medicare Advantage Plans are becoming increasingly popular because of the participants ability to use InnovaCare Health services. InnovaCare Health is known for its amazing customer service and large network of physicians. There are over 7,500 quality physicians available for patients to choose from. InnovaCare operates two distinct plans under Medicare.

The success of InnovaCare is directly related to the outstanding team the runs the organization. The team is headed by the President and Chief Executive Officer, Richard Shinto. Dr. Rick Shinto received his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of California in Irving, California.

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Another top player at InnovaCare is Penelope Kokkinides. Ms. Kokkinides is currently the Chief Administrative Officer for the organization. She has held this position since June 2015. Prior to this, Ms. Penelope Kokkinides was the Chief Operating Officer for the organization. She also brings over twenty years of medical and insurance experience to the organization. Ms. Kokkinides received her education at the Binghamton University, New York University, and Columbia University School of Public Health. She holds several degrees including a post-Masters degree in substance and alcohol abuse. Her expertise, however, lies in developing clinical research programs and the overall management of healthcare operations and processes.


Medicare Advantage Plans are rapidly becoming more popular. This is evident in many places, such as Puerto Rico. Over one-third of enrolled medicare participants have chosen these plans over the traditional Medicare plans. InnovaCare Health is one example of why these plans are gaining popularity. InnovaCare is headed by an experienced and compassionate team. Their main goal offering their participants the best medical care and customer service possible.

Discover The Benefits Of InnovaCare For Your Medicare Advantage Plan

The Medicare Advantage Plan covers all the services offered under the original Medicare plan. However, services like tooth whitening and if you’re not sure whats covered under the original plan ask your medical provider on The Medicare Advantage Plan covers all emergency and urgent care services. Medically unnecessary services are not covered under the Medicare Program. Beneficiaries have the option of a Medicare Part A or B program with a monthly premium. In fact, the government is responsible for paying a portion of the fee for those that are eligible for the Medicare Program.

Part D of the Medicare plan assists beneficiaries in getting their prescription drugs. Customers are responsible for a small copay. Patients receive the drugs they need for a fraction of the cost of other healthcare management providers. Medicare coverage under the Medicare program with InnovaCare Health offers extended services like hearing, visual, hearing, and health and wellness programs. If you’re ever turned down for a service beneficiaries have the right to appeal a decision. You may have to pay for the cost of your services while your waiting on a decision from the review board. A personalized search will help you with services available to you.

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InnovaCare Inc. is the leading professionals in physician services, management, and quality healthcare control. Based in Fort Lee, New Jersey they proudly serve over 270,000 commercial members through creative innovative models. In 2011, Rick Shinto, M.D. & MBA Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Inc. With Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrator Officer agreed that their management services would focus on two programs including MMM Healthcare and its sister company PMC Medicare choice. The goal is to extend medical services to the elderly and low income communities to ensure quality healthcare for all.

They proudly support the physical and emotional welfare of their members by operating with high confidentiality standards in mind. InnovaCare provides over 218,000 beneficiaries great benefits that range from community centers to top specialist. They have been acknowledged by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). InnovaCare is responsible for innovative physician service programs that improve the health of their beneficiaries.

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