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The Healing Powers of Shea Butter


The winter months can be very damaging to the skin. The wind and cold can cause dry skin, and it can be hard to handle without the right product. Shea butter is an all-natural product that is becoming more and more popular due to its hydrating effects. This is an excellent product to use, especially during the winter months, to help the skin stay hydrated.


Shea butter is found in the nut of a shea tree in Africa. The nuts are picked, cracked, and pounded until the butter comes out. This is then boiled until all of the shea butter floats to the top. The shea butter is then scooped out and set aside to cool. There are no chemicals used at all during the process, and the product is all natural.

People are realizing the effects toxins and chemicals can have on them and their lives, so many people are seeking out natural alternatives. Shea butter is an excellent product to use as it is good for skin for so many reasons.


There are more and more companies who are also realizing the positive effects that shea butter has. One of those health companies is This company was founded and is owned by a mother-daughter duo. The mother has been making all natural products with shea butter since 2000. In 2104, they decided to open a business to sell these products.


EuGenia Shea offers three products to their customers. One is for everyday use, another is for dermatological use to fight blemishes and skin issues, and the third is for use during pregnancy. All of these products are all natural and chemical free.


There are many positive effects for using shea butter. Skin is moisturized and hydrated, skin blemishes and issues are healed, and fine lines and wrinkles are improved.