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Lovaganza announcement involves a world event in 2020

2020 will be exciting year for all interested in being entertained and learning about cultures around the world. Thanks to Lovaganza Entertainment that is creating a groundbreaking show that will showcase the following cultures.

* America
* Middle East
* Europe
* Africa
* Oceania
* Asia

Lovaganza wanted to create a show that helps people understand how other cultures live. It will be inspired by the past, present and future along with lots of other entertainment in the Grand Chapiteau and several pavilions.

The global celebration will start in May 2020 and go all the way thru September of the same year. Before the major event Lovaganza wants to educate and promote the world on what they are calling, Embarking on a Bohemian Adventure. Starting in 2017 a traveling show will start promoting the major event. It will involve three major motion pictures that are offered in 3D & 2D experiences with cinema glasses, along with other promotional events.

Lovaganza Entertainment’s goal is to create a humanity experience and to help people see how other cultures live their lives. There are two sides of Lovaganza, which involves profit for the entertainment franchise, but they will also establish a Lovaganza Foundation in 2017 to give a positive support around the world for those in need.

The 2020 Lovaganza Global Celebration will be a 4 month event that will change the way we look at cultures, other than your own. There will also be music and dance to go along with the entertainment. It will a place where the latest technology will be used and lots of other events to present the best show possible to promote the goodness of humanity no matter what area of the world you are from.

To learn about this event and learn more as things unfold toward the big day, you can visit Lovaganza Entertainment believes that this worldwide celebration will be something that is talked about for many years to come.

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