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Glen Wakeman on Productivity and Bringing Ideas to Action

Mr. Glen Wakeman is popular within the financial and business community for his decades of experiencing in the financial sector and for his business endeavors. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Glen Wakeman has established several companies and assisted in the growth of many others.


Nova Four is the first business that he created. The company is in the industry of business development, and acceleration that provides business owners and leader with advisory services and access to capital (TheBroTalk). Mr. Glen Wakeman is operating as its President and does coaching for chief executive officers and other people in leadership.


Another startup that Mr. Glen Wakeman created is the The business is operating online with other online companies. It provides them with digital marketing and other services as well. Launch Pad Holdings was an idea that Mr. Glen Wakeman a few years ago. Even though startups were created by talented people who were strongly dedicated to their work, their businesses still had a very high failure rate. Mr. Glen Wakeman decided to provide them with a powerful yet intuitive platform to transform their idea into a plan in a straightforward manner.


Bringing ideas to life is a notion that is very close to his heart. Glen Wakeman has the talent to match ideas with money, and for him, the process that takes a person from having an idea to having a plan is his life’s career. Mr. Glen Wakeman has a steady approach to his personal ventures. For him, working through the visions in his mind and the external information he has about it needs to be organized. Mr. Glen Wakeman usually starts with an outline, thinking through the steps he would have to take and then backing them up to make sure they are necessary. In business, Mr. Glen Wakeman that unnecessary actions should be removed to focus on what is truly critical.


This approach finds a reflection in the way Mr. Glen Wakeman handles his business. He believes that trusting the plan and your colleagues, dividing duties, and backtracking regularly makes people productive and successful in their ventures.

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