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Western Union PSI Pay Collaboration That Businesses and Individuals Can Use for Online Payments

In the world of digitization, the economy has become much more fluid and cross-border friendly. The world economy has been getting much more transparent and different countries are transacting with each other. Digital and online payment processors are in great demand these days and there are many online wallet and payment processors available across the globe. One of the leading wallets that are used by thousands of people across the globe is the ecoAccount online wallet. Recently, the ecoAccount Wallet announced that its users can now top up their account with funds using Western Union network.

Western Union is one of the leading and the most prominent online payment processors in the world and has one of the most significant agents and retail network worldwide. Sending payments across the border to any part of the world is much easier with the help of Western Union. ecoPayz is a company that is powered by PSI-Pay Ltd, which has now become the first online wallet agent for Western Union in the United Kingdom. Western Union believes that adding the function of the online wallet would help its millions of customers to enjoy more flexibility with sending and receiving payments as well as paying online. As more and more people are using online wallets these days for digital transactions, Western Union had to add it to one of its core functionalities to provide better services to its end users.

Now, ecoPayz customers can have access to hundreds and thousands of Western Union outlets to add funds to their accounts. It would become much more comfortable for many people to send and receive money as well as top up their online accounts without having to rely solely on the traditional banking system that might not be as fluid or fast. The customers of ecoPayz wallet can now add funds to their account online as well using the online site of Western Union. It has made it much easier for the customers, individuals as well as the businesses, to carry out multi-national and cross country transactions. With the global economy’s dimensions changing with time, adapting to such payment processing methods has become vital.

Operating in a Chiefly Manner: Mike Bagguley

Mike Bagguley earned his undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Warwick in 1988. He has been a trailblazer ever since beginning his career in finance. Mike Bagguley crunchbase profile elaborates on his accomplishments and recent news. He started his service in Barclays Bank in 2001 in the fixed income trading sector. Serving as the current Chief Operating Officer at the London known Barclays Investment Bank, his reputation precedes him. He became COO of Barclays in 2015 and before this was the head of macro products within the organization. Mike Bagguley’s total experience with Barclays is over 15 years and counting. His current position seeks him to speed up the banks delivery of overhaul. Having such a large task at hand illustrates his value to the company as well as his previous accomplishments while working there. Formerly his main focus was restructuring business in the macro department like interest rates and other investment happenings. Now he will be leading main projects in every part of the Barclays Bank. Upon receiving his promotion he immediately assumed responsibilities of his new role. A major goal and vision of the company is to increase profits while simultaneously reducing risk costs and factors. Mike Bagguley’s expertise in financial stress alleviation will assist him tremendously in his new role. As Barclays Investment Bank sets out to improve the turnaround within the company they also will set out to create thousands of employment positions. This process will span over three years and will cut down on costs for the bank as they head in a new direction. Mike’s resume and track record states that he is a sharp individual and is efficient in his field of work.

George Soros, The Need For A Humane Society That Operates For The People

With the passing of every year, the world is blessed with new societies that operate with the sole goal of making the world a more humane place. While one can debate that the world we live in, is slowly getting deprived of humanity mainly due to the acts of hatred people bestow upon one another, this is not always the case. A few influential leaders such as George Soros are working every day to re-create our society based on the concept of humanity above all.

Although George Soros has performed various acts of kindness since over 20 years, two of the notable acts are, donating a sum well over $100 million to educational institutes in USSR and contribution $75 million to attempt to end the poverty in places such as Africa. George Soros is well-known for his various attempts at improving the education system in countries all over the world. However, the majority of his funding has gone into enhancing the K-12 education system in places not limited to the USA. Also known to fight for the rights of various minorities not limited to just the gay and lesbian community, George Soros has been an active member to ensure that policy reforms are suggested as well as implemented.

One might wonder, how does a successful hedge fund manager, go from handling essential financial accounts to helping people who have nowhere else to turn to for assistance. The answer is relatively simple, once you understand the journey of this 87-year old humanitarian, who put himself through higher studies by working as a railroad porter and waiter at restaurants. This self-made individual started off with incredibly humble beginnings, and when he got a chance to make something of himself, he made sure to carry his people with him.

George Soros founded the Open Society Foundation that was funded by the enormous contribution of $18 million given by George Soros himself, in an attempt to create a better society, a more humane one, that cares for its people, and that runs on a concept better than the free market. The article posted on the Atlantic, called as the Capital Threat spoke of the importance of creating a society that does not run on the free market concept. Instead, it works on an approach of using past mistakes to create a better and more humanistic system.

A recent article that he published on the Atlantic made a series of valid points such as the concept of individual security that America is currently obsessed with versus the improved idea of collective security through uniting with various other international bodies. This piece of content, called the Bubble of American Supremacy, spoke mainly about the 9/11 incident, and how this one event impacted the nation drastically, possibly due to the current system of individual security. George Soros believes that if America as a country can accept collective safety by taking the help of other nations while returning this favor, then America can once again become the leaders that the world expects it to be.

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Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First gives offers effective solutions to high-net-worth individuals and businesses looking for non-purpose capital. The firm specializes in developed products to supply liquidity effectively at alluring terms through a protected and straightforward process. Our one of a kind way to deal with non-purpose financing has brought more than 625 exchanges to date and our unmistakable technique for subsidizing gives a large portion of our customers with a lower cost of capital and preferred financing terms over more conventional financing options. Values First works inclusively with workplaces in Bangkok, London, Hong Kong, Sydney, Perth, and Singapore in delivering financing plans customized to individual borrower needs.

Equities First Holdings a worldwide moneylender and a pioneer in option shareholder financing arrangements is seeing more traction in stock-based and margin loans in a monetary atmosphere where banks and different establishments have fixed loaning criteria. For borrowers who need to raise capital rapidly or who may not fit for credit-based advances, equities loaning is picking up as a frame option.

While there are options for these people, as of late, many banks have declined their loaning choices for borrowers, fixed loan capabilities, and expanded financing costs. Al Christy, Jr., the Founder and CEO of EFH, viewed loans collateralized by stocks as innovative borrowing options for people looking for working capital.

Amid a normal three-year credit term, fluctuation in market is unavoidable, yet stock-based advances offer a hedge since the borrower is bringing down his or her venture hazard in a drawback market. Most stock-based advances have a non-recourse that permits a borrower to leave a stock advance anytime, even if the stock’s value devalues. The borrower can keep the first loan proceeds with no further commitment to the loan specialist.

Some consider edge advances and stock-based advances to be synonymous. Albeit both types of financing use securities for guarantee, there are marked contrasts. With margin loans, the borrowers should be pre-qualified, as with a customary bank advance, and may be applied for a specific purpose. Today, Equities First Holdings has changed the lives of many people and the future is very bright.

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The Career of Kyle Bass


The investment industry is competitive for new agents. Financial advisors who want to succeed need to add value to clients. Kyle Bass was one of the most popular advisors for many years. However, after a period of bad investments, he had to start from scratch. His career is a great lesson to new financial advisors. Instead of counting on short term gains in the market, it is important to invest for the future. Over time, many people learned the hard way that Kyle Bass was hiding behind his investments.

Kyle Bass

From an early age, Kyle Bass knew that he wanted to work with numbers. Becoming a financial advisor was never a dream of his, but after interning at a financial firm he fell in love with the industry. He has a natural ability to relate to other people. This helped him develop a large client base over time. A lot of people struggle to earn new clients through their business. Kyle Bass had one of the best rates of return in the industry, and this success made it much easier to drive business. Many clients were unaware of just how risky his investments were.


When the economy was growing rapidly, it was easy to invest in risky areas of the economy. Kyle Bass made a living finding high-risk investments to earn a high return. However, when the economy started to slow down, his investment returns went down as well. In order to make things look right, he started to invest in ultra-risky stocks and bonds. Read more on UsefulStooges website:

Solo Capital Under the leadership of Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital is a well-known institution in London and other cities such as Dubai; It has a net worth of $280 million currently, and it offers personalized services concerning investments. Sanjay Shah is the CEO and president of Solo Capital, but he delegates most of his duties since he terms himself as retired. It was incorporated in the year 2011, and it is sometimes known as Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK.
Shah was so frustrated when his son was the victim, but his son received treatment in the Western countries away from his Dubai since there were no qualified doctors available. It hit him that there are many more children with the same condition who are undergoing the same. Poverty makes such condition worse as compared to that individual who can afford the treatment.
Autism Rocks has partnered with various artists like Snoop Dogg, Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble, the late Prince and several other recognized DJs. The concerts collect funds that are directed to research and also offering aid to children suffering from the condition. Before the incorporation of Solo Capital, he had earned $19 million in the year 2011.
Solo Capital is specialized in offering services such as consulting, professional sports investments and involves in proprietary trading. Regarding assets, it was worth 67.45 million pounds, a cash flow of worth 30 million pounds and assets with a net worth of 15.45 million as at 2015. It has grown tremendously since its inception into the investment industry.
Shah studied medicine at the King’s College before he graduated later as an accountant. He was born in 1960 in Marylebone in the United Kingdom after his parents came back from Kenya. He, therefore, didn’t start directly in the investment sector. After graduating from the college, he was employed in several financial institutions which include Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley among others.
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