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Western Union PSI Pay Collaboration That Businesses and Individuals Can Use for Online Payments

In the world of digitization, the economy has become much more fluid and cross-border friendly. The world economy has been getting much more transparent and different countries are transacting with each other. Digital and online payment processors are in great demand these days and there are many online wallet and payment processors available across the globe. One of the leading wallets that are used by thousands of people across the globe is the ecoAccount online wallet. Recently, the ecoAccount Wallet announced that its users can now top up their account with funds using Western Union network.

Western Union is one of the leading and the most prominent online payment processors in the world and has one of the most significant agents and retail network worldwide. Sending payments across the border to any part of the world is much easier with the help of Western Union. ecoPayz is a company that is powered by PSI-Pay Ltd, which has now become the first online wallet agent for Western Union in the United Kingdom. Western Union believes that adding the function of the online wallet would help its millions of customers to enjoy more flexibility with sending and receiving payments as well as paying online. As more and more people are using online wallets these days for digital transactions, Western Union had to add it to one of its core functionalities to provide better services to its end users.

Now, ecoPayz customers can have access to hundreds and thousands of Western Union outlets to add funds to their accounts. It would become much more comfortable for many people to send and receive money as well as top up their online accounts without having to rely solely on the traditional banking system that might not be as fluid or fast. The customers of ecoPayz wallet can now add funds to their account online as well using the online site of Western Union. It has made it much easier for the customers, individuals as well as the businesses, to carry out multi-national and cross country transactions. With the global economy’s dimensions changing with time, adapting to such payment processing methods has become vital.

The Oxford Club Provides High Potential Low-Risk Investments Tips

The Oxford Club was established to provide wealthy investors with the networking and educational resources to build their investment portfolios and give its members tips on investments with high potential and low-risk opportunities. The Oxford Club is one of the most respected investment publications and website platforms in the investment asset community. The Oxford Club has a very knowledgeable intelligent executive team led by Chief Executive Officer Julia Guth, who has been with the organization from its very inception.


The Oxford Club members are a collection of global investors from around the world in more than 131 countries. Currently, the membership is well over 100,000 members and counting. The information and analysis provided by The Oxford Club daily, weekly, and monthly publications provide valuable evaluation and critical analysis of various diverse investment classes that provide high potential returns on investment and minimize risk for investor portfolios. The Oxford Club was established in 1989 by Bill Bonner and quickly became a very elite organization that provides its members with valuable networking opportunities and extremely intelligent well-thought-out publications that provide insight into potential opportunities within the investment arena. The investment classes that the Oxford Club analyzes and evaluates within its various information platforms include real estate, equities, bonds, stocks, currencies, dividends, cryptocurrencies and various other asset instruments to create profitable returns.


The staff at The Oxford Club consists of skillful talent that performs with professionalism the execution of their various tasks with quality and understanding. The staff consists of intelligent publishers, editors, research, customer service, sales, marketing, and operations personnel that provide excellent information and service to The Oxford Club members on a daily basis. The information provided by The Oxford Club gives its members an edge over the general public by providing opportunities to network and gather information from their global investors and capitalize on investments that only they share and can take full advantage of. The opportunities generally consist of areas of investment that will reach the highest level of potential returns on investment and provide the lowest risk levels at the same time which provide opportunities for strategic growth of the wealthy members’ portfolios.

Dirty Political Money-End Citizen United

End United Citizen played a significant role in the 2016 political campaigns as well as the United States general elections. The civic group was created in 2015 with the primary purpose of ending overturning the constitutional amendment passed by the Supreme Court of United States about political and campaign funding. The groups funding comes from their supporters, and a short period after their launch, the team has contributed $2 milion of $25 to #0 million of what they wanted for their campaign. In 2010 the Supreme Court allowed dirty money into politics and End Citizen which is a Political Action Committee wished to end the era of dark political money in the nation.

End Citizen United became so accessible within a short period, and more than 350000 individuals had signed for the membership of the group as well as their support. The number of the registered members increased when the group partnered with “Ready for Hillary” During the 2016 general election End Citizen was funding campaigns for 11 political candidates among them; Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold, and Michael Bennet Senator of Colorado among others. End Citizen United is not the only group that has been fighting as well as advocating for change in the political funding of the United States, but according to the group’s Director of Communication Mr. Carbo, End Citizen is a unique group. The uniqueness of the organization comes with the fact that from the start, there was a hole in the talks and also getting leaders elected. End Citizen goes further to fund their supporters who are candidates by paying for the polling, direct mailers, as well as television advertisements.


End Citizen United is a Political Action Committee based in the United States of America. End Citizen primarily funds grassroots leaders. Being one of the most popular groups in the nation, End Citizen aims to change the adverse effects of Citizen United as they work effortlessly to improve the financial system in the political field. The group is not afraid to stand for what they believe in, and apparently and openly they declared their support for Democrats. They think that Republicans are bought with money from billionaires including the Koch brothers. End Citizen is founded on a strong mission of ending rigged the election, passing state ballots state measures, raising issues in the national conversation, as well as reforming the financial system of United States. End Citizen United is devoted to showing the press, candidates, as well as voters that they are determined to fight the economic reforms from the grassroots. End Citizen United could not watch the rich and the billionaires of United States getting into the way of the political issues of the country with their money.


The Devoted Entrepreneur – Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman has over two decades of experience in business and finance. In the year 1981, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton, in Scranton Pennsylvania. Later, in the year 1993 he graduated from the University of Chicago, with a Master of Business Administration degree. He is now the Corporate Executive Officer of a company that he co-founded in the year 2015.

Glen’s company is known as LaunchPad Holdings LLC, which develops software for business planning services to assist novice entrepreneurs. That software allows early-stage entrepreneurs a platform, to organize their plans and ideas, into a logical and maintainable plan.

Glen Wakeman’s lengthy education is matched by his even longer career experience. Long before Glen Wakeman was the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, he had a very successful career at General Electric Capital. At General Electric Capital, he held positions of business development, and also profit and loss.

Throughout his long career, Glen Wakeman has been recognized as a great entrepreneur and mentor to many people. Glen has contributed to the success and development of companies with over $15 billion in assets and staff members of over 17,000 people. He applies his methods with five (5) key guidelines: Leadership, Human Capital, Governance, Execution, and Risk Management. He has utilized these methods with guiding Mergers and Acquisitions. divestitures, new market entries, start-ups, and much more.

With the benefit of living in six different countries, Glen Wakeman has lead operations in 30 of the world’s regions.

Glen being an investor and a writer allows Glen Wakeman more opportunities to share his information and knowledge. He blogs frequently about new markets, global affairs, and business transformation.