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LimeCrime Pouty Lips Coated In Diamond Crushers Is Making A Hit Everywhere

Hold up, time out! Lime Crime has done what exactly? They have turned plain old lip balm into something fit for a unicorn queen? A lip gloss that not only replenishes moisture to dry lips but also adds holographic glitter to it as well.

Now this is not your standard, run-of-the-mill lip gloss. If you are familiar with Instagram, you already have seen the lip gloss make its debut. If you have noticed the coloring of the lip gloss, the lip glosses are paired up with collections of various levels of ombre brows as well as countless different makeup collections.

The LimeCrime lip color is a new favorite and can be purchased and worn separately or together. If you are looking for a makeup choice which will allow you to create a bold new statement, the diamond crushers by Lime Crime is a popular choice.

If you are someone who has vowed to never, ever cover your lips in glitter, you will without a doubt forget this promise when you discover the appearance of the lip gloss. Not everyone can pull off the glitter lip but those who do, they are truly Unicorn Queens.

The glittery lip gloss can be applied over top of nearly any lipstick color to enhance the color already applied. When you apply the top layer of Diamond Crushers, you will get to experience the cool feeling while applying the lip gloss. You will also want to listen to the advice of others and know that when applying the Diamond Crushers by Lime Crime, you will need to work the Diamond Crushers on to allow for it to be coated evenly but once it is applied properly, the lip gloss will set and you will experience hours of perfect lips.

If you want something that will enhance your already perfect smile, the Lime Crime Diamond Crushers in Dope is going to add just a subtle amount of color and sparkle to your pouty lips. If you want to wear the Dope LimeCrime gloss, you can also stack the layers to create a more dramatic appearance.