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Fabletics Continues Expanding

Every time a company expands, it’s usually thanks to its supporters. Fabletics is no different. Fabletics finds success in ways that other companies can’t even imagine. Much of Fabletic’s success is thanks to its loyal members and their reviews. User reviews made Fabletics a $250 million company.

User reviews are the new version of word-of-mouth advertising. One study showed that more than 80 percent of consumers use crowd-sourced reviews to determine their final purchase. This shift in consumer behavior allowed many small companies to achieve national and international success. This trend can make or break a company twice as fast as traditional promotions.

Since the crowd has such power, it’s increasingly important that companies stay up on every consumer trend possible. Fabletics found its success by targeting a large group of consumers everyone else in the activewear market ignored. Fabletics wanted to be the first activewear brand that made fashionable fitness wear that was also affordable.

That premise attracted over one million monthly members. While there are a few naysayers, Fabletic’s members love getting regular discounts on all sorts of apparel. Sometimes, the discounts are up to 50 percent off and numerous items. The affordable prices combined with personalized service and on-trend fashion makes Fabletics well worth the money.

The dedication and personal touches that Fabletics offers comes from Kate Hudson. To Hudson, Fabletics is more than just a fashion brand. It’s something she’d wanted to start years ago but didn’t have the know-how at that time.

In 2013, some executives from TechStyle Fashion Group approached her with this idea, and she ran with it. Ever since she’s led Fabletics to some amazing achievements. She’s even taken fashion in another direction completely, making it about more than just looking good. She wants Fabletic’s activewear to inspire women to be healthier.

With that being said, Hudson makes sure that everything Fabletics sells is on-trend. She’s very hands-on with every department of the company. She especially looks over sales numbers to determine which items are selling. If an item isn’t selling like she thinks it should, it’s taken off the site immediately.

The old formulaic processes that companies used to use no longer work in today’s society. Consumers are always looking for something new and exciting. That’s why Fabletics releases new lines every month. It’s also why Hudson stays so involved with the company.

Fashion and Technology Industries Helping Each Other Grow

One major similarity between the fashion and technology industry is that both grow together. At one given time, technology becomes fashionable, and fashion becomes technologically fashionable on another occasion. A quick look at the past and present of both industries will show you how exciting the two industries have grown together. This trend can as well be used to predict the future trends of both sectors. Looking at the boom box of the 1970s to the Walkman of the 1990sand iPod of the 21st century, one can arguably conclude that technology grows with the popularity of what is considered fashionable at a given time.


In the today world, technology and fashion have been married in several occasions. For instance, Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion designer believes that marrying technology with fashion is the only way to bring standard innovations in the fashion industry. She argues that technology is a place of experiment and can yield endless possibilities for individuals who dig deeper into it. As a result of the excellent use of technology, Anouk is popularly known for Avant-garde designs.


The Future


The future of the fashion industry is developing a way to protect the humans and solve some challenges. For instance, helmets are made to protect cyclists, but they reduce visibility. Airbags worn around the neck has been developed to replace the helmets. These airbags guarantee visibility and pop out in the event of an impact. Similarly, technology has been used to create energy through clothing. The clothing captures kinetic energy to power watches, Mp3, and other portable devices. Fashion shows such as modeling have been used to wake people into the latest technology. This proofs that technology can grow together with fashion as well as helping each other. Marrying technology with fashion will always make each better and ensure a creative, attractive and protected world.


About Christopher Burch


Christopher Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Burch has been an entrepreneur and an investor in several industries for over 40 years. Burch entrepreneurial success began in 1976, while at Ithaca College when he invested $ 20,000 to start Eagle’s Eye, a company that grew to become a $ 165 million firm. Burch has been attributed to the rise of several brands including Faena Hotel, Voss Water, Poppin, Jawbone and Tony Burch. His consistent success has been due to the ability to implement innovations skillfully and brilliant understanding of consumer behavior. His interest in the hospitality industry began early when he partnered with Philippe Stark and Alan Faena in Argentina to redevelop an underutilized land into Faena Hotel.