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Enhanced Athlete’s victory in court

Enhanced athlete won the case raised against them by Nutrition Distribution. The case filed in court accused them of false advertising and requested for an injunction. The plaintiff accused Enhanced athlete of affecting their performance and distribution system by posting false adverts yet they are a world leader in the distribution of nutritional supplements.

Enhanced athlete convinced the presiding judge that their practices are lawful and honest. They countered Nutrition Distributions’ accusation by pointing out that they were engaging in ‘shakedows’ to bully their competitors and extort settlement money from them. They also pointed out that there was no proof of damage directly linked to the claims the plaintiff was making. They argued that the decline in their distributions could be a result of their poor marketing strategies. In light of the arguments presented, the judge rules in favour of Enhanced Athletes.

The case Nutrition Distributions filed against enhanced athletes was only one of the seventy case files. Nutrition Distributions filed law suits against their competition accusing them of posting false adverts. According to Enhanced Athlete’s CEO, Scott Cavell, Nutrition Distributions has been asking the accused to pay a relatively small amount to settle the matter out of court. Since some companies don’t want to battle it out in court, they pay the amount asked for by Nutrition Distributions and the case is settled out of court. Scott Cavell says that as long as companies keep paying the amount asked for by Nutrition Distributions, many more companies will be victimized by their ‘shakedown’ scheme.

Enhanced athlete is a company that distributes nutritional supplements that benefit body builders and others interested in keeping fit. It is the only company that is non-profit in nature. All the proceeds that come from the sales of the nutrition supplements are reinvested in conducting research and developing products sold by the company.

Enhanced Athlete has two sister companies, Enhanced Gear and Enhanced coaching. Enhanced gear is a company that is dedicated to supplying to its clients trendy sportswear. Other than being keen to cater to their clientele’s fashion needs, their goal is to sell its clients comfortable and efficient gear. Enhanced Coaching provides their clientele with the information on how to exercise and eat healthy. They even help their clients set targets and develop a routine that will see the client achieve the set goal. Together, these three companies aim at giving their clients wholesome health solutions.