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Magnises Is Exploring New Territory In The Millennials World

The Playboy club was the member-based platform that baby-boomers were attracted to in the 1960s. There were other private clubs in cities all over the country that offered members deals at restaurants and other venues. One of the most popular restaurant clubs in Chicago in the 1960s was the Millionaire’s Club on Tumblr. LA still has private clubs and so does just about every big city in the country, but none of those clubs offer memberships exclusively to Millennials. But young tech entrepreneur, Billy McFarland decided he would step up, and start a private club that catered to the elite Millennial crowd on Dujour. Trying to entice Millennials to join anything is a challenge, but McFarland is a Millennial from New York, so the thought of opening a tech-based membership venue for his generation didn’t scare him.

McFarland launched Magnises, the private membership club that focuses on the wants and needs of Millennials in March 2014. Billy developed a Magnises black card that is capable of interacting with a debit or credit card. For $250, the black Magnises card gives young professionals access to special deals in Washington, D.C. and New York City. Millennials get discounts at restaurants, clubs, and bars when they used the black card. Members are offered exclusive getaways, and they can book private concerts that are next to impossible to attend without the black Magnises card. Magnises members that need office space can rent a desk at Alley in New York City for $99 a month. The rent is normally $500 a month for non-Magnises members.

The Magnises concept is more than a private club that offers hotel rooms at a super special rate and gives members the chance to go to the hottest nightclubs in New York that only cater to the money crowd. Magnises is a movement, according to Billy McFarland. McFarland’s goal is to make living in big cities more unique than it already is, especially for young professionals in the fashion, tech, and finance industry. McFarland’s goal is to open doors for the young crowd that is often discounted for their attitude about the system and the people that run the system. McFarland wants to link young professionals in New York, Washington, Atlanta, LA, Boston, Chicago and London in a way that has never been done before.

The interesting fact about Magnises is young, successful professionals want to be recognized in a different way, and McFarland has given them a platform to enjoy that low-key recognition. Using a black card to get special perks is the perfect way for Millennials to express their freedom without conforming to the system.

More than 12,000 Millennials have joined Magnises since 2014, and the word is spreading that McFarland’s concept is a deal. What Magnises offers does have meaning and the deals offered do make life more fun for its members.