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Brian Bonar: The Stand-Out Financial Expert

Success is the ultimate goal of every career-oriented professional in the world today. As a result, it goes without saying that for one to flourish in any line of profession, he or she has to possess paramount skills, qualifications, and commitment. Brian Bonar exhibits all these and they have seen him achieve impeccable academic, leadership and professional accomplishments towards being a leading financial specialist.

Brian Bonar is a Scottish businessman who pursued Mechanical Engineering at James Watt Technical College between 1963 and 1969. He also has an undergraduate degree from Strathclyde University in Glasgow. Moreover, Brian holds a graduate degree and a doctorate from the University of Stafford in the United Kingdom.

Brian Bonar’s success story is attributed to various factors. One being the immense experience he has under his sleeves in the financial world. He has well over thirty years in the financial sector that has seen him amass a wealth of knowledge and vast experience in his area of duty.

Glory lasts forever. Under his well-informed guidance and leadership, Brian Bonar has overseen the creation of an impressive financial legacy in Dalrada Financial Group. The institution works to offer employee programs countrywide, with the sole purpose of increasing their business effectiveness and efficiency.

With Brian on the deck, the firm has been swimming in significant success by customizing its services ranging from insurance, business outsourcing, and catering for specific financial needs of its clients.

Moreover, the entity has stretched its boundaries and it has helped many of its customers to manage and protect both their finances and assets. Through his undying passion, Brian has seen the growth of the firm and its commitment to servicing the business sector with state of the art products.

Brian Bonar displays a spitting image of dedication and professional ethics. As a result, this has played a significant role in his promotions throughout his career. In 1994, he was promoted to Dalrada’s Vice President in charge of Sales and Marketing. Later that year, he became the firm’s Vice President. He also served as Director for two years until he rose to the rank of the company’s President as well as the Chief Operating Officer. A year later, Brian was named the CEO and he was later declared the firm’s Chairman of the Board.

Brian Bonar is the current CEO and Chairman of Trucept. He has also served as the Chief Executive Officer of Amanda Company and previously as the Treasurer and Secretary to the institution. Besides, Bonar was the Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. He has also worked in Rastek Corporation, Greenland Corporation, Allegiant Professional Business Services, QMS, and The Solvis Group.

Brian Bonar is a success in his profession, equipped with diverse skills and vast experience. He is a prominent investor whose work has not gone unnoticed as he is a recipient of Cambridge Finance’s Year Award.