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Hussain Sajwani: The DAMAC Owner is a Role Model to Many

Every industry has its role models. To prove this assertion, let us highlight the booming real estate industry in Dubai and connect it to Hussain Sajwani’s resounding successful career. To have a better understanding of his career, and his real estate ventures called DAMAC Properties, it is critical to note that Sajwani hails from a humble family background. Even so, the DAMAC owner did not allow that to stand on his way to success. He used the challenges he encountered as a child, to make a name for himself. Currently, he is not only a billionaire but also a role model to business professionals who aspire to venture in real estate.


Background Information on Hussain’s Career

We have heard of the saying that successful business comes with tremendous challenges. In the case of the DAMAC owner, nothing is further than the truth. He worked with his father from a tender age. At that moment, Mr. Sajwani’s dad thought that he would take over the retail shop as the manager. Well, like any other supportive father with good interests at heart, he provided consistent support for his son. However, Sajwani the DAMAC owner was barely interested in inheriting the business. Therefore, he joined a medical school in Baghdad. Perhaps he was not really into a white-collar job after all, because he quit school. Sooner than later, he relocated to America with the sole intention of joining a different school and venturing into business. That is when he entered the Washington University for a course in economics. Those who have majored in this course know how demanding it is. For Hussain Sajwani to have graduated top of his class, he must have been a dedicated student.


Starting his Businesses

After school, the DAMAC owner was lucky enough to get a job at GASCO Oil Company. Ambitious as he was, he was trusted to serve as the credit manager of the company. Like in his past work experiences with his father, he registered excellent performance by initiating the development of constructive business models that he found useful for GASCO’s development. Shortly after, he quit establishing his businesses.


Lessons Learnt from Hussain’s Career

Perhaps Sajwani changed his mind regarding formal employment because of his inquisitive nature in business. Despite the choices he made, quitting was beneficial not only to him but also to other business professionals who now find it essential to draw inspiration from a guru.