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Clay Siegal: Researching for Biotechnology Innovation

Seattle Genetics has been studying the potential of human antibodies for years. The company has been conducting a lot of research which focuses on the manipulation of human antibodies to make a product out of it. Since their establishment in 1998, Seattle Genetics has successfully created products made from human antibodies that are beneficial to people. Through their researchers, the company found out that human antibodies can bond with substances found inside the body. Depending on the material that they have made connections with, human antibodies can create a toxin that can destroy cancer cells. The research that they made is considered as a scientific breakthrough, and it made it possible for Seattle Genetics to create medications that can treat some cancer diseases.

Clay Siegal is one of the co-founders of Seattle Genetics, and he is also serving as the present chairman, president, and CEO of the company. Since the creation of products that can treat cancer, the value of Seattle Genetics spiked, and experts are saying that the company is currently valued at more than $10 billion. Almost 900 people are working for Seattle Genetics, and through the effort of Clay Siegal and the cooperation of the employees working for the company, they were recognized as one of the most competitive and prominent biotech companies in Washington. However, Clay Siegal does not want to stay being known in his home state, because one of his dreams is for the company to gain national recognition. He is doing everything that he can to transform the business from a small biotech company to one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the country.

Seattle Genetics has released several products which they advertise as an active drug to combat cancer. The company’s flagship product is Adcetris and based on studies; the medication can treat Hodgkin Lymphoma, a mild type of cancer victimizing millions of people worldwide. It affects the lymphatic system, and it can become deadly if neglected. Adcetris destroys the cancer cells for those who are affected by the disease, and Clay Siegal believes that their products are the precursors to the most awaited cure for cancer.