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Louis Chenevert-Making a Lasting Impact on the Aerospace Industry

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman and the current CEO and Chairman of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). The Businessman has had a positive impact on almost any organization he has joined. The semi-retired businessman also works as the leading advisor for the Goldman Sachs, besides spending time with family and pursuing other personal interests. Before retiring from the booming aerospace industry, Louis Chenevert devoted his time to helping businesses change the way they tackled production. Specifically, Chenevert had a lasting impact on the aerospace industry. Upon obtaining a degree in production management from HEC Montreal, Louis Chenevert worked for the General Motors, where he was extremely productive thus rising through the company’s ranks and finally becoming the company’s Production General Manager. In 1993, one of the world’s leading aerospace manufacturer, Pratt & Whitney, hired Louis Chenevert to change its leadership. Although the company wasn’t doing fine at the moment, Chenevert guided the company and helped it boost its proceeds. The company’s market share improved significantly within six years Chenevert worked for it. Louis Chenevert also oversaw the acquisition of the aerospace manufacturing companies, Goodrich Corporation, which also used to one of the world’s leading rubber manufacturers.

Currently, Louis Chenevert serves as the CEO and Chairman of UTC, after being elected CEO and Chairman in April 2008 and January 2010 respectively. He is a Business Roundtable and an active member of Executive Committees. Also, Chenevert is the Chairman of Tax & Fiscal Policy Committee. Discipline and innovation are precisely what has kept the businessman’s powerhouse humming. Since joining the aerospace industry, all the corporations he has worked for have experienced impressive financial performance. He has helped them invest vast amounts of money in technology, courtesy of his hard work and unwavering dedication. Despite intense competition in the global aerospace industry, UTC today assembles some of the world’s most advanced jets, both for military and commercial users globally. The corporation also owns the largest escalator and Elevator Company in the world.


Louis Chenevert has undeniably made a profound impact on the aerospace industry. Today, he has plenty of time to pursue his passions which include engineering and designing yachts.

Bob Reina: No Bad Days

So many people in life are so negative, cynical, and jaded. That is why someone like Bob Reina is so refreshing in today’s society. He is someone that is real, honest, authentic, and organic. He is also incredibly positive. It is nearly impossible to find him having a bad day. While other people see it as a bad day, Bob Reina sees it as an opportunity to grow, learn, and improve as a human being. He knows the bad days will not last forever, and they are here for a reason. They are here to make him stronger and to make Talk Fusion stronger. That is why it is no surprise that Talk Fusion has been around for eleven plus years.


It is also no shocker they are an award-winning company that is used all over the world because of their video features. This is not a shock to anyone that knows Talk Fusion or anyone that knows Bob Reina. They have seen the results, and they know it is for real. They have tried out the video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. They have tried out all of the video technology that comes with Talk Fusion. They have seen the miracles it can work for the customers out there. It is no joke, people. It is the real deal here.


One of the awards they received came in 2016 and it was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. It was an award they earned every single step of the way. Bob Reina thanked his entire team and his entire crew for the hard work and dedication they have put into Talk Fusion. He is always ready to give them the proper acclaim they deserve for the work they put into Talk Fusion.


They work just as hard as Bob Reina, and Bob Reina does not have an ego, so he is not afraid to give credit to every single person that has made Talk Fusion something that the world is talking about and raving about all of the time. He’s just happy people are getting something so positive out of it. Learn more:

Malcolm CasSelle is ushering business into the virtual world

To hear Malcolm CasSelle speak is to hear the future as it’s being created. CasSelle solves problems at a systemic level, and transforms or creates industries as he does. One of his latest creations is WAX.

Worldwide Asset eXchange is a blockchain platform with innovative answers for virtual asset exchange’s biggest problems. WAX was created from CasSelle’s observations as CIO of OPSkins, the world’s largest in-game virtual asset exchange. Exchanges were vulnerable to theft, or fraud. The cost to protect them was prohibitive. It’s WAX’s dedicated blockchain structure and tokenization that solved those problems.

While WAX resembles cryptocurrency, as it’s a blockchain, it’s easier to use. CasSelle believes that the gaming industry will bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream. Blockchain technology has already made changes in how we do business. Smart contracts, a blockchain tool, are self-enforcing and self-fulfilling. They leave no room for misinterpretation.

A graduate of MIT, CasSelle holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford. While his most recent projects, WAX and OPSkins are literally game-changers, his history is rife with exciting new ways to evolve business.

As an investment director he encouraged investing in internet-based companies, leading by example. He has been instrumental in merging web-based companies whose purposes were complementary, and the results have often raised the bar for all involved.

In 2012 he became CEO of Xfire, improving gamer connections globally. He helped usher Timeline Labs, a social media tracking software company, into the hands of SeaChange International, a company that offers personalized, fully monetized video experiences at anytime, on any device.

One of his most visible projects is Tronc. Formerly Tribune Publishing, Tronc stands for TRibune ONline Content. Tronc owns large newspapers, magazines and online content providers. The company is changing the face of journalism and content writing by incorporating Artificial Intelligence with writer’s content to create a fuller customer experience.

There’s no guessing where Malcolm CasSelle will take his unique genius next, but there’s no doubt it will solve problems caused by business-as-usual, and foster new ways of looking at the world.


Talos Energy Helps People with Energy Solutions

Talos Energy’s goal is to always give people the help they need. The company knows what everyone is looking for and knows there are options they can use to help them get through the most difficult parts of managing their energy usage. Talos Energy also knows what it takes to provide people with a chance for a better future. They are not only dedicated to giving people the energy they need but also to doing it in a way that’s sustainable. Since they can work on offering these opportunities to their clients, Talos Energy knows what it means to give back. They aren’t afraid of making things better for everyone.

As Talos Energy continues working toward helping others, they know what it takes to give back. They do what they can to remain sustainable and that’s a huge part of the way they’re providing help to everyone in their industry. They’ve spent a long time learning about the options people can use and the energy industry advancements that allow them the chance to succeed. For Talos Energy, the point of all this is giving everyone the ability to make things better on their own. For Talos Energy, the point of helping is giving energy where it’s needed.

When Talos Energy received the ability to start shallow digging in Mexico, they knew they were doing something right. They also knew it was important to try and help people through the most difficult parts of their business. As long as they were there to help, they could feel confident in the abilities they had with offshore drilling. It made a lot of sense for them to keep working in the same way but in the shallow waters off the coast of Mexico. When Talos Energy started drilling there, it gave them a large portion of the Gulf of Mexico they could work on.

Now that Talos Energy also has Stone Energy, they are planning an even bigger expansion. They have plans to show people they’re doing things right and offer them the chance to explore more than ever before. Talos Energy and Stone Energy combined is like an energy superpower. They work together to come up with solutions that will be helpful for everyone in the future. It’s their way of offering new options in the energy industry that no other company is able to offer people with their energy and drilling services.

Aloha Construction Company Recognition

Recently the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois has given its latest award to the construction company Aloha Construction. The company has received the 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics back in December of 2017. Aloha Construction is very pleased to receive the award and is also humbled by this top recognition. The CEO Dave Farbaky and the company have put in a lot of effort to put the needs of their employees, customers and the community first. By receiving this award, the company will get recognition for providing both quality and honest work in their respective industry. When deciding who gets the award, a panel of 15 judges evaluate factors such as ethics, quality, and integrity as well as providing excellent service. The judges, voted to award Aloha for their efforts for 2017 due to being a leading charitable organization as well as one of the more ethical companies in the construction industry.

One of the reasons why Aloha Construction won this award is its intention to put customers first. The company is well aware that without its customers, it would not exist and succeed in the long run. As a result, the company always works hard to show customers that they appreciate them. The company always provides excellent service in order to gain the trust and satisfaction from their customers. During the past year, Aloha completed 20,000 roofing jobs in Illinois. Aloha provides its customers with free roof inspections every year in order to make sure that the customer’s homes are in proper condition. If there is any damage, Aloha will complete the repairs free of charge.

As well as putting the customers first, Aloha Construction also works towards accommodating its employees. The company shows its appreciation for employees by treating them like family. Aloha hosts an all expenses paid resort vacation to all of the employees in Maui, Hawaii. The trip to the Hawaiian resort is provided in order to reward the employees each year for their hard work. Not only do the employees get this gift, but also the spouses and children as well.

Aloha Construction also emphasizes a community first approach as well. Every year it provides sponsorships to a number of sports teams. It also hosts the Bloomington Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Month event. Lastly, the company will also offer a ticket giveaway children suffering from significant health problems. Last year, Aloha gave 12 box seats at a Chicago Bulls game to a local child with congenital heart disease and his friends. According to Dave, giving back to the community is just as important as providing excellent service to customers.

The Real Waiakea Water

The bottled water industry is one of the most successful divisions of the beverage industry. Bottled water is something that millions of people rely on every day. It’s amazing how popular bottled water has become in the last decade. It wasn’t that long ago that selling water in a bottle seemed stupid.

In most countries, people can get free water from their faucets, especially in countries where the water is filtered. Somehow, bottled water managed to build a $100 billion industry worldwide. If people can sell bottled water, it’s fascinating to think about what people will bottle next.

Once bottled water became a huge success, companies started trying to make their water different from others. It’s a part of the business to set themselves apart from the competition, but water can only be water unless they turn it into something else, but that would no longer be water.

Whatever they’re doing with their water, they’re trying to outsell their competitors. In most cases, that may include adding vitamins or claiming their water is infused with some kind of life-changing goodness, hoping to start some brainwashing trend. Usually, those techniques work, but now, people are starting to wise up to those little advertising tricks.

One company not using marketing gimmicks or misleading consumers is Waiakea Water. It may sound weird, but Waiakea Water is the only bottled water brand based in Hawaii. Hawaii is known for its gorgeous waterfalls and streams, but no one has ever thought about opening a water packaging company there before?

Waiakea Water sets itself apart in many ways, but people mostly are affected by their filtering process. Unlike their counterparts who filter using machines, Waiakea Water is naturally filtered because it’s real volcanic water. It comes out of springs all over Hawaii after being filtered through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock.

The volcanic rock also adds all of the healthy vitamins and minerals Waiakea Water brags about, whereas their competition adds their minerals during the packaging process.

Daniel Taub’s Background Has Helped Bridge Barriers

The role of an ambassador requires the use of many skills and the demonstration of varied abilities. An ambassador needs to be capable of communication with many parties from highly diverse backgrounds. An ambassador also needs to be able to represent many competing interests. This is something that former ambassador to the United Kingdom Daniel Taub has demonstrated many times.

Over the course of his long career in Israel, he repeatedly showed that he was capable of filling many kinds of roles. Daniel Taub spent his formative years in the United Kingdom. He chose to move to Israel over several decades ago in order to fulfill his sense of being religiously Jewish.

When living in Israel, he took on many roles in the country. He served in the community’s religious defense forces as well as in the private sector. His education at some of the finest world universities gave him the training to see his career advance. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

He eventually decided that he wanted to make his home in the Israeli foreign ministry. Given his fluency in English, a language that is used as the language of international diplomacy in much of the world, it is no surprise that his career began to take off and take off very quickly.

His Appointment

Several years ago, Daniel Taub was appointed to be the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom. This served as the culmination of a great career that began when he gained educational training at University College, Oxford and later at Harvard University in Boston.

As the ambassador, he was noted for his many achievements. His role was that of someone who aimed to help further increase understanding between the British and the Israelis. He also aimed to help further increase technological links between the two nations. Israel is one of the world’s homes of technology with a growing and expanding high tech sector that is much admired by the rest of the globe. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

As a result of his efforts, many Israelis were able to open business ventures in the United Kingdom. Many residents of the United Kingdom also sought out opportunities to invest in Israel and help that nation’s economy grow with an impressive infusion of much needed investment capital.

Taub’s own background and training helped bridge barriers between the two nations. His four year tenure in this position was considered a great success with many lasting and important results.

By Helping Employees, Talos Energy is Helping Itself

Talos Energy is one of the most successful gas and oil companies in Dallas. They know how to be successful and they know there are things they can do that will help them continue being successful. They also know the most important part of running a business: happy employees. No matter what Talos Energy does, they try to always put their employees first. The biggest part of the business relies on the employees and how well they’re working. It has given them a chance to see they can promote people and rely on them to do the most important jobs.Thanks to great employees, Talos Energy continues to thrive. They know what people want and how their careers improve. They also know people will continue to do well if they’re making money in different situations.

Talos Energy has always tried to give people what they’re looking for. Employees know there are positive parts of the business and Talos Energy is doing their best to promote these things. Everything in the industry changes, but Talos Energy tries to keep things the same for their employees. No matter what they have to change in other areas, their employee dedication opportunities help them make things easier. They also help them try their best to promote new opportunities.Even when people are searching for a job, Talos Energy gives them what they’re looking for. They have many opportunities for entry-level positions. The opportunities range from clerical to in the fields.

Talos Energy tries to give people the chance to see what they’re doing in the industry no matter where they work within the company. If Talos Energy continues helping employees, they know they’ll make things better for them. They have always tried to give people a chance to enjoy the positive parts of the business.The Talos Energy business model is thriving. It is a good industry and something people know they can do right. For Talos Energy, this is part of how they can react in different situations. Talos Energy also knows what it takes to give back to the community. People who are trying to find the right job for their skills will find many opportunities with Talos Energy. The company tries to make sure people know they are hiring. They also try to make sure people know there is a spot for them no matter what experience they have or what skills they have in the business.

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Begin Revolution in Arizona Politics

“He was a terrible sheriff [and] a terrible jailer,” said Jim Larkin in reference to former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio. “But he was a great f—ing politician, and I actually think he was a precursor to Trump.”

Jim Larkin, former co-owner of The Phoenix New Times, is making the relation between Trump and Joe Arpaio because Donald Trump pardoned Arpaio, for no other reason than the political gain he, The President, would gain from such a decision.

Joe Arpaio was charged and convicted of criminal contempt of court for disobeying a judge’s orders to stop the enforcement of federal immigration law. The conviction came after Arpaio illegally arrested a Mexican citizen, Manuel de Jesus Ortega Melendres, who was visiting Arizona.

The same year Joe Arpaio made the illegal arrest of Mr. Melendres, he also arrested Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the at-the-time owners of The Phoenix New Times. This was another instance of Joe Arpaio’s civil right oppression. He arrested the two for something published in their paper, a clear violation of the first amendment.

The journalistic duo had been spearheading an investigation into Arpaio’s illegal activity when Arpaio ordered his deputies to arrest them. The deputies arrived at their homes and promptly arrested them, they were transported to separate facilities where they were denied contact with one another. The journalists were released the same day and they filed a lawsuit against Arpaio and Maricopa County.

In response to the news of Arpaio’s pardon, Michael Lacey said, “This is the perfect marriage of two corrupt individuals.”

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have decided to use the settlement money, not to retire, but to give back to the local community they both love so much. After witnessing the two decade path of destruction caused by Arpaio, the two have chosen to fix the damage he caused.

The Frontera Fund is the main form of relief created by Lacey and Larkin. The foundation supports all sorts of charities in the area. Organizations that are supported by The Frontera Fund include, ACLU of Arizona, 1070, and Can The Border Divide Us. Due to Arpaio targeting the Hispanic community, Lacey and Larkin have decided to target the same group with their charitable efforts. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

After they were awarded their lawsuit, Lacey and Larkin sold The Phoenix New Times in favor of a new creation: Front Page Confidential. The news paper is similar in some ways to their previous paper but different in many. Their previous publication was a standard newspaper that reported on everything from municipals, local crime, and politics; Front Page Confidential focuses solely on politics and civil issues. Lacey and Larkin, through their paper, are educating voters on candidates and pundits.

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Desiree Perez is a Tough Negotiator that Gets the Job Done

Desiree Perez is the very private and feisty CEO of Roc Nation. Many people do not know a lot about her, but she is a long-time friend of Jay-Z, and she has a great amount of authority when it comes to helping make decisions.

Music lovers are impressed with the moves that Desiree has made as a business woman, and she has gained the attention of Billboard as one of the power players in the music industry. This is a very prestigious role for Desiree Perez because women the music business are a minority in leadership roles or a minority.

At one time there was a connection to Roc Nation Sports as a negotiator of contracts, and there are even fewer women in leadership roles in sports. This is something that has made Desiree Perez stand out as a no-nonsense leader that knows how to branch out in places where other people may be afraid to go.

It’s no surprise that Desiree Perez is getting things done for Jay Z. He has many different business ventures, and he needs to be able to trust someone when he is overloaded with the music streaming, the basketball teams, his music career and new things that he is trying to venture into. He needs someone that is able to handle things at Roc Nation, and Perez has proven herself to be the one that is able to get the job done.

Desiree has proven this to be the case time and time again. She has made it known that she is the negotiator that gets the numbers that entertainers and athletes want to see. This is why more people are interested in coming to Roc Nation. They know that they have a tough negotiator in Desiree Perez that will not back down.

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