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Talk Fusion Video Chat Bags the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award 2016

Talk Fusion was named the winner of the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award 2016 on the August 15, 2016. This is the second award that Talk Fusion has been awarded by Technology Marketing Corporation. This award is meant to honor exceptional services and products that facilitate data, voice and video communications that have been brought to the market or undergone great improvements over the past twelve months. Rich Tehrani, TMC CEO said in a press release that it was a great honor and pleasure to award the winners who represent the best-of-the-best solutions and products available in the market presently.

Talk Fusion Video Chat uses the WebRTC technology power to allow users communicate face-to-face anywhere, with anyone and on any device – desktop, smartphone or tablet. This Video Chat app is available on Google Play and iTunes Stores. The second award shows a continuous momentum behind this platform since its full version went live back in March 2016. Talk Fusion’s founder and CEO, Bob Reina stated that this was just the beginning as his able IT team harbors big plans going into the future. Talk Fusion managed to introduce Free Trials, WebRTC Recorder and also the launch of a new site, in a period of less than a year. (Read More)

About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is the home of the first ever all-in-one Video Marketing Solution and is dedicated to assisting businesses stand out from their competition in order to increase their sales and profits.

Its innovative products are marketed on a person-to-person basis by a team of Independent Associates that are in over 140 countries. This Video Marketing Solution offers 30 day free trials to anyone who wants to try it out before they buy and the best thing is that no credit card information will be required. Talk Fusion was established back in 2007 by the CEO and Founder Bob Reina. It fosters a great commitment of giving back to friends, family, animal charities and communities around the world.

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Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse


In a world where romance is only a swipe away, online dating has truly become the norm. With Badoo, Tinder and the endless array of other dating apps currently available, it’s becoming much more popular to meet someone new online.

The Dating Ring
If business meetings and corporate lunches leave you little time to find true love, this professional marching service will help do the legwork for you.

Tinder has made online dating a lot cooler. With a swipe to the right, you’re on your way to a potential love connection whereas a leftward swipe allows you to discreetly pass on profiles that don’t interest you. As cool as Tinder is, there’s always the possibility of creepy users and people who only want a one-time meeting.

An oldie but goodie, Skout has paved the way for the numerous other dating apps we’ve seen make their debut. Founded in 2007, Skout is a firm believer in preserving the magic that can happen when you meet someone new.

Everyone knows meeting new people can be difficult, so Skout takes the guesswork out the dating game. Whether you’re in your hometown or traveling the world, you’re able to meet new people wherever you go. And for those who love being the center of attention, there is even a “feature me” option where you can put your profile front and center.

Skout is about meeting new people and forming friendships, but they devote a lot of attention to the safety of its users. With built-in tools to keep you safe, you’re able to take advantage of everything Skout has to offer.

So, whether you want to swipe right, swipe left or meet someone the old-fashioned way, remember to play it safe. Never give out personal information such as home addresses or place of business until you truly know the person you are meeting.

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