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Class Dojo Is Building Communication Skills Across Nations For Young Students

Communication is often a critical point in every student’s learning as there will always be times when a student needs a little motivation or direction to move forward. Class Dojo is making this easier than ever with their platform that is solely based on improving the level of communication that is present in the educational industry. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don did a study by traveling around the country and talking to various teachers and institutions on the current issues that were facing the education department. The majority of answers all boiled down to a similar problem, communication. Without adequate communication, teachers have a difficult time getting all of their students involved in the classroom and working towards improving their learning.

When it comes to the parents, things are even worse for students. When parents are not investing time in their child’s learning, it does not hurt them but their child. Often times parents are unable to participate and help their child because of their own schedules. However, Class Dojo is changing this through their app that is available on nearly all smart devices on the market today, allowing practically all parents to participate. Parent-teacher conferences are a thing of the past and it is most definitely for the best since they didn’t work for the majority of parents and just made things even more difficult for teachers. Class Dojo allows teachers to communicate with parents on a daily basis regardless of either party being busy.

As of late, Class Dojo has been growing even faster, spreading to more classrooms throughout the world, not just the United States. Through Class Dojo’s Story Board, students in classrooms thousands of miles apart are able to share their experiences and their way of learning with each other. This helps students experience different cultures right in their own classrooms and understand the many similarities between themselves and other people in different countries. This works like a safe and fun form of social media for students in grades K-8 for improving communication skills. It has been less than 10 years since Class Dojo first launched and they are hoping to spread to all countries around the globe in the next 10 years.