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Betsy DeVos Contribution to the Education Sector Has Created Significant Influence

Betsy DeVos life has been that of a revolutionist; her political prowess manifested in her early life when she participated in campus politics at Calvin College. She hasn’t looked back ever since and she at one time served as the Michigan Republican Party Chair as well as a volunteer for President Gerald R. Ford in 1976. Betsy has over the years strived to offer solutions to social problems innovatively. She co-founded Windquest Group together with her husband. The firm focuses its investments in clean energy, manufacturing, and technology.

Her Roles

Besides her business and political interests, Betsy DeVos is notably an active reformer through undertaking various roles in non-profit ventures. She is a renowned philanthropist as she heads several foundations such as the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. She is a board member of Mars Hill Bible Church, the Foundation for Excellence, the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, and Kids Hope USA. Betsy chairs one of the most influential foundations that advocates for school choices. She has found a drive to fight for more parents to have a privilege of choosing a school for their children.

School Of Choice Program

Betsy recently shared about her work and beliefs in her undertakings, noting that she was impressed by the rising statistics in her educational choice program, the Alliance for School Choice. The program has taken root in 17 states and has continued to gain popularity. She noted that her involvement in the program is to assist low-income parents in accessing good affordable schools for their children. Her interest was birthed at the Potter’s House Christian School and has since continued to support it significantly. Her desire to see other parents afford to place their children in schools of their choice led her to start a scholarship program. Her involvement in the education sector runs far and wide as she at one time sat on the board of two foundations: Children First America and the American Education Reform Council. In her quest to improve the education sector, Betsy also founded the American Federation for Children. She also noted that her biggest success has been in Florida that has recorded the largest number of students placed in their schools of choice through their tax-credit scholarship program.

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Other Platforms

Apart from students accessing their schools of choice, other reforms can improve the education sector. Betsy noted that although charter schools, digital learning, and homeschooling are still not well recognized, they are slowly gaining momentum and will have a high and positive influence in the future. She noted that her educational choice movement is designed to involve virtual schools, magnet schools, homeschooling, and charter schools. It’s notable that her program is not intimidated by the rise of charter schools as she influenced her husband to start the West Michigan Aviation Academy

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The Variety of Careers at Wessex Institute

Wessex Institute of Technology is a research institute that is located in the center of innovation and cutting-edge knowledge. The campus is located at Ashurst Lodge in England, nearly 60 miles from London, and surrounded by the scenic New Forest National Park. Professors, scholars, researchers and scientists are drawn to the school and its support from dozens of other renowned universities. The career opportunities are plentiful for professionals wanting to join the Wessex Institute staff.

Professors, particularly research specialists, apply to teach the Master’s and doctoral degree programmes. Scientists and engineers work closely with researchers, and office administrators are also valuable members of the staff.

Academic writers and publishers work at WIT Press. All of the journals are published online, so Web developers are needed on the publishing team.

The WIT Conference Programme hosts more than 2 dozen conferences each year and needs the help of conference leaders,

Wessex Institute is a postgraduate research school known for innovative research, journals and conferences. People looking to bring more knowledge into the fields of science, technology and humanities are encouraged to work there. The WIT team works to inspire other educators at academic institutions all over the world.

How Studying Kabbalah can Help Learners

Kabbalah teaches its students basing on aspects of Torah. Torah means guidance. That is why Kabbalah teachings involve giving students instructions to guide them through their lives. Students of Kabbalah to do just aim at reaching high goals regarding their lives but they study so as to be inspired by this challenging life. If you dedicate yourself to learning the Kabbalah, you will have the direction of life and practical guidance.

Different issues are surrounding human beings in their everyday lives. The Kabbalah provides you with the proper dimension of approaching and handling these matters. Consider something like illness. There are also many challenges that you will face in this life as a human being. If you study Kabbalah, you will have the right approach to dealing with these challenges of life. Remember that you have a mission in your life and it should direct you to the divine sparks. The sparks are for you since they are unique.

It is important to understand the dimensions so that nothing will be trivial in your life. All that happens in your life is meaningful. Everything moves to one purpose and with one goal. If you study Kabbalah, you will have an understanding that will enable you to go through those challenges and achieve what you want in life. It will make you live a fulfilling life.If you take the time to comprehend the dimensions of life, nothing can be trivial in your life. It is notable that all that happens in your life is significant and purposeful.

The Kabbalah differs from other religions in that it does not focus on serenity. It does not also focus on intellectual enlightenment. The difference is that it gives these two as means but not as goals. Kabbalah has one goal of an action that is inspired. All that is learned in Kabbalah and the wisdom that is gained through Kabbalah will result into beauty in this world. The results are beautiful and are positive results. Some teachers will tell you that you should do well because it is one way of going through the path. However, a Kabbalist knows that if you do well, you are already there.

Entrepreneurial Mindsets in Young Minds: Sawyer Howitt

Although Sawyer Howitt is still a student in Lincoln High, Portland, he is fast following in his father’s footsteps, David Howitt, the founder of Meriwether Group. He is currently the project manager for Meriwether Group and his background in athletics gives him an upper hand in understanding acceleration in the company. He is entrusted with the task of advising on any structural changes to the business. Sawyer Howitt’s motivation is seeing people begin their businesses and he sees himself as a mentor to help them along the way. In spite of his young mind, he is quite intuitive about the operational and financial needs of a business and analyzing how both can work to bring about business success.

The broadness of Sawyer Howitt’s experience is far reaching. He has, for instance, coordinated an assortment of charitable organizations supporting such causes as the affirmation of women’s rights and educational funding. A number of administrative internships have given him an upper hand in learning the ropes of business management, and Sawyer Howitt has previously worked at Kure Juice bars where he was learning about customer service. He has also worked at RFID Checkout in the past, as their business strategy analyst.

He has turned out to be a noteworthy resource in the Meriwether Group by focusing on business growth across all scales. He has fully engaged and focused on the development of the organization through comprehension and execution of business administration and analytical ability at his current post of duty. Sawyer Howitt’s self-drive, whether in something as simple as filing or the more complex tasks such as the presentation of detailed presentations has seen him achieve more than his peers. This has seen the Meriwether Group grow in leaps and bounds and have seen them provide diverse services to help start-ups and individuals achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

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Securus Technologies Wins Prestigious Award

One of the leading companies in the world of criminal justice technology is Securus Technologies. They have been praised for their many innovations when it comes to technology that is often used to conduct investigations and monitor prisoners. The Stevie Awards were recently held in Las Vegas. It was at this awards show that Securus was once again acknowledged as an outstanding organization from top to bottom. However, this time the award had nothing to do with the quality of their products. The award was in honor of their outstanding customer service that the company has become famous for over the years.


The Stevie Awards are held to honor companies that display remarkable customer service, sales strategies and work in their contact centers. The Gold Stevie Award was given to Securus for being the best when it comes to customer service last year. This is the most important customer service award that a company can currently win. It is a big deal and demonstrates that Securus always puts the needs of their customers first. The ceremony was held at Caesars Palace with literally hundreds of the most important executives in the world in attendance.


Securus has always taken the approach that customer needs should be a top priority. The industry they are in is very competitive. They realize that customers could easily jump ship and start using some of the technology produced by their competitors. This is why Securus has always made a point to immediately address the concerns of their customers and get them resolved as quickly as possible. The Gold Stevie Award is just one more significant accolade to add to a growing list that Securus has received. However, the company refuses to become complacent. They are now more committed to providing great customer service than ever before.


Clay Siegall Is A Pioneer In The Field Of Cancer Treatment Therapies.


Analytical cancer therapy exploratory institution Seattle Genetics is exceedingly well-liked at present. The President and Chief Executive Officer of the institution is Clay Siegall. He’s also the highly respected co-founder of the institution, which was formed in 1998. Clay Siegall is also positioned as their chairman on the committee’s board. Ever since the formation of his esteemed career as an advanced biomedical examiner, Clay has demonstrated an impressive history of taking the appropriate steps to accomplish what is mandatory to lend a hand to patients who put up with cancer. Dr. Siegall’s peers declare that they think of him as a conscientious and faithful doctor. Clay steered the institution towards making strong advances on helping cancer sufferers, and the utilization of highly advanced approaches to helping cancer patients.

His steadfast dedication to examining cancer treatment alternatives is highly documented. Dr. Siegall utilizes only the most high-tech, highly advanced methods, which are mandatory in the forming of what is known as antibody-drug conjugates. This progress helped Seattle Genetics win an approval from the highly respected FDA in 2011. As Seattle Genetics stretched out their institution’s profile, they rapidly became proficient at supporting a wide range of cancer survivors all over the world.

Dr. Siegall was awarded with the honorable Alumnus of the Year, from the College of Maryland, in 2013, for high great achievements in Math and also in Natural Sciences. Seattle Genetics is proud to be the recipient of a staggering $1.2 billion gift, made possible by the hard work of Dr. Siegall. Many people, believe that this additional revenue was responsible for the institution of truly advanced methods that help to provide comfort to survivors of cancer, using radical technology.

Clay gained the status of the Foremost Scientist, presented by the National Cancer Organization, and Dr. Siegall was also honored with the recognition of Staff Fellow. This well respected recognition for his dedication powered his drive to donate to the community by publishing advanced approaches for cancer patients. Dr. Clay Siegall, in addition brought to completion his goal to institute his own institution, Seattle Genetics.

Notable Rappers, Dead and Alive


Two famous rappers who died in the past five years are Bankroll Fresh and Doe B. Bankroll Fresh died of multiple gunshot wounds in a fight with a fellow rapper. Many celebrities attended his funeral including Lil Wayne and Plies. There have been no charges filed in the case and the shooter, No Plug, has stated it was in self-defense. Doe B. also died of a gunshot wound at the Centennial Hill Bar & Grill. He was killed before his first album was released. He is known for being signed to T.I.’s record label. At both of their funerals, people spoke of their excellent musical talents and bright futures that they had.


Two famous rappers that currently sing are Wiz Khalifa and Eminem. Wiz Khalifa is from Pittsburgh and is best known for his song dedicated to Paul Walker, for having a brief marriage with Amber Rose, and for using marijuana heavily. Eminem has been rapping for several years and appeared on Stretch and Bobbito. Stretch and Bobbito was an important radio show that shaped the future of rap and hip hop. Dr. Dre signed Eminem to his label in 1998. Eminem’s lyrics have often been a source of consternation for awards shows and parents alike. He has a little girl named Hailie who is currently 19 years old and was the subject of many of his songs. All celebrities have an impact in life and death.

Why White Shark Media is leading innovator in advertising industry

Advertising has been termed as one of the most efficient way of marketing products and services. Advertising comes in many different ways depending on the product or services being advertised. Despite being one of the most expensive form of promotion, advertising agencies have evolve to cut down on the cost incurred during advertising. White Shark Media is one of the leading advertising company that has evolved over the years to serves clients across United States of America. This is a digital marketing agency that helps small and medium size businesses to develop good advertising materials to enable them compete favorably in the emerging markets. White Shark Media specializes in offering and managing AdWords and Bing Ads. Through this process, clients are able to track Google conversation about their company and know the appropriate action to take. For one to advertise with White Shark Media, you need to have a properly set, configured and legal website that will enable you to follow and keep track of your clients.

According to, the company helps clients to set up e-commerce dashboards that using Google sheets which help increasing traffic to client’s page will increasing his market base. This are some of the key area that have really benefited small and medium size business to prosper. White Shark Media was established in 2010 and has grown tremendously to employ over 150 employees. The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida united states of America and has a turnover of $5million in revenue. White Shark Media also sets-up Apple search Ads, which allows the user to easily type in the keywords to search for products and services. Step by step process is undertaken when creating the Ad. This involves getting your keyword list ready followed by setting up fist campaign, uploading keywords and creating a search campaign

Jason Hope Goes All In On The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is a tech entrepreneur as well as an author who has written extensively about the Internet of Things. He has said that he thinks this will be far and away the largest advancement that the world of technology has yet experienced.

The Internet of Things, in a nutshell, allows all of one’s various devices to talk to one another without the need for human intervention. This will include things like technology gadgets, phones, appliances, cars, streetlights, and even homes and businesses.

The goal of the Internet of Things is to increase efficiency, decrease waste, and help save human lives. Jason Hope has written that investing in the Internet of Things will be one of the largest that major corporations have ever been involved in. He has also said that at first it will be mainly for convenience at first but it will soon thereafter become necessary. He thinks there is going to be massive competition among technology companies to provide users with the most useful apps to use to engage with in their everyday lives.

Jason Hope grew up in Arizona and graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in finance. He also earned an MBA from the Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. He founded Jason Hope Consulting Business in order to provide his expertise in technology to other companies.

Hope is also heavily involved in philanthropy. One of the nonprofits he has taken particular interest and support in is the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation researches life extension as well as how to create a better quality of life. Instead of researching cures like most institutions, the SENS Foundation seeks to find ways to stop diseases from occurring in the first place.

Comparative Law and Legal Expert Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is the study of legal systems of different nations and then evaluating how they compare to one another. With comparative law, a number of individuals can learn more about how legal systems work and how they differ from one another. Anyone who is looking to study comparative law will benefit from the valuable information it can provide. Entities such as the government and businesses will be able to use comparative law to help them deal with economic issues. Governments will be able to get a firm grasp of trading policies of other nations as well as foreign relations. Businesses will also benefit with comparative law by allowing themselves to get a better understanding on how particular nations regulate commerce.


Those who study comparative law on a regular basis will eventually become experts. One of the top experts on comparative law is longtime legal educator, Sujit Choudhry. He has been studying comparative law for many years and has been able to use his knowledge to help educate others. When he first began working in the legal field, he worked at the Canadian Supreme Court and served under the head of the court. This allowed him to gain valuable knowledge and experience on how nations are legally structured. This helped lead him to becoming an educator where he would serve as a professor at the University of Toronto. Sujit Choudhry would also become the assistant dean at the law school as well.  Learn more about Sujit here.

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Sujit Choudhry moved to the United States to pursue other opportunities in the legal field. He continued to work in the educational sector at the University of California Berkeley. At this university, he would work as a law professor where he would continue teaching law students various aspects of the legal field. Along with being a law professor, Sujit Choudhry would also become the Dean at the law school. This enabled him to make history as he would become the first Indian American to hold the position. Choudhry would move on to get involved in international law where he helped restructure the constitution of many nations throughout the world.

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