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Aloha Construction and Its CEO

Aloha Construction is a multi-service contracting firm located in Lake Zurich, Illinois. Recently, the online publication Affiliate Dork wrote a very positive overview of the company and of its CEO, Dave Farbaky. 46-year-old Farbaky explains that, to him, success is defined as doing the best work at the best prices of any competing contractor.


As CEO of a family-owned business, he’s all about doing what’s best for the community and giving back in general. Towards these ends, he founded the Farbaky Foundation, which gives to deserving local charities in multiple ways. Farbaky is a husband and father and lives in Lake Zurich among his customers.


A lifelong handyman and construction enthusiast, Farbaky and his team blog about construction topics in order to provide the online community with clear and accurate information. They write about how to do repairs and how to deal with insurance companies.


About Aloha Construction


Aloha construction provides a variety of services. One of their specialties is roofing work, and the company offers rigorous and free assessments to homeowners in the northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin areas. These inspections follow a nine-step process where the Aloha Construction team looks at not only shingles, flashing, and roofing but also at attic ventilation to see what, if any, repairs need to be done. These inspections give homeowners the opportunity to be fully knowledgeable about the state of their roofs before making any decisions.


While perhaps best known for its fast, effective and affordable roof repair and replacement work, the company has recently branched out into the restoration and cleanup market as well. When you turn to Aloha Construction to deal with mold, water damage or some other situation that requires restoration work, they will work on your property as if it belonged to them.