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How Gareth Henry Built A Name For Himself In The Financial Industry

Gareth Henry is a New York City-based businessman in the financial industry. He graduated in 2001 with a bachelor of science degree in mathematics and statistics, achieving 1st class honors. Four years later he was a director at the financial firm Schroders. He then joined Fortress Investment Group where he had been hired in July 2007 as their head of international investor relations. In January 2014, he was promoted to Fortress Investment Group’s global head of investor relations. He now works for Angelo, Gordon & Company where he is their global head of investor relations.

Gareth Henry is originally from Scotland and he attended the University of Edinburgh. He calls himself a “reformed math geek” who became an expert in the financial world. While he worked for Fortress Investment Group he was in charge of raising capital from investors in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. He also built relationships with those who manage pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, as well as insurance firms.

When Gareth Henry joined Angelo, Gordon, & Co. he was also named as a partner. The president of this company, Lawrence Schloss, said that Gareth Henry has shown throughout Gareth Henry’s career that he is more than able to meet the needs of his clients. Schloss brought him on board so that Angelo, Gordon, & Co. could continue to deliver strong returns to their investors. Schloss added that he had proven he could deliver strong results regardless of market conditions and with a broad range of strategies.

One nation that Gareth Henry is very interested in for investment purposes is Brazil. In 2014, while working for Fortress Investment Group, he said that Brazil represents an amazing opportunity to generate large returns. He said the opportunities ranged from equity markets to Brazil’s currency, the real. At the time Brazil was in the midst of a presidential election and he said that he expected the president at the time, Dilma Rousseff, to lose her election which would result in a major rally in the Brazilian economy.

Ryan Seacrest and His Journey to Success

Ryan Seacrest is a radio personality, host and producer of multiple companies and productions. He is best known for hosting the well-known vocal competition, American Idol. Seacrest has many subsidiaries from this success such as On Air with Ryan Seacrest and Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Seacrest was born in Atlanta. He won an internship at WSTR, a radio station based out of Atlanta. He was still attending high school during this time. He worked with Tom Sullivan during the internship. Seacrest studied journalism at the University of Georgia. He continued to be involved with radio via the local Athens station. He discontinued his college studies at 19 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in broadcasting. As per GQ, during May of 2016, Ryan Seacrest was presented with an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from the University of Georgia, the same school he attended many years prior.

He initiated his own company called Ryan Seacrest Productions. As a result, his production company has received many awards for their efforts. Ryan Seacrest Productions produces programs such as E! Live from the Red Carpet and Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset. Ryan Seacrest Productions also produces the show Shades of Blue. His company has allowed him to be involved with multiple opportunities and become well versed in the industry.

According to, his brand has expanded into retail and clothing. He has a clothing line sold at Macy’s. He also has a men’s skincare line, with the popular dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer. Seacrest has received endorsements with companies such as Coca-Cola and Ford. He is chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has opened 10 broadcast media centers within pediatric hospitals in major cities around the country. He serves on the board at the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). Seacrest is an honorary chair of the Grammy Foundation.

Throughout the course of his career, Seacrest, also a radio show host, has hosted and been involved in many popular productions and programs for decades.

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Milan Kordestani Has Accomplished More Than Most Adults

Milan Kordestani is only 17 years old, yet he has accomplished more than most adults in the world. For starters, Milan recently graduated at the top of his class from one of the best preparatory schools in America. He attended this school in California, which is where he moved after coming to America from England. In addition to graduating at the top of his class, Milan is also an equestrian, and he has won dozens of awards and contests for his fabulous horse riding. Milan also enjoys reading, going out with his friends, and spending time with his family.

Milan Kordestani always wanted to be successful, but, even more, he wanted to help his community. He feels that he accomplished this by landing a writing position with Huffington Post. On a daily basis, Milan writes articles about living healthy, thinking healthy, financing, world news, and so much more. He has millions of people reading his articles, and he is planning on writing about more subjects in the near future. Milan is also a businessman. While attending high school, Milan Kordestani started his own business, which is called Milan Farms.

Milan Farms is located in California. The main purpose of this farm is to provide the public with eggs and herbs that are completely natural. The chickens that are brought up on this farm are only fed all natural ingredients, and this makes the eggs they produce extremely natural, and there are no chemicals added to the eggs, either. People from all over the world can order eggs and herbs, and Milan Farms includes free shipping on every order, and all products are shipped priority, too. This is how much faith Milan Kordestani has in the products that are produced by Milan Farms. Milan Kordestani hopes to sell more of a variety of products in the near future.

Hussain Sajwani – A Successful Businessman And A Passionate Philanthropist

Hussain Sajwani is the name to reckon with in the real estate sector in the United Arab Emirates, and over the years, his firm Damac Properties has constructed hundreds of residential and commercial real estate projects, which are one of its kind and uniquely built for the modern consumers.

One of the reasons why Damac Properties is a preferred choice for many customers is because it develops projects in collaboration with the famous designers across the globe, which includes Armani, Versace, and Fendi. It helps in giving the architectural styling and designing of the commercial as well as the residential projects to be a class apart. Hussain Sajwani clearly knows and understands the real estate market and believes in taking a step forward into building creative and innovative projects that the contemporary consumers are looking for.

Damac Properties, headquartered in Dubai, is one of the biggest real estate development firms in the UAE, and also handles many other key projects in Jeddah, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Beirut, Abu Dhabi, London, and more. Damac Properties, under the exemplary and visionary leadership of Hussain Sajwani, has been growing exponentially year after year. Damac Properties is also known for designing innovative marketing campaigns like giving away Bentleys to the customers buying units in the company’s residential or commercial projects, and other similar marketing stunts.

Hussain Sajwani is also known to be a generous philanthropist and recently donated AED 2 Million to help one million poor children get clean clothes. Hussain Sajwani is associated with many charitable organizations and continues to make hearty donations to ensure that he can make his contributions in empowering the communities he serves.

Hussain Sajwani was recently in the news for his association with Donald Trump and offering him $2 Billion projects after the latter became the U.S. President. However, the fact is that Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump go long back, and have known each other long before Donald Trump became the U.S. President. Currently, Damac Properties is building two international golf course residential complexes in Dubai, one of which is designed by Tiger Woods himself. It is the project that Damac Properties is developing in collaboration with Trump Organization.

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Western Union PSI Pay Collaboration That Businesses and Individuals Can Use for Online Payments

In the world of digitization, the economy has become much more fluid and cross-border friendly. The world economy has been getting much more transparent and different countries are transacting with each other. Digital and online payment processors are in great demand these days and there are many online wallet and payment processors available across the globe. One of the leading wallets that are used by thousands of people across the globe is the ecoAccount online wallet. Recently, the ecoAccount Wallet announced that its users can now top up their account with funds using Western Union network.

Western Union is one of the leading and the most prominent online payment processors in the world and has one of the most significant agents and retail network worldwide. Sending payments across the border to any part of the world is much easier with the help of Western Union. ecoPayz is a company that is powered by PSI-Pay Ltd, which has now become the first online wallet agent for Western Union in the United Kingdom. Western Union believes that adding the function of the online wallet would help its millions of customers to enjoy more flexibility with sending and receiving payments as well as paying online. As more and more people are using online wallets these days for digital transactions, Western Union had to add it to one of its core functionalities to provide better services to its end users.

Now, ecoPayz customers can have access to hundreds and thousands of Western Union outlets to add funds to their accounts. It would become much more comfortable for many people to send and receive money as well as top up their online accounts without having to rely solely on the traditional banking system that might not be as fluid or fast. The customers of ecoPayz wallet can now add funds to their account online as well using the online site of Western Union. It has made it much easier for the customers, individuals as well as the businesses, to carry out multi-national and cross country transactions. With the global economy’s dimensions changing with time, adapting to such payment processing methods has become vital.

The Expansion that OSI Group is Making in Spain Worth $17 Million

OSI Group made a recent increase, and that is they got their products in Spain, the company has been offering his services as a global food processing firm. The Facility that is in Spain of the OSI Food Solutions increased their chicken products production capacity, and the other thing that they have done is that they invested in the improvement of the facilities, security and the storage. From the time the company was founded in 1909, they have dedicated their effort to make sure that the customer experience is excellent and always innovate new products. The thing OSI Group pays attention to is research and development because of the production plant that they have it has been of assistance to food products that are popular in the market.

The reason why OSI Group had to expand in Spain is because of the growing demand that the company was getting because of their chicken items in Spain and Portugal. For the last decade, the number of growth that the company was getting was 6 percent, and it has since been increasing over the years. The other thing that they were focusing on is that the project would be able to effectively improve the security so that the employees and products will be protected. They added the surveillance systems in the area, and indoor cameras too were added, and the other thing that was added is the advanced fire system.

The other thing that the project added is that the energy efficiency was boosted and in the premises and the operations around they were sustained. OSI Group tries to maintain the reputation that they have in offering high standards, and with that, they have made good use of improved technologies. OSI Group headquarters is based in Aurora, Illinois and in parts of the United States they have multiple plants. The total facilities that they have in the 17 countries are 65 OSI facilities. The product that the company manufactures includes meat patties, sausage, frozen dough items, bacon and the prepared meats. The leadership that they have is from Sheldon Lavin who is offering his services to the company as the CEO and chairman. The president of the company and COO is David McDonald.

Hussain Sajwani/DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani based DAMAC Properties at 2002; he remains the vast majority shareholder and its own Chairman. DAMAC Properties was created in 2002 as a luxury property developer providing unrivalled living adventures in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. The business has grown to become one of the leading luxury developers, together with projects spanning the GCC, the broader Middle East and the uk. Having a lasting enthusiasm for quality and design, the business has established a reputation for producing some of the most famous and desired properties in the area.

Following a brief interval, he established his own company and in 1982 began his own catering enterprise.

From small beginnings, the leasing department has grown from strength to strength and now is a market pioneer managing over 200 jobs and serving over 150,000 meals per day in many of markets such as the Middle East, Africa and the CIS. Along with servicing building campsites, military camps, educational establishment, five-star resorts and onshore / offshore places, the branch specialises in supplying ancillary services such as camp management, upkeep and maintenance supply.

Sajwani was also among the pioneers of this house market growth in Dubai. From the mid-90s, he constructed several resorts to accommodate the rising influx of people coming into the emirate to conduct trade and business.

Sajwani’s know-how and experience within the business of real estate development from advertising, sales, legal, finance, and management is among the essential drivers of the organization’s success and now, DAMAC Properties has many prestigious jobs in key worldwide cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Amman, Beirut, Jeddah, Riyadh and London.

The business has among the best track records in the luxury property development market and thus far has given over 20,880 houses, using a growth portfolio of over 44,000 units at different phases of preparation and advancement.

As a major manufacturer on the current market, DAMAC Properties has joined forces with some of the very used fashion and lifestyle brands to deliver exciting and new living theories to the marketplace. Projects incorporate a Tiger Woods constructed golf course, which is handled by The Trump Organization, luxury flats with insides by Italian fashion-houses Versace Home and Fendi Casa, stylish baths with interior design by Just Cavalli, luxury villas styled by Bugatti, and distinctively conceptualised Paramount Hotels & Resorts to provide ventilated living in its most opulent.

Back in October 2011, DAMAC Properties established its hospitality branch’DAMAC Maison’, which will offer bespoke solutions to residents in over 15,000 serviced hotel rooms and hotel apartments. This will place the Company among the greatest hotel operators and programmers in the area.

The extraordinary development of DAMAC could be attributed to the vision and entrepreneurial abilities of Sajwani. Listed among the 100 most internationally influential Arabs, he’s the proven capacity to move a company vision into corporate fact; and also to provide the direction required to keep continuity and expansion.

As an astute businessman and investor, DAMAC Owner Sajwani additionally has an established history of successful forays to the international equity and capital markets. He holds investment portfolios of securities in many of regional and international markets.

DICO Investments Co LLC is the flagship investment Business. This provider focuses on investments in private pensions, mergers, and acquisitions and retains majority and minority holdings in publicaly traded firms and is always searching for value propositions from the regional and global investment spheres.

According to, other regions of company interest for Sajwani are at the area of trading, including Al Amana Building Materials, located in Oman, which represents world-famous names such as Villeroy & Boch, Grohe and Dorn Bracht, to mention a couple. A additional small business interest within this discipline within his portfolio is Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co, the very first and one of just two tile producers in the country.

The business was recorded in 1997 and since that time has produced remarkable results in changing marketplace conditions.

Sajwani resides in Dubai together with his wife and four kids.

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Why Randal Nardone Commands Respect in Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is worth over two billion dollars
Randal Nardone is worth over two billion dollars

When people are discussing Fortress Investment Group, the name Randal Nardone always comes up. The businessman is always mentioned because he has been present in most of the company major projects, and he has been the top and influential people who have been with the company since the first day it came into the market. Randal Nardone is recognized because he believed in the company when it was still very new in the market and chose to stick around when everyone in the market was only interested in making profits. While many people refused to work for the company when it was still in its foundation stages, the businessman chose to sacrifice all of his time to ensure that consumers were getting enough services.
Working with Fortress Investment Group has been rewarding for the investor and the other people who founded the large organization more than two decades ago. Nardone has been there when the institution had to make tough decisions and at the same time enjoy its achievements. His commitment to the company despite the tough times the market has been experiencing shows that Nardone loves his job. The determination Randal Nardone has been showing to the community is not available in any part of the world.
Last year was a great time for the American based businessman. The businessman was announced to be among the coveted billionaire list. The Forbes billionaire list is always respected by the people from all walks of life. Most of the people on the list are quite wealthy, and they must show all their wealth so that they can be listed. According to the billionaire listing, Randal Nardone is worth over two billion dollars. All of his respect comes from the fact that the businessman has made his wealth from scratch. The businessman started to show his commitment to work when he was very young, and he did not take chances to ensure that his career was successful. Nardone has also shown all the other finance executives in the world that it is possible for them to be honest when serving their customers. The businessman is also a great leader. Fortress Three Top Executives Split $44 Million Bonuses In 2015

Operating in a Chiefly Manner: Mike Bagguley

Mike Bagguley earned his undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Warwick in 1988. He has been a trailblazer ever since beginning his career in finance. Mike Bagguley crunchbase profile elaborates on his accomplishments and recent news. He started his service in Barclays Bank in 2001 in the fixed income trading sector. Serving as the current Chief Operating Officer at the London known Barclays Investment Bank, his reputation precedes him. He became COO of Barclays in 2015 and before this was the head of macro products within the organization. Mike Bagguley’s total experience with Barclays is over 15 years and counting. His current position seeks him to speed up the banks delivery of overhaul. Having such a large task at hand illustrates his value to the company as well as his previous accomplishments while working there. Formerly his main focus was restructuring business in the macro department like interest rates and other investment happenings. Now he will be leading main projects in every part of the Barclays Bank. Upon receiving his promotion he immediately assumed responsibilities of his new role. A major goal and vision of the company is to increase profits while simultaneously reducing risk costs and factors. Mike Bagguley’s expertise in financial stress alleviation will assist him tremendously in his new role. As Barclays Investment Bank sets out to improve the turnaround within the company they also will set out to create thousands of employment positions. This process will span over three years and will cut down on costs for the bank as they head in a new direction. Mike’s resume and track record states that he is a sharp individual and is efficient in his field of work.

How Hussain Sajwani Built a Real Estate Empire with DAMAC

Hussain Sajwani is the originator of DAMAC Properties, Inc., a Dubai real estate development and management company. The company was formed in 2002 when The United Arab Emirates passed a piece of legislation that allowed foreign nationals the opportunity to purchase property in the Emirates and live there.

Sajwani predicted that this would create a land boom and he wanted to be right out in front of it. He began to purchase land and promote his new luxury apartment living accommodations. He correctly surmised that there would be many immigrants who would have money, so he wanted to promote the best luxury living quarters possible.

He was a master salesman and his advertising was second to none when it came to putting forth the most high-end and luxurious accommodations. For example, “A New Bently For Each Luxury Apartment,” was offered liberally in his ads and it was a promise kept. He brought in the best designers, builders, and architects from around the world and the whole effort was a great success. His first project was sold out before any construction was even started.

According to Arab News, Sajwani had good training when as a young schoolboy, he worked after school for his father in the family variety store. The hours were long, but he had the chance to really get to know customers and how they thought and functioned. As a boy, however, he thought the hours were too long, so he just knew that he would never be a businessman.

An early project in the mid to late 1980’s was a catering company that sold meals to the US Army and subsidiaries. This venture was a great success and is still a part of the business structure owned by Sajwani. Sajwani learned how to manage a larger company with this experience and he made very important international contacts that would serve him well later.

Today, many family members have moved into key management positions and Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) is able to spend more time in overall, broadscale planning for the company. There are always new projects in the offing as well as the demand for Sajwani’s time in advising key partners and political leaders. See this YouTube video featuring Sajwani and DAMAC.

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