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How to Prevent Cyber-Breaches with William Saito

In this day and age, almost everything is digital. If you’re reading this right now it is on a computing device. You have probably heard of “hackers” and “cybersecurity” but have you ever considered what they actually mean?

Cybersecurity is a big thing today, many companies use it to help keep track of all the data they have. Just like documents that are held physically in a filing cabinet cyber data can also be stolen. Professional William Saito Has given advice to companies of how to keep their data safe. It’s not only the software that you use or the type of computer or brand that you buy but it is also being smart on the computer. Many people think that if they don’t use the internet that makes them safe from hackers. This is bad because it stops you from being able to watch your computers. This also gives your company a disadvantage of not being able to use the Internet. This also includes not letting coworkers use a computer outside of the network. This does nothing to prevent hackers and all it does is stop your company from being more efficient and effective while using the network.

One key goal of cybersecurity is being able to get information to one another quickly and efficiently. William Saito has given many tips on how to do this. The first thing is to not point fingers and blame anyone. If someone or a company is hacked it does not always mean that it is their fault. And when you blame somebody for doing this all it does is make them feel compromised and stop them from being able to communicate efficiently.

Another good thing to do is to not get lazy, which means if something seems suspicious check it out. It is better to tell somebody immediately that there is a problem rather than to try to hide it. People lose things all the time and just because you lose something doesn’t make you at fault. What is needed is a trusted network in which people can tell each other what is missing so that it can be handled quickly and easily rather than pointing blame and being counterproductive. This is one of the many important essentials that William Saito has told companies he has consulted with.

So the biggest solution isn’t to hide from the Internet or to blame somebody or to prevent the use of Wi-Fi or any computing device outside of a network. It is mainly just communication and trustworthiness. This is one essential action that every company could implement to help prevent their cybersecurity from being breached.

Bob Reina: No Bad Days

So many people in life are so negative, cynical, and jaded. That is why someone like Bob Reina is so refreshing in today’s society. He is someone that is real, honest, authentic, and organic. He is also incredibly positive. It is nearly impossible to find him having a bad day. While other people see it as a bad day, Bob Reina sees it as an opportunity to grow, learn, and improve as a human being. He knows the bad days will not last forever, and they are here for a reason. They are here to make him stronger and to make Talk Fusion stronger. That is why it is no surprise that Talk Fusion has been around for eleven plus years.


It is also no shocker they are an award-winning company that is used all over the world because of their video features. This is not a shock to anyone that knows Talk Fusion or anyone that knows Bob Reina. They have seen the results, and they know it is for real. They have tried out the video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. They have tried out all of the video technology that comes with Talk Fusion. They have seen the miracles it can work for the customers out there. It is no joke, people. It is the real deal here.


One of the awards they received came in 2016 and it was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. It was an award they earned every single step of the way. Bob Reina thanked his entire team and his entire crew for the hard work and dedication they have put into Talk Fusion. He is always ready to give them the proper acclaim they deserve for the work they put into Talk Fusion.


They work just as hard as Bob Reina, and Bob Reina does not have an ego, so he is not afraid to give credit to every single person that has made Talk Fusion something that the world is talking about and raving about all of the time. He’s just happy people are getting something so positive out of it. Learn more:

The Advisor for the Ages: Richard Blair

As being the sole owner of Wealth Solutions, Inc. Mr. Richard Dwayne Blair has developed a three-pronged approach to financial planning that will guide us into financial security and confidence. Below are some keen insights from Mr. Blair’s masterpiece.

Mr. Richard Dwayne Blair has created a three-pillared approach to financial planning that makes a lot of sense once we look at it in part and then in its entirety. The first pillar is designed to give Mr. Richard Dwayne Blair a glimpse into the stability of the client, develop a plan for the client all the while keeping a sense of confidence instilled in him from the client. The first pillar is designed to be more than an icebreaker. it’s designed to give Mt. Richard Blair a chance to create a foundation that will uphold the remaining two pillars of financial planning.

The second pillar is dedicated towards Mr. Richard Blair putting into place a strong investment strategy that is defined according to the risk measures of the client that will allow maximum reward for the client during times of optimum opportunity. This second pillar gives Mr. Blair a chance to show his financial genius in ways of investment that benefit the client interests. Truly a step that is needed in the arena of financial advisers.

The third Pillar is designed to put into the practice the very strategy that Mr. Richard Dwayne Blair has created for the client in step two. This third pillar is most crucial in that it allows Mr. Blair the opportunity to guide the strategy to the interests of the client all the while following up on performance at necessary intervals. True financial strategies to be heeded upon.

In short, Mr. Richard Dwayne Blair has held industry regulation for over 23 years and is subject to continued SEC oversight. Nothing short of impressive. Wealth Solutions, Inc. is a $52 million firm that Richard Dwayne Blair owns which is located in Austin, Texas. Mr. Blair is dedicated to solving complex financial concerns for his clients and has engineered a sound financial approach demonstrating such brilliance.


Igor Cornelsen and International Investments

If you have ever wondered what it is like to invest in stocks outside of the United States Igor Cornelsen is the perfect candidate for getting you acquainted with this what you need to look for. Diversifying your portfolio is something that he recommends, but a lot of people may not know where to get started.

Igor has a blueprint for what I takes to be successful in diversification. Brazil is where he has specialized, and this is where he believes many people will benefit if they expand past American Investments.

The thing that Igor recommends is getting acquainted with the culture. He recommends this if you want to invest in Brazil, but this type of investment knowledge applies to all areas of investing. He is someone that has lived outside of the United States before moving to Boca Raton, FL.

Brazil was home for many years so he became intimately aware of the culture because he was living there. As an investment banker he had more knowledge on what was going on in Brazil than the average citizen that may not have paid much attention to the financial aspect of things in Latin America.

This is what investors must do if they are excited about the possibilities that exist for investing outside of America. It is not enough to know the culture in a tourist type of fashion. One must pay attention to the cash crops and be aware of the exports that are coming out of these countries.

You must know about the things that people are most excited about in terms of what they purchase. All of these things are going to play an intricate part in how people earn money from their investment. If you do not know the things that are moving the economy forward you are going to be ill-prepared for investing in the various stocks that are presented in this new environment.

When you look at investing in another culture other than your own you must also realize that red tape is something that you have to expect. Igor Cornelsen warns people that they must keep their eyes open when it comes to their investing needs. If they are looking for a greater return on investment they must know if the red tape in another culture is going to slow down the return on investment that they would expect to make outside of America.

Ricardo Tosto: Supporting a New Brazilian Law

Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian lawyer that became popular with the youth because of how he influenced a new movement in the legal profession. He became the role model for younger law students, who look up to him because of his positive reputation. These students are practicing law with a forward moving direction, and they wanted to be branded as a new generation of lawyers. Through his efforts, Ricardo Tosto contributed a lot, especially with providing education and training towards the law students in the country. He is also helping new lawyers forge their careers by inviting them to become professional lawyers serving his law firm called Leite, Tosto e Barros.

Ricardo Tosto is also instrumental in transforming Leite, Tosto e Barros into one of the country’s top law firms. Because of the dedication of lawyers working at the said law firm, they were awarded and recognized many times by some awards-giving bodies. Ricardo Tosto co-founded the law firm 23 years ago, and he was responsible for creating a higher standard among the Brazilian legal experts. In 2018, the company managed to keep their reputation as one of the top law firms in the country, and many people who are facing legal issues keep on asking Ricardo Tosto and his colleagues for legal assistance.

One of the most recent moves lauded by the public in Brazil is the support of Ricardo Tosto and his colleagues on a new law that will be implemented in the country. The new law, assigned to the number 13,254, is said to promote the Brazilian lawyers for the international market. A bridge would also be built to let local lawyers work together with international lawyers, and proponents of the law are saying that with the establishment of the new law, new knowledge will be known to Brazilian lawyers. The law is described as the regulation and repatriation of overseas assets owned by Brazilian citizens. According to Ricardo Tosto, this new law would outweigh advantages and the disadvantages, and he is looking forward to seeing the law being implemented. Ricardo Tosto is also influencing his colleagues to support the law because of its benefits in the legal profession.

NewsWatchTV – Modern Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to advertising on television, space is limited, and pricing is astronomical. Funding the marketing efforts of smaller start-ups is hard to do in the television space due to the limited funding set aside for these campaigns. NewsWatchTV was developed to bring consumers the latest tech, financial, celebrity, and other such news streams. Their content focuses on the relevancy of the times, detailing the latest releases to better our lives and the latest happenings coming from around the world. Their laid-back approach allows them to captivate users when jumping from topic to topic. This news team is very hands-on, meaning they’ll travel to the locations of the news story and report it to us as it is happening. This company also works to campaign with start-up companies, providing them the advertising space they need at low costs.

The company most recently started working with Indiegogo, a crowd funding source that allows smaller companies to spread their brands, inventions, and products to a worldwide audience. Under the support of NewsWatchTV, these smaller brands have excelled in the marketing space, increasing their funding and viewership of their products and services. The NewsWatchTV reserves slots for these smaller companies and businesses, allotting them content slots that air on national television streams. The weekly daily NewsWatch program is also streamed free online, creating viewers from a global marketplace. This sense of advertising extends the reach of the basic, television contract agreements. It also allows these start-up companies to broaden their horizons as far as the consumer base is concerned.

NewsWatchTV started their 30-minute segments in the early 1990’s to shed a positive light on the described areas of work. Their approach was to keep the mood light and really dig into the content from angles that are often not seen on television. This gives the company an approach that is deemed both fun and entertaining for viewers. This show often goes off-script to provide real investigates certain situations and aspects of life. The company also strives to help beginners showcase their life’s work in their advertisement department. Finally, the free-streaming service allows users from all stretches of the globe access to programming, creating a unified experience for the company and a brand smaller start-ups can rely on for success.

Academy of Art University: Building A Safer Environment

The Academy of Art University isn’t your standard school for the arts. The Academy of Art University isn’t your standard for-profit school. This fine higher-learning institution is simply ahead of its time as it is in a class of its own. This school has helped to build successful careers in a variety of fields. It has a huge presence in Hollywood thanks to its successful graduates. These graduates have gone on to work on movies such as Sully, Avatar, Star Wars, Deadpool, Pixels and The Avengers. On the other hand, the school has past graduates that have displayed their stuff at the affluent New York Fashion Week.


Located in San Francisco, the Academy of Art University has a rich history that dates back to the late 1920s. The school has used many names such as Academy of Art College and the Academy of Advertising Art. Its beautiful campus sits in the urban center near downtown. Over 12,000 students are building successful futures here, and the school has well-over 1,154 teachers. The Academy of Art University is said to be one of the city’s largest property owners as it has a host of galleries, exhibits and state-of-the-art facilities.

The city of San Francisco is well-adjoined at the hip as its communities and neighborhoods closely borders each other. The Tenderloin District is a well-known community of immigrants, singles and single families. Unfortunately, this community is ridden with crime, and the community isn’t too far away from AAU. Some of the students at AAU have developed an interactive application that can better be used for safety purposes. The application will use mood-innovations, which represents how people feel about specific areas in the district. All of this information is relayed back to city officials.

By implementing these moods into the program, city officials will better be able to solve issues. These issues can also be solved in real-time. No other liberal arts school is coming close to duplicating what AAU is currently doing. As this advanced application gets further fine-tuned, the results will truly speak for itself.


Malcolm CasSelle is ushering business into the virtual world

To hear Malcolm CasSelle speak is to hear the future as it’s being created. CasSelle solves problems at a systemic level, and transforms or creates industries as he does. One of his latest creations is WAX.

Worldwide Asset eXchange is a blockchain platform with innovative answers for virtual asset exchange’s biggest problems. WAX was created from CasSelle’s observations as CIO of OPSkins, the world’s largest in-game virtual asset exchange. Exchanges were vulnerable to theft, or fraud. The cost to protect them was prohibitive. It’s WAX’s dedicated blockchain structure and tokenization that solved those problems.

While WAX resembles cryptocurrency, as it’s a blockchain, it’s easier to use. CasSelle believes that the gaming industry will bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream. Blockchain technology has already made changes in how we do business. Smart contracts, a blockchain tool, are self-enforcing and self-fulfilling. They leave no room for misinterpretation.

A graduate of MIT, CasSelle holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford. While his most recent projects, WAX and OPSkins are literally game-changers, his history is rife with exciting new ways to evolve business.

As an investment director he encouraged investing in internet-based companies, leading by example. He has been instrumental in merging web-based companies whose purposes were complementary, and the results have often raised the bar for all involved.

In 2012 he became CEO of Xfire, improving gamer connections globally. He helped usher Timeline Labs, a social media tracking software company, into the hands of SeaChange International, a company that offers personalized, fully monetized video experiences at anytime, on any device.

One of his most visible projects is Tronc. Formerly Tribune Publishing, Tronc stands for TRibune ONline Content. Tronc owns large newspapers, magazines and online content providers. The company is changing the face of journalism and content writing by incorporating Artificial Intelligence with writer’s content to create a fuller customer experience.

There’s no guessing where Malcolm CasSelle will take his unique genius next, but there’s no doubt it will solve problems caused by business-as-usual, and foster new ways of looking at the world.


The Successful Career of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most renowned real estate entrepreneurs in the industry. He is the owner of DAMAC Properties and upholds various virtues when it comes to business management. A scion of successful ventures in real estate and a determined individual who uses his skills to succeed in business, the DAMAC owner has over the years cemented his name on the walls of successful property development projects. Here is a narration of his early life, career, and impact on business.


Hussain’s Life

The DAMAC owner was raised in the ever-transitioning Middle East area. He was raised by humble parents who emphasized the value of hard work all too often. His father ran a shop in which he sold imported products from China. Like any other father-son relationship, Sajwani worked with his father at the shop. He learned how to interact with clients at that age. Moreover, he used the skills applied by his father to manage the shop to land better working opportunities. However, before that, he invested in formal education by joining a medical school in Baghdad. Like any other teenager growing up, he was more inclined to other interests and pursuing a different course was his primary focus. Hussain Sajwani flew to America for education. Being a smart individual, he was lucky to have a full scholarship that enabled him to pursue economics and engineering from the Washington University.


Career and Business

After graduating with high-class honors, GASCO, an oil company in Abu Dhabi poached him to serve as a credits manager. Hussain Sajwani intermittently applied his leadership skills to grow the business. Nevertheless, Hussain Sajwani was more interested in business than in employment. He aspired to be an employer. Consequently, he started a catering business. Through the market, he served several clients including high-profile clients in the real estate industry.


The Outline of His Career

The DAMAC owner has over the years invested in great entrepreneurial networks including allowing foreign property owners to acquire property within his jurisdiction. Other than that, the company has sold more than 1,000 units since its inception. Moreover, in 2013, the DAMAC owner teamed up with the Trump to create two major golf courses.

Hussain Sajwani: The DAMAC Owner is a Role Model to Many

Every industry has its role models. To prove this assertion, let us highlight the booming real estate industry in Dubai and connect it to Hussain Sajwani’s resounding successful career. To have a better understanding of his career, and his real estate ventures called DAMAC Properties, it is critical to note that Sajwani hails from a humble family background. Even so, the DAMAC owner did not allow that to stand on his way to success. He used the challenges he encountered as a child, to make a name for himself. Currently, he is not only a billionaire but also a role model to business professionals who aspire to venture in real estate.


Background Information on Hussain’s Career

We have heard of the saying that successful business comes with tremendous challenges. In the case of the DAMAC owner, nothing is further than the truth. He worked with his father from a tender age. At that moment, Mr. Sajwani’s dad thought that he would take over the retail shop as the manager. Well, like any other supportive father with good interests at heart, he provided consistent support for his son. However, Sajwani the DAMAC owner was barely interested in inheriting the business. Therefore, he joined a medical school in Baghdad. Perhaps he was not really into a white-collar job after all, because he quit school. Sooner than later, he relocated to America with the sole intention of joining a different school and venturing into business. That is when he entered the Washington University for a course in economics. Those who have majored in this course know how demanding it is. For Hussain Sajwani to have graduated top of his class, he must have been a dedicated student.


Starting his Businesses

After school, the DAMAC owner was lucky enough to get a job at GASCO Oil Company. Ambitious as he was, he was trusted to serve as the credit manager of the company. Like in his past work experiences with his father, he registered excellent performance by initiating the development of constructive business models that he found useful for GASCO’s development. Shortly after, he quit establishing his businesses.


Lessons Learnt from Hussain’s Career

Perhaps Sajwani changed his mind regarding formal employment because of his inquisitive nature in business. Despite the choices he made, quitting was beneficial not only to him but also to other business professionals who now find it essential to draw inspiration from a guru.