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Enhanced Athlete’s victory in court

Enhanced athlete won the case raised against them by Nutrition Distribution. The case filed in court accused them of false advertising and requested for an injunction. The plaintiff accused Enhanced athlete of affecting their performance and distribution system by posting false adverts yet they are a world leader in the distribution of nutritional supplements.

Enhanced athlete convinced the presiding judge that their practices are lawful and honest. They countered Nutrition Distributions’ accusation by pointing out that they were engaging in ‘shakedows’ to bully their competitors and extort settlement money from them. They also pointed out that there was no proof of damage directly linked to the claims the plaintiff was making. They argued that the decline in their distributions could be a result of their poor marketing strategies. In light of the arguments presented, the judge rules in favour of Enhanced Athletes.

The case Nutrition Distributions filed against enhanced athletes was only one of the seventy case files. Nutrition Distributions filed law suits against their competition accusing them of posting false adverts. According to Enhanced Athlete’s CEO, Scott Cavell, Nutrition Distributions has been asking the accused to pay a relatively small amount to settle the matter out of court. Since some companies don’t want to battle it out in court, they pay the amount asked for by Nutrition Distributions and the case is settled out of court. Scott Cavell says that as long as companies keep paying the amount asked for by Nutrition Distributions, many more companies will be victimized by their ‘shakedown’ scheme.

Enhanced athlete is a company that distributes nutritional supplements that benefit body builders and others interested in keeping fit. It is the only company that is non-profit in nature. All the proceeds that come from the sales of the nutrition supplements are reinvested in conducting research and developing products sold by the company.

Enhanced Athlete has two sister companies, Enhanced Gear and Enhanced coaching. Enhanced gear is a company that is dedicated to supplying to its clients trendy sportswear. Other than being keen to cater to their clientele’s fashion needs, their goal is to sell its clients comfortable and efficient gear. Enhanced Coaching provides their clientele with the information on how to exercise and eat healthy. They even help their clients set targets and develop a routine that will see the client achieve the set goal. Together, these three companies aim at giving their clients wholesome health solutions.

Succeeding in Career: Susan McGalla’s way

From a marketer at Joseph Horne Company to the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development at Pittsburgh Steelers, Susan McGalla’s life story is as inspiring as it is intriguing. An only daughter in a family of three children, she learned to compete hard at a tender age. This lesson, coupled with confidence and exceptional innovativeness propelled her to where she is today.

But Susan McGalla’s success was possible because there were opportunities for her to pursue. Many women aspire to be in her position, but opportunities are just out of their reach. For a long time, Women Leadership Initiatives have been thought to be the ultimate solution to gender inequality issues in business management. This idea, although exceedingly advantageous, has been proven ineffective by time – given that it has existed for ages and gender discrimination in executive management still lives with us.

Looking forward, a suitable and practical solution would be Executive Sponsorship. This is an inclusive program, where women find a sponsor that they can work with to create and pursue opportunities. The sponsor should be an executive person. The chief worth of an Executive Sponsorship program accrue to the women, in that sponsors can vouch for the women to take project manager positions when an opportunity is being pursued. When in such places, it is possible for women to rise to the ranks Susan McGalla has risen to.

On her career journey, Susan McGalla has been the President and Chief Merchandising Officer of American Eagle Outfitters, CEO of West Seal Inc. and a founder of P3 Executive Consulting where she offers expert advice to clients seeking insight in branding and talent management.

According to her, many women lack practical solutions that can be used to advance career-wise. However, career success is determined merely by hard work, confidence, and a feeling that you are not entitled to something based on your gender.

Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Labs – Leading the Way in the Democratization of Information Access

Eric Lefkofsky believes in the power of collaboration and his belief in collaboration guides the success of Tempus Lab. Founded in 2015, Tempus Labs is a business startup that developed an operating system with the end goal of battling cancer. Tempus Labs is a collaborative venture involving healthcare professionals, scientists, technologists, etc. to affect positively the lives of patients living with cancer. Lefkofsky believes it is only through collaboration that we can aggressively champion for cancer patients through democratizing information. He believes many researchers work in silos and rather than share information, information is hoarded and not used to benefit humankind. Tempus Labs is leading the way in democratizing information and the access to information.

The collaboration between scientists, researchers, and physicians at Tempus Labs has led to its success. As a team effort, Tempus Labs developed an operating system that personalizes patient care through an “interactive analytical and machine learning platform.” Through genomic sequencing, Tempus Labs is revolutionizing cancer care. In a published article, Lefkofsky stated a true revolution in medicine is possible through the integration of millions of molecular profiles and clinical data.

The cutting-edge work of Tempus Labs has not gone unnoticed. In a recent Chicago Tribune article, it was reported that Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Labs recently received an $80 million investment. Since 2015, Tempus Labs has received more than $210 million in investment dollars, increasing its valuation to $1.1 billion. Crossing that $1 billion threshold earned Tempus Labs the enviable title of “unicorn,” a term reserved for startups that pass the $1 billion mark in total valuation.

Eric Lefkofsky’s entrepreneurial spirit has not been limited to Tempus Labs. In addition to Tempus Labs, Eric is the founder and partner of Lightbank, “a venture fund investing in disruptive technologies.” He is also co-founder and chair of Groupon and co-founder of Uptake Technologies, “a leading predictive analytics platform for the world’s largest industries.”

Eric along with his wife Liz, give back to the community through their Lefkofsky Family Foundation, extending his goal to enhance life through philanthropy.

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Aloha Construction Company Recognition

Recently the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois has given its latest award to the construction company Aloha Construction. The company has received the 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics back in December of 2017. Aloha Construction is very pleased to receive the award and is also humbled by this top recognition. The CEO Dave Farbaky and the company have put in a lot of effort to put the needs of their employees, customers and the community first. By receiving this award, the company will get recognition for providing both quality and honest work in their respective industry. When deciding who gets the award, a panel of 15 judges evaluate factors such as ethics, quality, and integrity as well as providing excellent service. The judges, voted to award Aloha for their efforts for 2017 due to being a leading charitable organization as well as one of the more ethical companies in the construction industry.

One of the reasons why Aloha Construction won this award is its intention to put customers first. The company is well aware that without its customers, it would not exist and succeed in the long run. As a result, the company always works hard to show customers that they appreciate them. The company always provides excellent service in order to gain the trust and satisfaction from their customers. During the past year, Aloha completed 20,000 roofing jobs in Illinois. Aloha provides its customers with free roof inspections every year in order to make sure that the customer’s homes are in proper condition. If there is any damage, Aloha will complete the repairs free of charge.

As well as putting the customers first, Aloha Construction also works towards accommodating its employees. The company shows its appreciation for employees by treating them like family. Aloha hosts an all expenses paid resort vacation to all of the employees in Maui, Hawaii. The trip to the Hawaiian resort is provided in order to reward the employees each year for their hard work. Not only do the employees get this gift, but also the spouses and children as well.

Aloha Construction also emphasizes a community first approach as well. Every year it provides sponsorships to a number of sports teams. It also hosts the Bloomington Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Month event. Lastly, the company will also offer a ticket giveaway children suffering from significant health problems. Last year, Aloha gave 12 box seats at a Chicago Bulls game to a local child with congenital heart disease and his friends. According to Dave, giving back to the community is just as important as providing excellent service to customers.

Alex Pall: The Road to Success

Alex Pall, together with Drew Taggart, forms the band known as The Chainsmokers. Hard work and perseverance characterize the journey of Alex Pall towards stardom, and he never stopped until the young musician ends up being successful. Like most musicians, he and Drew Taggart had to start low. Alex Pall was a local DJ in New York City at night, while he becomes an art gallery assistant during the day. He met his future manager after a performance at a local club, and he was later on introduced to Drew Taggart. The two musicians instantly became friends because they share the same interest in music. After extensive and careful planning, their manager had the idea to turn them into a duo and gave them the title as The Chainsmokers.

Since the formation of the band in 2012, Alex Pall has come a long way. He and his partner have been releasing songs which are being recognized as a top hit, and their singles have been downloaded and played on a variety of media several times. They have also stated that more people are feeling the relation towards their songs, and they believe that it is another reason why their singles are becoming a hit. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart claimed that before they would write a song, they would have to think deeper and see how the song would affect them. They wanted their songs to be about discovering one’s self, touching the deeper parts of being a human. Alex Pall also shared that he would keep on speaking with Drew Taggart regarding their songs and how it would affect the public when they listened to it.

Alex Pall has been very thankful for the career that he is enjoying right now. He never expected that a manager from the club he worked for would soon discover his talent and will pair him up with an equal who loves music so much. Today, The Chainsmokers are visiting major cities around the world, meeting up with their fans and making them happy through the songs and music that they composed and recorded.

The Oxford Club Provides High Potential Low-Risk Investments Tips

The Oxford Club was established to provide wealthy investors with the networking and educational resources to build their investment portfolios and give its members tips on investments with high potential and low-risk opportunities. The Oxford Club is one of the most respected investment publications and website platforms in the investment asset community. The Oxford Club has a very knowledgeable intelligent executive team led by Chief Executive Officer Julia Guth, who has been with the organization from its very inception.


The Oxford Club members are a collection of global investors from around the world in more than 131 countries. Currently, the membership is well over 100,000 members and counting. The information and analysis provided by The Oxford Club daily, weekly, and monthly publications provide valuable evaluation and critical analysis of various diverse investment classes that provide high potential returns on investment and minimize risk for investor portfolios. The Oxford Club was established in 1989 by Bill Bonner and quickly became a very elite organization that provides its members with valuable networking opportunities and extremely intelligent well-thought-out publications that provide insight into potential opportunities within the investment arena. The investment classes that the Oxford Club analyzes and evaluates within its various information platforms include real estate, equities, bonds, stocks, currencies, dividends, cryptocurrencies and various other asset instruments to create profitable returns.


The staff at The Oxford Club consists of skillful talent that performs with professionalism the execution of their various tasks with quality and understanding. The staff consists of intelligent publishers, editors, research, customer service, sales, marketing, and operations personnel that provide excellent information and service to The Oxford Club members on a daily basis. The information provided by The Oxford Club gives its members an edge over the general public by providing opportunities to network and gather information from their global investors and capitalize on investments that only they share and can take full advantage of. The opportunities generally consist of areas of investment that will reach the highest level of potential returns on investment and provide the lowest risk levels at the same time which provide opportunities for strategic growth of the wealthy members’ portfolios.

Jason Hope’s Hope of Longer life

Jason Hope is known as a futurist, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and an expert in technology who believes that a much longer life is just around the corner. Hope is a native to Arizona, earning a degree in finance from Arizona State University, then moving on to earn an MBA from their W.P. Carey School of Business.

Since 2010, he has supported the SENS foundation, making a half-million dollar donation to the Cambridge location for a new laboratory. Since then, Jason Hope has donated over $1 million to support anti-aging research. He has made quite the name for himself as a futurist in the U.S. by correctly predicting technological trends based on market analytics. SENS chief science officer and co-founder Aubrey de Grey informs attendees of the yearly Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference of the importance of their contribution. Each contribution helps to develop drugs which can fight or even fix the effects of aging. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things

Jason hopes that people will not only lead longer lives, but they will have better quality lives at that. As opposed to treating individual diseases after they’ve already taken place, rejuvenation biotechnologies will help people to live longer and healthier. So rather than treating diseases as they happen, preventing them all together is the ultimate goal for Jason Hope. This includes diseases such as Alzheimer’s as well as heart and liver diseases and even cancer which wreak havoc on the entire body. By preventing them from ever taking place, the body can last much longer and stay in much better condition. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

Hope is a huge believer in the Internet of Things, recently calling it the greatest new wave of advancement the tech industry has seen. Jason Hope Helps Push Anti-Aging Efforts Forward

This compliment carries weight with it as Jason Hope’s articles are very highly respected in new technology and where it is headed. Hope sees The Internet of Things to likely be a huge investment that many big corporations will and should take on. Jason Hope believes that smart technology will be the way of the future sooner than many realize. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

Daniel Taub’s Background Has Helped Bridge Barriers

The role of an ambassador requires the use of many skills and the demonstration of varied abilities. An ambassador needs to be capable of communication with many parties from highly diverse backgrounds. An ambassador also needs to be able to represent many competing interests. This is something that former ambassador to the United Kingdom Daniel Taub has demonstrated many times.

Over the course of his long career in Israel, he repeatedly showed that he was capable of filling many kinds of roles. Daniel Taub spent his formative years in the United Kingdom. He chose to move to Israel over several decades ago in order to fulfill his sense of being religiously Jewish.

When living in Israel, he took on many roles in the country. He served in the community’s religious defense forces as well as in the private sector. His education at some of the finest world universities gave him the training to see his career advance. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

He eventually decided that he wanted to make his home in the Israeli foreign ministry. Given his fluency in English, a language that is used as the language of international diplomacy in much of the world, it is no surprise that his career began to take off and take off very quickly.

His Appointment

Several years ago, Daniel Taub was appointed to be the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom. This served as the culmination of a great career that began when he gained educational training at University College, Oxford and later at Harvard University in Boston.

As the ambassador, he was noted for his many achievements. His role was that of someone who aimed to help further increase understanding between the British and the Israelis. He also aimed to help further increase technological links between the two nations. Israel is one of the world’s homes of technology with a growing and expanding high tech sector that is much admired by the rest of the globe. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

As a result of his efforts, many Israelis were able to open business ventures in the United Kingdom. Many residents of the United Kingdom also sought out opportunities to invest in Israel and help that nation’s economy grow with an impressive infusion of much needed investment capital.

Taub’s own background and training helped bridge barriers between the two nations. His four year tenure in this position was considered a great success with many lasting and important results.

Class Dojo Is Building Communication Skills Across Nations For Young Students

Communication is often a critical point in every student’s learning as there will always be times when a student needs a little motivation or direction to move forward. Class Dojo is making this easier than ever with their platform that is solely based on improving the level of communication that is present in the educational industry. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don did a study by traveling around the country and talking to various teachers and institutions on the current issues that were facing the education department. The majority of answers all boiled down to a similar problem, communication. Without adequate communication, teachers have a difficult time getting all of their students involved in the classroom and working towards improving their learning.

When it comes to the parents, things are even worse for students. When parents are not investing time in their child’s learning, it does not hurt them but their child. Often times parents are unable to participate and help their child because of their own schedules. However, Class Dojo is changing this through their app that is available on nearly all smart devices on the market today, allowing practically all parents to participate. Parent-teacher conferences are a thing of the past and it is most definitely for the best since they didn’t work for the majority of parents and just made things even more difficult for teachers. Class Dojo allows teachers to communicate with parents on a daily basis regardless of either party being busy.

As of late, Class Dojo has been growing even faster, spreading to more classrooms throughout the world, not just the United States. Through Class Dojo’s Story Board, students in classrooms thousands of miles apart are able to share their experiences and their way of learning with each other. This helps students experience different cultures right in their own classrooms and understand the many similarities between themselves and other people in different countries. This works like a safe and fun form of social media for students in grades K-8 for improving communication skills. It has been less than 10 years since Class Dojo first launched and they are hoping to spread to all countries around the globe in the next 10 years.

OSI Group Food Company, An American Industry Phenomenon

OSI Group was founded in 1909. It started as a meat market and butcher shop in Chicago, Illinois, owned by Otto Kolschowsky and was called Otto And Sons. Today, OSI Group is the leader and phenomenal force in the Food Industry.

The groundbreaking steps that have led up to the pivotal position the company has attained have been the acquisition of the contract as the first meat supplier of fresh ground beef for McDonald’s in 1955. With the boom in the fast food industry advancing rapidly, the company opened it’s Chicago based plant in 1973 in West Chicago which was OSI Group’s first dedicated facility to McDonald’s. In 1975 Otto and Sons transitions to OSI Industries.

Today the company has plants and facilities all across the country and all over the world.
The Company offers and provides innovation in food development and processing through an auspicious selection of chefs and engineers who have an aptitude for the processes required to meet the standards of quality and safety in the food industry.

The ever-increasing demands in the supply chain require persistent and consistent logistic planning to be cost efficient and a renowned leader in bringing about new ideas for consumers for food products.

OSI Group is a privately held corporation and has continually been an investor to create partnerships for new ideas within the food market industry.

The greater value OSI Industries produces in its ideology in food safety and innovating ideas out measures a lot of the watered down second-hand processes that were practiced prior to the emasculation of the progress we see today in the food industry.

The company is always open to a meeting of the minds and working together with others and extends the invitation of working together with others.

The importance of each customer’s brand is also important to OSI. So measures are taken to go to great lengths to ensure the satisfaction and complete complacency each and every customer would expect and require.

With over a hundred years under their belt, it would be very hard to go wrong when choosing OSI to partner with.

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