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PSI Pay Utilizes Ecurity to Prevent Illegal Use of Contactless Money Transfers

PSI Pay a global contactless payment company that utilizes cutting-edge technology that allows users to make purchases without cash and credit card use by providing contactless forms of payment with smart technologies to make those purchases securely and reliably with the Ecurity measures. With the progression of new contactless purchase opportunities, it is important that the general public can firmly rely on the security and safety of these transactions from organizations that provide the infrastructure and technological software to perform these convenient money transfers.

Ecurity is a new term that has been coined within the contactless money transfer industry and it provides a measure of the reliability of the organization to protect and safeguard against illegal activity that can be perpetrated within the new money transfer arena. In fact, PSI Pay and Kerv an affiliate of PSI Pay, has established an opportunity for consumers to utilize their contactless payment system with the assurance that unauthorized transactions will not apply to their accounts and they will not assume the liability for the losses.

By giving this option to consumers, the technology can continue to grow with guarantees that transactions are performed with 100% safety as part of the institutional framework for the money transfers. Furthermore, the new currency is transferred with the same institutional protections that are utilized in the chip and password PIN Security transaction software. According to HiTechChronicle, various safeguards are used including balance notifications and other risk assessment measures that prevent unauthorized users from falsely and illegally utilizing PSI Pay customers contactless payment accounts.

PSI Pay and EcoPayz is continuing to evolve its technologies and security software infrastructure to prevent against compromising data within their contactless purchase platforms by giving not only end users but also businesses the tools necessary to combat illegal activity and streamline the process to make it more reliable and safe for individuals to continue to utilize and propel the revolutionary technology into the future. PSI Pay is guaranteeing that its customers can continue to utilize this technology with the peace of mind and assurance that all transactions performed over the contactless payment system will be done with accuracy and the utmost security.

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Enhanced Athlete’s victory in court

Enhanced athlete won the case raised against them by Nutrition Distribution. The case filed in court accused them of false advertising and requested for an injunction. The plaintiff accused Enhanced athlete of affecting their performance and distribution system by posting false adverts yet they are a world leader in the distribution of nutritional supplements.

Enhanced athlete convinced the presiding judge that their practices are lawful and honest. They countered Nutrition Distributions’ accusation by pointing out that they were engaging in ‘shakedows’ to bully their competitors and extort settlement money from them. They also pointed out that there was no proof of damage directly linked to the claims the plaintiff was making. They argued that the decline in their distributions could be a result of their poor marketing strategies. In light of the arguments presented, the judge rules in favour of Enhanced Athletes.

The case Nutrition Distributions filed against enhanced athletes was only one of the seventy case files. Nutrition Distributions filed law suits against their competition accusing them of posting false adverts. According to Enhanced Athlete’s CEO, Scott Cavell, Nutrition Distributions has been asking the accused to pay a relatively small amount to settle the matter out of court. Since some companies don’t want to battle it out in court, they pay the amount asked for by Nutrition Distributions and the case is settled out of court. Scott Cavell says that as long as companies keep paying the amount asked for by Nutrition Distributions, many more companies will be victimized by their ‘shakedown’ scheme.

Enhanced athlete is a company that distributes nutritional supplements that benefit body builders and others interested in keeping fit. It is the only company that is non-profit in nature. All the proceeds that come from the sales of the nutrition supplements are reinvested in conducting research and developing products sold by the company.

Enhanced Athlete has two sister companies, Enhanced Gear and Enhanced coaching. Enhanced gear is a company that is dedicated to supplying to its clients trendy sportswear. Other than being keen to cater to their clientele’s fashion needs, their goal is to sell its clients comfortable and efficient gear. Enhanced Coaching provides their clientele with the information on how to exercise and eat healthy. They even help their clients set targets and develop a routine that will see the client achieve the set goal. Together, these three companies aim at giving their clients wholesome health solutions.

Succeeding in Career: Susan McGalla’s way

From a marketer at Joseph Horne Company to the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development at Pittsburgh Steelers, Susan McGalla’s life story is as inspiring as it is intriguing. An only daughter in a family of three children, she learned to compete hard at a tender age. This lesson, coupled with confidence and exceptional innovativeness propelled her to where she is today.

But Susan McGalla’s success was possible because there were opportunities for her to pursue. Many women aspire to be in her position, but opportunities are just out of their reach. For a long time, Women Leadership Initiatives have been thought to be the ultimate solution to gender inequality issues in business management. This idea, although exceedingly advantageous, has been proven ineffective by time – given that it has existed for ages and gender discrimination in executive management still lives with us.

Looking forward, a suitable and practical solution would be Executive Sponsorship. This is an inclusive program, where women find a sponsor that they can work with to create and pursue opportunities. The sponsor should be an executive person. The chief worth of an Executive Sponsorship program accrue to the women, in that sponsors can vouch for the women to take project manager positions when an opportunity is being pursued. When in such places, it is possible for women to rise to the ranks Susan McGalla has risen to.

On her career journey, Susan McGalla has been the President and Chief Merchandising Officer of American Eagle Outfitters, CEO of West Seal Inc. and a founder of P3 Executive Consulting where she offers expert advice to clients seeking insight in branding and talent management.

According to her, many women lack practical solutions that can be used to advance career-wise. However, career success is determined merely by hard work, confidence, and a feeling that you are not entitled to something based on your gender.

Sussex Health Care – Providing Optimal Senior Care In The UK

Sussex Health Care Limited was founded in 1985 in Warnham, United Kingdom. This network of group homes also has locations throughout the United Kingdom in Henfield, Sharpthorne, Purley, Nutley, Billingshurst and East Grinstead. Each group home specializes in various types of care and treatments.

Seniors make up the largest percentage of patients that Sussex Health Care provides services for but they also help individuals of all ages who suffer from mental and physical illnesses. Some of the treatments provided by Sussex include dementia care, neurological care, palliative care, respite care and educational and recreational services.

With over twenty five years in business there is no wonder why many families turn to Sussex Health Care when they are seeking out treatment and care solutions for loved ones. Placing a loved one into a facility does not need to be a heart breaking and difficult decision. The caring staff at Sussex Health is highly trained and comes highly recommended when it comes to caring for senior citizens. In home care is not always a solution and busy families cannot always provided the necessary care their senior family members may require.


Residents living at Sussex health care homes receive top rated care. Sussex provides dental screenings and staffs dentists, hygienists and dental assistants. Sussex also employs doctors, nurses, therapists and other medical professionals to meet any needs a resident may have. In addition to the medical staff Sussex Health Care also employs a support staff that makes living at Sussex an enjoyable experience. Grounds keepers and custodians keep the group homes meticulously maintained. Receptionists, administrative staff, accounting specialists and billing clerks are able to answer any questions families may have that extend beyond the medical care of their loved ones. Up to date job listings are posted on the Sussex Health Care website under the “working for us” tab on the top right of the web page. This will provide job descriptions and site locations for all interested candidates.

Choosing Sussex Health Care means choosing comfort and care for your loved ones. Sussex can schedule tours and discuss residence options for all potential patients. Making the decision to provide top notch care in a high end facility does not need to be difficult. Sussex Health Care will make the transition from home to residence smooth and enjoyable.

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Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Labs – Leading the Way in the Democratization of Information Access

Eric Lefkofsky believes in the power of collaboration and his belief in collaboration guides the success of Tempus Lab. Founded in 2015, Tempus Labs is a business startup that developed an operating system with the end goal of battling cancer. Tempus Labs is a collaborative venture involving healthcare professionals, scientists, technologists, etc. to affect positively the lives of patients living with cancer. Lefkofsky believes it is only through collaboration that we can aggressively champion for cancer patients through democratizing information. He believes many researchers work in silos and rather than share information, information is hoarded and not used to benefit humankind. Tempus Labs is leading the way in democratizing information and the access to information.

The collaboration between scientists, researchers, and physicians at Tempus Labs has led to its success. As a team effort, Tempus Labs developed an operating system that personalizes patient care through an “interactive analytical and machine learning platform.” Through genomic sequencing, Tempus Labs is revolutionizing cancer care. In a published article, Lefkofsky stated a true revolution in medicine is possible through the integration of millions of molecular profiles and clinical data.

The cutting-edge work of Tempus Labs has not gone unnoticed. In a recent Chicago Tribune article, it was reported that Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Labs recently received an $80 million investment. Since 2015, Tempus Labs has received more than $210 million in investment dollars, increasing its valuation to $1.1 billion. Crossing that $1 billion threshold earned Tempus Labs the enviable title of “unicorn,” a term reserved for startups that pass the $1 billion mark in total valuation.

Eric Lefkofsky’s entrepreneurial spirit has not been limited to Tempus Labs. In addition to Tempus Labs, Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and partner of Lightbank, “a venture fund investing in disruptive technologies.” He is also co-founder and chair of Groupon and co-founder of Uptake Technologies, “a leading predictive analytics platform for the world’s largest industries.”

Eric along with his wife Liz, give back to the community through their Lefkofsky Family Foundation, extending his goal to enhance life through philanthropy.

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Alex Pall, Pushing The Envelope

The first time Alex Pall met Andrew “Drew” Taggart through a shared friend, it was like musical fate. Their ambitions, interests, and goals coincided on an amazing level. The guys, better known to everyone as The Chainsmokers, immediately started working on music together.

Alex had previously quit his 9-5 job in lieu of pursuing music as his full time gig. Being a DJ since a very young age, it just seemed like right direction for him personally and professionally. Drew, however, had always been drawn to the DJ scene, but did not actually start performing music and putting on shows until he was in college. He used SoundCloud to get his work known. Once he met Alex, he left his job and even his state, and moved to New York so the two could produce music together.

Those decisions turned out to be the best choices they had ever made. The Chainsmokers soon released “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down,” with many more hits soon to follow. But these guys don’t want to be like everyone else in the industry. They strive to be better and better with each work they produce, determined to constantly improve. Pushing the envelope and keeping their fans on their toes is a goal for Alex. So the guys switched gears, opting this time around to do something completely unheard of. They weren’t just going to produce music and let other artists handle the vocals. The decided to get more personal with their music. They decided to get “Closer.”

Writing a new song about the gray area of hooking up with an ex, Drew takes the reigns as lead singer, brining a unique experience to fans around the world. “Closer” is the much anticipated next release for this EDM/pop duo, in collaboration with the talented Halsey, whom they really enjoyed creating with.

This new song really sets The Chainsmokers apart from other industry DJ’s. With their fan base ranging from young kids to senior citizens, including different nationalities, this new turn musically will surely draw even more people into the fold of The Chainsmokers.

Dr. Saad: a savior to the Palestinian healthcare sector.

Dr. Saad: a savior to the Palestinian healthcare sector.

Dr. Saad is a pediatric surgeon based in Eatontown, N.J. He is an expert in the medical field and aims at bringing innovation to the ground. He has found fame in his career and hence leading to performing many surgeries for his patients. He is well known by other doctors, humanitarian organization and surprisingly the Saudi Royal Family. He is a graduate of the Cairo University Medical Hospital where he did his bachelor of science in medicine.

The Palestine Children’s Fund; a nonprofit organization founded in1991 to assist medically, the Arab children in the Middle East approached Dr. Saad in 2002. The PCRF needed assistance from the doctor to help a 15-year old kid who unfortunately was wounded by a gunshot in the West Bank. Although the doctors in Israel saved his life, there were far many complications that they could not treat locally. The child was later flown to the United States for treatment. He was severely wounded. His tummy had holes from the gunshots that burned the inner skin hence could not eat well. In 2003, a seven hours’ operation on the boy was performed by Dr. Saad whereby he worked on sealing the holes and treating the internal wounds. The surgery was a success!

Later in 2010, a girl who had exposed intestines was brought to Dr. Saad by PCRF. The girl was also a victim of the fallout in West Bank. The doctor was able to make a “fig leaf cover” for the girl to cover her intestines and the other exposed abdominal body parts. It was a five-hour surgery that was successful. The PCRF later in 2013 brought another patient to Dr. Saad for surgery. His legs were paralyzed due to being by hit by a bomb. Dr. Saad helped the boy get best doctors for his nerve transplant. The boy was able to walk back to the airport to play soccer in Gaza Strip, yet he got the U.S in a wheelchair.

The PCRF was impressed by his excellent skills here they called him to help reform surgeries to locals who could not afford medical bills. He has since traveled to Palestine about seven times to help the poor and underprivileged. His reasons for going to Palestine were; first, he wanted to help the needy Palestinians people with his medical skills. Second, he wanted to train the local Palestinian doctors so that they can be able to do surgeries on their own hence saving lives and expense of traveling to the U.S. Three; his operations were free therefore helping the Palestinian economy during its difficult moment since patients were taxed when they traveled to Israel for surgeries. Dr. Saad is a savior. His help to the Palestinians has shown his humanity. The PCRF has awarded him the Humanitarian Award. Learn more: hu

Whitney Wolfe Builds And Protects A Brand

When someone is very passionate about an industry or an activity, she is going to profit off of it if she builds a business. This is exactly what Whitney Wolfe has done with Bumble. She has worked very hard and put a lot of thought into the brand in order to make it something that is very unique and useful for women. One thing that she has wanted is to make sure that women have something that they can use without any of the hassles. This is one of the reasons that Bumble is such a hit with women.

Bumble has changed the way dating is done for women. Women who sign up for an account with Bumble have to initiate contact with a man they are interested in. Men are not able to initiate anything with a woman. This has given women a much better experience with online dating. For one thing, they are able to choose from the men that they are interested in. With other dating apps, they have a lot of messages in their inbox. Sometimes, it is quite overwhelming for them. This can cause them to not move forward with their desires to date.


With all of the success that has come from Bumble, Whitney Wolfe has found herself in a position where she has to fight for her company. One thing that she is finding is that the corporate world can fight dirty when it comes to any industry. One thing that The Match Group has seen with Bumble is that it is a very successful company . Therefore, they want the success for themselves. This is one of the reasons that they are fighting very hard to buy the company. Whitney Wolfe is fighting to protect the company so that she will still have a platform for women.


Aloha Construction Company Recognition

Recently the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois has given its latest award to the construction company Aloha Construction. The company has received the 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics back in December of 2017. Aloha Construction is very pleased to receive the award and is also humbled by this top recognition. The CEO Dave Farbaky and the company have put in a lot of effort to put the needs of their employees, customers and the community first. By receiving this award, the company will get recognition for providing both quality and honest work in their respective industry. When deciding who gets the award, a panel of 15 judges evaluate factors such as ethics, quality, and integrity as well as providing excellent service. The judges, voted to award Aloha for their efforts for 2017 due to being a leading charitable organization as well as one of the more ethical companies in the construction industry.

One of the reasons why Aloha Construction won this award is its intention to put customers first. The company is well aware that without its customers, it would not exist and succeed in the long run. As a result, the company always works hard to show customers that they appreciate them. The company always provides excellent service in order to gain the trust and satisfaction from their customers. During the past year, Aloha completed 20,000 roofing jobs in Illinois. Aloha provides its customers with free roof inspections every year in order to make sure that the customer’s homes are in proper condition. If there is any damage, Aloha will complete the repairs free of charge.

As well as putting the customers first, Aloha Construction also works towards accommodating its employees. The company shows its appreciation for employees by treating them like family. Aloha hosts an all expenses paid resort vacation to all of the employees in Maui, Hawaii. The trip to the Hawaiian resort is provided in order to reward the employees each year for their hard work. Not only do the employees get this gift, but also the spouses and children as well.

Aloha Construction also emphasizes a community first approach as well. Every year it provides sponsorships to a number of sports teams. It also hosts the Bloomington Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Month event. Lastly, the company will also offer a ticket giveaway children suffering from significant health problems. Last year, Aloha gave 12 box seats at a Chicago Bulls game to a local child with congenital heart disease and his friends. According to Dave, giving back to the community is just as important as providing excellent service to customers.

The Real Waiakea Water

The bottled water industry is one of the most successful divisions of the beverage industry. Bottled water is something that millions of people rely on every day. It’s amazing how popular bottled water has become in the last decade. It wasn’t that long ago that selling water in a bottle seemed stupid.

In most countries, people can get free water from their faucets, especially in countries where the water is filtered. Somehow, bottled water managed to build a $100 billion industry worldwide. If people can sell bottled water, it’s fascinating to think about what people will bottle next.

Once bottled water became a huge success, companies started trying to make their water different from others. It’s a part of the business to set themselves apart from the competition, but water can only be water unless they turn it into something else, but that would no longer be water.

Whatever they’re doing with their water, they’re trying to outsell their competitors. In most cases, that may include adding vitamins or claiming their water is infused with some kind of life-changing goodness, hoping to start some brainwashing trend. Usually, those techniques work, but now, people are starting to wise up to those little advertising tricks.

One company not using marketing gimmicks or misleading consumers is Waiakea Water. It may sound weird, but Waiakea Water is the only bottled water brand based in Hawaii. Hawaii is known for its gorgeous waterfalls and streams, but no one has ever thought about opening a water packaging company there before?

Waiakea Water sets itself apart in many ways, but people mostly are affected by their filtering process. Unlike their counterparts who filter using machines, Waiakea Water is naturally filtered because it’s real volcanic water. It comes out of springs all over Hawaii after being filtered through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock.

The volcanic rock also adds all of the healthy vitamins and minerals Waiakea Water brags about, whereas their competition adds their minerals during the packaging process.