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Lacey and Larkin: Contribute to the Frontera Fund

Lacey and Larkin are reporters who have defended the first amendment throughout their careers. Diligent attention to detail has guided the way that these two operate in addition to the way that they have started the Frontera Fund. There are multiple opportunities for advancement when it comes to civil liberties being protected.

Not only are Lacey and Larkin huge contributors to the movement towards better rights and representation, but they have funded progressive changes that influence Mexican immigrants and migrant workers.

The rights of migrants and other undocumented employees in the United States have become an issue of increasing concern. The donations of Lacey and Larkin in the Frontera Fund make it possible for some of these people gain meaningful standards and systems of implementation overall.

Since there are a lot of avenues that these funds can be used through it is important that this organization continues to further immigrant rights. Joe Arpaio has been a notable individual from Arizona to threaten migrant worker rights.

As sheriff he had made many decisions that were adversely affecting individuals throughout the state of Arizona. His incredulous actions included deporting multiple individuals and holding others prisoner in Mexican jails. He even chained expectant mothers to tables in some of these horrible jail conditions. Many prisoners have died under the captivity of Joe Arpaio.

This individual also had a unique task force that would embark on personal missions for him. Many times these were personal cases or vendettas that were against other political figures. Despite the indiscreet and often harmful actions of this task force, Joe Arpaio had a tenure that lasted more than twenty years.

Larkin and Lacey were a couple of victims of Joe Arpaio’s horrible injustices. They were held captive after publishing an article that was unfavorable for a contemporary trial. They eventually filed a law suit against Joe Arpaio and received three point seventy five million dollars as a settlement. There are a lot of methods that these funds have been diverted towards.

The Frontera Fund is primarily concerned with improving access to resources for mexicans and migrant workers who need better services or attention to detail. The benefits of this fund are multidimensional because they provide high quality legal counsel as well as the opportunity to gain first hand insight and advocacy. The improvements made by the Frontera Fund have helped numerous individuals and families throughout the state of Arizona.

There are a lot of ways that Lacey and Larkin have furthered the first amendment. This was the basis of their law suit being approved when approaching Maricopa county. When Joe Arpaio tried to threaten this right, it was the grounds for their case to be started. It is important that first amendment rights are protected throughout the country.

Donald Trump’s presidential pardon of Arpaio has led to a series of civil liberties being limited. This precedence must be over turned by consistent efforts for better rights and protection of the human condition. The Frontera Fund is committed to improving these conditions in years to come.

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Talkspace for Therapy Within the Home


If you have been told that you need to go and see a therapist, you might have already tried to find one locally. The issue that comes with regular therapists is that they’re expensive and inconvenient. In many cases, you also may not find the right professional to help you out and leave you frustrated and lost. Unfortunately, not getting the help that you need is problematic because you might find that your mental health issues get worse over time. This is why it is a good idea for you to make use of an app known as Talkspace.

Talkspace was created by people in New York City to bring therapy into your own home. This is ideal for people who want to be able to make use of therapy but do not know how to go about visiting a local therapist in the area. The app is easy for you to download and a free trial is available for you to give Talkspace a try for yourself before committing to spending any money. You will find that getting matched with the right therapist is quick, easy and efficient, and you’ll have someone who understands the problems you’re dealing with right now so that they can help you out.

Talkspace is cheaper than conventional therapy, as it only costs a couple of dollars a day for you to get started. Other therapy options can be hundreds of dollars per session, and this can be a true burden if you do not have any type of health insurance or have a large deductible. Once you make the decision to choose Talkspace, it is just a matter of visiting them on your mobile app store and giving them a try for yourself. This is a viable option for those who want therapy in their home.

José AuriemoNeto: Choosing A Real Estate Advisory Firm Or Expert

Are you planning to make your fortune in real estate? Need someone to provide you with expert assistance?

José AuriemoNeto comes highly recommended in Brazil and can render the top notch advice and professional guidance you need to succeed. He is passionate about coaching and training ambitious individuals and has been helping people to get started in this lucrative industry.

People who overlook the need to find an experienced or highly recommended advisor often end up wasting valuable time and huge amounts of money. A reliable real estate advisor will take the time to ensure that you know what to do to complete successful transactions.

As a highly successful real estate investor and property development expert, José AuriemoNeto has top notch systems in place to help clients achieve the outcome they desire. He has worked with some of the top professionals in the field and has handled numerous real estate development deals.

When it comes to investing in any opportunity, whether it’s residential and commercial property, it’s crucial to have access to quality resources before proceeding. If you have José AuriemoNeto on your side you will be provided with strategies and resources to help you complete deals successfully.

Real estate investing offers the opportunity to get huge returns on investment but it is important to learn from the right professional. If you’re thinking about creating wealth in real estate, you cannot ignore the fact that you need a reliable and reputable expert to guide you.

To learn more about real estate investing and how to get started, contact José AuriemoNeto. Once you understand what works and put the strategies and techniques into practice, you’ll have a chance to enjoy a great income and amazing lifestyle.

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A new Partnership for 2018: Securus Technologies Has a New Ally

When you have your own business, you have to understand that you can’t take care of all the sectors that you deal with. Maybe the expertise of your company is innovation in the field of technology, so, depending on the size of your company and how much you have to spare, it might be necessary to hire third-party corporations, or straight-up buy them.



This is the case of Securus Technologies, which recently acquired the enormous corporation GovPayNet to deal with their payments.



In this particular case, Securus Technologies is a provider of solutions for prisons and correction agencies, and all sorts of technological innovations have their birth in the labs of this company. They have tackled the communication industry, the security of the penitentiaries, improved many of the tools that these institutions have at their disposal. That, of course, might mean that they are, at full force, developing new ways to improve the lives of law enforcers, and that is right. With this type of dedication to a particular kind of business, the leaders and owners of Securus Technologies hired another company to take care of their financial administration and the payments that the company deals with.



As of now, both companies have had many achievements throughout their histories. Securus Technologies’ services are used in hundreds of prisons spread across the territory of the United States, mainly Texas, and they have the highest percentage of the market for that matter. GovPayNet, which is going to deal with debit and credit cards as well as payments for Securus Tech, is hired by thousands of agencies and institutions across the country. Both are really renowned groups in their respective industries, and this new relationship between them means that agencies and prisons will have an even better service provider in the year of 2018 and forward.



If you have never heard of Securus Technologies, make sure to check them out to learn more about their business model and how they achieved success.



George Soros, The Need For A Humane Society That Operates For The People

With the passing of every year, the world is blessed with new societies that operate with the sole goal of making the world a more humane place. While one can debate that the world we live in, is slowly getting deprived of humanity mainly due to the acts of hatred people bestow upon one another, this is not always the case. A few influential leaders such as George Soros are working every day to re-create our society based on the concept of humanity above all.

Although George Soros has performed various acts of kindness since over 20 years, two of the notable acts are, donating a sum well over $100 million to educational institutes in USSR and contribution $75 million to attempt to end the poverty in places such as Africa. George Soros is well-known for his various attempts at improving the education system in countries all over the world. However, the majority of his funding has gone into enhancing the K-12 education system in places not limited to the USA. Also known to fight for the rights of various minorities not limited to just the gay and lesbian community, George Soros has been an active member to ensure that policy reforms are suggested as well as implemented.

One might wonder, how does a successful hedge fund manager, go from handling essential financial accounts to helping people who have nowhere else to turn to for assistance. The answer is relatively simple, once you understand the journey of this 87-year old humanitarian, who put himself through higher studies by working as a railroad porter and waiter at restaurants. This self-made individual started off with incredibly humble beginnings, and when he got a chance to make something of himself, he made sure to carry his people with him.

George Soros founded the Open Society Foundation that was funded by the enormous contribution of $18 million given by George Soros himself, in an attempt to create a better society, a more humane one, that cares for its people, and that runs on a concept better than the free market. The article posted on the Atlantic, called as the Capital Threat spoke of the importance of creating a society that does not run on the free market concept. Instead, it works on an approach of using past mistakes to create a better and more humanistic system.

A recent article that he published on the Atlantic made a series of valid points such as the concept of individual security that America is currently obsessed with versus the improved idea of collective security through uniting with various other international bodies. This piece of content, called the Bubble of American Supremacy, spoke mainly about the 9/11 incident, and how this one event impacted the nation drastically, possibly due to the current system of individual security. George Soros believes that if America as a country can accept collective safety by taking the help of other nations while returning this favor, then America can once again become the leaders that the world expects it to be.

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Market America’s Win-Win Formula

If you’re unfamiliar with Market America, it’s a great time to get involved. The company specializes in one to one marketing. Based in the US in North Carolina, it’s celebrating 25 years in business. The company is also celebrating 25,000 “UnFranchise” business owners, who have sought out on a new path with Market America. The company sells products on the website. Obviously, the company certainly has a winning domain name, which was previously held by Microsoft. With personalized customer service, and more products than you can imagine, this site is booming.

What makes Market America unique is that their shopping website is beneficial to nearly everyone who comes in contact with it. Customers receive cash back on purchases, with some items providing a significant amount of up to 50 percent. The UnFranchise business owners also make cash back on their customer’s purchases. The company uses a vertical business structure to avoid being stagnant, so owners not only earn from the new business but from repeat business as well. Market America has its own branding, which includes cosmetics, skin care, diet and fitness goods, and much more. The site also allows customers to shop in one place from their favorite retailers while maintaining the benefits.

Market America has received much recognition over the years. Recently, the company was recognized by the Better Business Bureau. An “A+” rating and “Torch Award” are among the many awards the company has earned. This is a great accomplishment, as there are many different parts of the organization which must be monitored. The company has also earned recognition from celebrities, who’ve performed at its most recent celebration and awards ceremony. For those who are motivated and want a great business opportunity, Market America offers just that. For those who are just looking to save money, will certainly help out as well. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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George Soros: Overcoming Demonization

It’s not strange to hear political opposites demonizing each other. That’s just the way politics work these days. Unfortunately, there are people who just get caught in the middle of those wars of words while trying to do something good for the world. George Soros is one such man.

He’s never really done anything bad; he’s just hated by a lot of right wing supporters. Over the years, many of George Soros’s opponents have been right wing conspiracy theorists. According to them, Mr. Soros is a busy man. In a recent JPost article, the far-right’s side of the story is explained.

According to them, George Soros is deliberately trying to destroy their world. Because he’s supported Black Lives Matter and Antifa, he’s an evil man with hatred in heart. He apparently set up the Colin Kaepernick NFL protest and the Women’s March. They’ve even accused him of hiring women to falsely accuse Republican candidates of sexual assault.

Most of their claims are supported by two past events in Soros’s career. First, in 1992, he made a billion dollars by shorting the British pound like no one else. That created world of conspiracies, which were later supported by his attempt to prevent George W. Bush from being reelected.

George Soros has supported the many groups and movements mentioned in the conspiracy theories. He’s supported numerous organizations and movements over the past 30-plus years. It was that long ago that he founded Open Society. Over the years, he’s slowly donated $800 to $900 million to his foundation every year.

Now, the NY Times is reporting that his donations have amounted to $18 billion. His donations made Open Society the second biggest philanthropic organization in the nation. Honestly, it should be considered among one of the best philanthropic organizations in the world.

Open Society operates in more than 120 countries, helping wherever they can. Lately, the organization’s been focused on the United States. For years, hatred in America has grown out of control. There are too many groups being attacked on a regular basis. Open Society is trying to stop all of the abuse.

In 2014, Open Society helped fund treatment center during the Ebola outbreak in America. They’ve also been supporting the LGBT community and female activists fighting for equal pay. It’s an organizations that reaches out to just about anyone trying to do the right thing.

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