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After A Decade Rocketship Education Continues To Grow Strong

At the same time that Rocketship Education reflects back over its past ten years, it is looking forward to what is yet to come for its students.

Founded in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner to serve primarily low income students, Rocketship opened its flagship school in San Jose, California the following year. Over the next five years, the non-profit network of public charter schools launched six additional schools in the area and after that opened schools in Wisconsin, Tennessee and Washington DC.

Rocketship shared some of the lessons it gathered over its first ten years in a story at

The school led the way for personalized learning which remains just as important today. The approach, which includes home visits, takes in the distinct needs of each student and family along with making the most of technology to assist with each student’s education.

And while Rocketship has been urged to expand its schooling to include K-12, it remains fully centered on elementary education.

Additional lessons Rocketship conveyed take in the importance of joining together students of all races, ethnicities and classes. The school has confidence the diversity of students and teachers will establish a more rewarding student experience. Rocketship is proud of the its teachers who are well suited for its classrooms and school practices.

One program that did not work for Rocketship involved students with disabilities that focused on compliance. Over the years, the school changed to its inclusion model, where students with disabilities invest 80 percent of their day in general classrooms, and found it worked better for its students.

Rocketship also tested a flex model pilot program which took on three teachers and one school leader. While some of the schools did well following this approach, others did not and the project was cancelled.

Smith talked about how he did not have any children when he co-founded Rocketship. He went on to speak about the importance of his two children now attending the school as he wants the best for them.

Putting together partnerships that include public agencies, zoning commissions and more have also been vital to the school’s success.

As advocates for public education, Rocketship Education recently changed its name to Rocketship Public Schools.

Fabletics Continues Expanding

Every time a company expands, it’s usually thanks to its supporters. Fabletics is no different. Fabletics finds success in ways that other companies can’t even imagine. Much of Fabletic’s success is thanks to its loyal members and their reviews. User reviews made Fabletics a $250 million company.

User reviews are the new version of word-of-mouth advertising. One study showed that more than 80 percent of consumers use crowd-sourced reviews to determine their final purchase. This shift in consumer behavior allowed many small companies to achieve national and international success. This trend can make or break a company twice as fast as traditional promotions.

Since the crowd has such power, it’s increasingly important that companies stay up on every consumer trend possible. Fabletics found its success by targeting a large group of consumers everyone else in the activewear market ignored. Fabletics wanted to be the first activewear brand that made fashionable fitness wear that was also affordable.

That premise attracted over one million monthly members. While there are a few naysayers, Fabletic’s members love getting regular discounts on all sorts of apparel. Sometimes, the discounts are up to 50 percent off and numerous items. The affordable prices combined with personalized service and on-trend fashion makes Fabletics well worth the money.

The dedication and personal touches that Fabletics offers comes from Kate Hudson. To Hudson, Fabletics is more than just a fashion brand. It’s something she’d wanted to start years ago but didn’t have the know-how at that time.

In 2013, some executives from TechStyle Fashion Group approached her with this idea, and she ran with it. Ever since she’s led Fabletics to some amazing achievements. She’s even taken fashion in another direction completely, making it about more than just looking good. She wants Fabletic’s activewear to inspire women to be healthier.

With that being said, Hudson makes sure that everything Fabletics sells is on-trend. She’s very hands-on with every department of the company. She especially looks over sales numbers to determine which items are selling. If an item isn’t selling like she thinks it should, it’s taken off the site immediately.

The old formulaic processes that companies used to use no longer work in today’s society. Consumers are always looking for something new and exciting. That’s why Fabletics releases new lines every month. It’s also why Hudson stays so involved with the company.

Dirty Political Money-End Citizen United

End United Citizen played a significant role in the 2016 political campaigns as well as the United States general elections. The civic group was created in 2015 with the primary purpose of ending overturning the constitutional amendment passed by the Supreme Court of United States about political and campaign funding. The groups funding comes from their supporters, and a short period after their launch, the team has contributed $2 milion of $25 to #0 million of what they wanted for their campaign. In 2010 the Supreme Court allowed dirty money into politics and End Citizen which is a Political Action Committee wished to end the era of dark political money in the nation.

End Citizen United became so accessible within a short period, and more than 350000 individuals had signed for the membership of the group as well as their support. The number of the registered members increased when the group partnered with “Ready for Hillary” During the 2016 general election End Citizen was funding campaigns for 11 political candidates among them; Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold, and Michael Bennet Senator of Colorado among others. End Citizen United is not the only group that has been fighting as well as advocating for change in the political funding of the United States, but according to the group’s Director of Communication Mr. Carbo, End Citizen is a unique group. The uniqueness of the organization comes with the fact that from the start, there was a hole in the talks and also getting leaders elected. End Citizen goes further to fund their supporters who are candidates by paying for the polling, direct mailers, as well as television advertisements.


End Citizen United is a Political Action Committee based in the United States of America. End Citizen primarily funds grassroots leaders. Being one of the most popular groups in the nation, End Citizen aims to change the adverse effects of Citizen United as they work effortlessly to improve the financial system in the political field. The group is not afraid to stand for what they believe in, and apparently and openly they declared their support for Democrats. They think that Republicans are bought with money from billionaires including the Koch brothers. End Citizen is founded on a strong mission of ending rigged the election, passing state ballots state measures, raising issues in the national conversation, as well as reforming the financial system of United States. End Citizen United is devoted to showing the press, candidates, as well as voters that they are determined to fight the economic reforms from the grassroots. End Citizen United could not watch the rich and the billionaires of United States getting into the way of the political issues of the country with their money.