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Let Beverly Hills Auto Group Get You in Your Dream Car

Buying a used BMW will save you loads of money, and bedsides it’s not like anyone will ever know that you didn’t buy your BMW new anyways. When you buy used, you get a lot more variety to choose from and you won’t lose a bunch of money due to depreciation. It just makes more sense. You will also get extras like customized seats, without ever having to pay for the customization-someone else already did!


Beverly Hills Auto Group will get you into a luxurious used BMW today with their three step financing. Beverly Hills Auto Group will even take on your trade-in and will give you a fair price. Beverly Hill Auto Group is all about great customer service and will not use pushy sales tactics. Beverly Hills Auto Group even encourages you to bring your own mechanic because they stand behind each and every one of their cars.



Julie Zuckerberg: A Leading Recruiter

Julie Zuckerberg is someone who is extremely well known in the talent acquisition industry. She is an incredibly talented recruiter who has worked with numerous larger companies and has placed numerous candidates in offices all across New York. Now, at the peak of her career, Zuckerberg has transitioned into a highly learned figure in the field of talent acquisition. Zuckerberg is currently at the position of Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank, based out of New York City. She has been working at Deutsche Bank for quite a while now and has proven to be an precious asset to the company. Zuckerberg works alongside the higher up executives at the company and has helped them in numerous ways. She has helped the top level executives of the company with various decisions and is also one of the people who is responsible for negotiations that Deutsche Bank encountered.

At her current job, Zuckerberg leads an expert team of recruiters who have been trained and mentored by her. They help her with all her talent acquisition duties and perform all the on-site recruitments that take place in the company. Zuckerberg formulates a plan which the company can follow while undertaking their recruitment processes. In addition to conducting all the talent acquisition needs of the company, Zuckerberg is also the person who leads all of the training programs that the employees have to undertake. Since Julie Zuckerberg knows how to spot good ideals which can contribute to making good employees, she also conducts seminars and workshops, to inculcate these values in the employees of the company. They are trained in matters of leadership and teamwork and are then given opportunities for advancement based on how well they apply what they have learned.

Through the span of her career, Zuckerberg has worked with a broad array of companies, spreading across sectors and fields. She has collaborated with numerous business owners and people in business, helping them staff their organizations. Zuckerberg sees her job as a constant learning platform and consistently takes in whatever she can from the successful people that she meets. She has been mentored by some of the best in the field of talent acquisition, which has helped her rise to the position she is at today. This sheer love of the area and thirst for knowledge has taken her far, in a field that is rather male dominated.

Even though Zuckerberg started working in the field of talent acquisition straight out of university, the field was not what she always had in mind. In fact, she initially decided to take on a course in Philosophy, and then switched over to the law, to earn a law degree from the New York Law School. She then went on to take up a job at Hudson, where she played lawyers and paralegals in offices across the city.

Besides being focused on her work, Julie Zuckerberg is someone who loves art and culture and living in New York; she gets a healthy dose of it wherever she goes. She is known to actively takes part in numerous cultural festivals across the city.

Patty Rocklage’s High-Octane Renovation Schedule

Patty Rocklage is a noted philanthropist, psychotherapist, and renovation habitué. Rocklage is married to chemist, Dr. Scott Rocklage, and the couple has been part of the charitable and professional landscape of the Boston area for over 20 years.Patty Rocklage followed an early interest in mental health science during her university years and became a graduate of Psychology from the University of Southern California in 1981. She currently works as a licensed psychotherapist, treating both families and individuals.

Mrs. Rocklage and her husband snagged the charitable spotlight in July of 2016 when they subsidized the renovation of crucial MIT nanochemistry research spaces. Mr. Rocklage completed his PhD studies within the department under Nobel Prize winner, Richard R. Schrock. He has long praised the school for providing him with the foundation for his own successful career. Though they might not have known it at the time, more structural renovations were on the horizon for a successful couple. Dissatisfied with portions of their historic home, the Rocklages sought out contractors for a kitchen renovation.

However, upon selecting and meeting with Ed Freedlender of Sunbury Companies, the couple did an about-face when realizing the true source of their dissatisfaction stemmed from the logistics of the home’s front face and the fact that the facade was not conducive to hosting guests. Freedlander subsequently designed and implemented a recycled rock landscaping design in accordance with environmental preservation practices of the area. A more welcoming front façade was then constructed, facilitating a flipped front foyer with various walkways. Stopping briefly for the Rocklages to enjoy the Christmas holidays, renovation was relatively quick and painless. The couple now enjoys hosting guests within their four-season front space and revised entryways.


JeanMarie Geunot’s Maverick Therapeutics Partners With Takeda Pharmaceutical Company

Maverick Therapeutics, one of MPM’s Capital Portfolio Companies, has announced its partnership with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. The partnership will see both parties work together on a new improved form of T-Cell engagement therapies. Jeanmarie Guenot, Patrick Baeuerle and Luke Evnin, the founder of MPM, founded maverick Therapeutics, a startup biotechnology company, in 2016. Over the years, Maverick has been developing antibodies. The new partnership will enable Maverick to develop smaller and customizable T-Cell engagement therapies at In addition, the $125 million partnership gives Takeda Company the right to purchase Maverick after 5 years.

About JeanMarie Guenot
JeanMarie Guenot is the CEO Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc., an innovative company that engages in the development of cancer therapies. For over two decades, Guenot has gained immense experience and knowledge in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Through her visionary and transformative leadership style, she has managed to enhance the company’s growth. JeanMarie is highly trained in physical and medicinal chemistry. She is an alumnus of the University of California and Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania where she earned her PhD and MBA respectively. Her entrepreneurial career started at Atlas Venture where she founded her life science companies while she managed venture capital investments.

As a scientist, Guenot worked for Preclinical R&D at Hoffman-La Roche. Her boundless career saw her serve in different capacities for various companies, including private to public entities, pharmaceutical R&D, corporate and commercial corporations, venture capital, as well as project and alliance management. JeanMarie served as a vice president of PDL BioPharma before establishing SKS Ocular. This ophthalmic company focused on dry AMD besides releasing treatments and technologies for glaucoma, macular degeneration and ocular inflammation.

In her career, Guenot has entered into different partnerships with the objective of developing cancer drugs. In 2015, JeanMarie Guenot led the partnership between Amphivena and Janssen Biotech in the clinical investigation of undisclosed tumor antigen. Johnson and Johnson Innovation facilitated this process on It aimed at advancing the development of therapies for hematologic malignancies. The success of this partnership was a major milestone for Amphivena. Guenot has specialized skills in oncology, neurology, autoimmunity and cardiovascular disorders and ophthalmic diseases.

The Role of Thor Halrvorssen as a Human Rights Activist

Thor Leonard Halrvorsean Mendoza is a human rights advocate and film producer. He has a Norway and Venezuela background. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with both the undergraduate and graduate degrees in political science, history, international relations and romance language. Thor is mainly skilled in matters related to human trafficking, threats to democracy, slavery, philanthropic, and angel investing. His efforts are concentrated on fighting for human freedom.

Career path

His advocating career journey started in the year 1989 in London when he organized opposition to South African apartheid and advocated for human rights. He became fully involved in advocating when his father who was a Venezuelan ambassador for anti-narcotic affairs in the administration of Carlos André’s Pérez. However, with the help of the amnesty international organization Thor protested for his father release.

Thor’s contributions to the society

Thor became the CEO and executive director of the foundation for individual rights in education (FIRE) in 1999. In this organization, Harvoseen joined organizations like Feminists for free expression, the eagle forum, and heritage foundation. In 2004, Thor Halrvorssen founded the human rights foundation. It was after his mother was shot dead. The main roles of human rights foundation include promoting tolerance and democracy in Latin America. Since its foundation, Halrvorssen has led campaigns exposing some personnel violating human rights regardless of the social areas engaged. He has also published two books outlining the responsibilities of the state and those of individuals.In 2009, Thor Halrvorssen founded the Oslo Freedom Forum. It consists of prominent personnel from all continents from several occupations. He encouraged the members to speak boldly against those violating human rights. Halrvorssen also became a patron of the children’s peace movement. The movement ensures that there is a bilateral relation between children and adolescent and children in warring countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Film work

In Film Theater, Halrvoseen has played various roles such as film production and co-production. He has produced films and documentaries. Thor’s films have their theme mostly in the struggle for freedom and political independence, human trafficking, and anti-intellectual culture. Halrvorssen has won several awards and gain recognition for his work.