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The New York City Human Rights Watch Dog

Thor Halvorssen is the leader of the Human Rights Foundation based in New York City. He is 39 years old. Thor and his prototypes believe in the importance of individual liberty and human rights. They consider human rights as non-debatable discussions. Thor is extraradical and does not take time executing stereotypical ‘sad-sack’ movements like most human rights activists. His philosophy about human rights is not theoretical. He was raised in Caracas Venezuela and descends from a lineage of both Norwegian and Venezuelan leaders. Oystein, his matrilineal grandfather, was the famous Norwegian king’s delegate in Venezuela in the course of the Second World War. His grandfather is known for diverting all of the Norway trade fleets to Venezuelans and getting to war with Germans who opposed his move. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

His father was tortured in Caracas detention centers after he exposed the government extortion during the Venezuela drug wars. His mother is also a descendant of Bolívar’s Simón, the liberator. Simon provided help to Latin America during its struggles from Spain. His mother is a close relative of Cristóbal Mendoza, the first Venezuelan president. She got wounded during a demonstration against the Hugo Chávez regime. Read more: Thor Havlorseen | Facebook

Leopoldo López Thor’s first cousin was also a critic of the Chavista regime. According to Forbes, Thor Halvorssen still serves a Venezuelan political prisoner jail detainment. In many parts, Thor Halvorssen is considered as an important critic of dictatorship regimes in Latin American and some of the traditional funding institutions. Thor Halvorssen, however, refuses to accept traditional designs and considers himself a liberal classic in the Venezuelan Chávez left-wing.

His firm is ready and willing to disparage all types of dictators and does not consider employee political inclinations as long as they maintain his mission to eradicate tyranny from the world. HRF’s staff is selected from all over the world and strives to uncover tyranny and push for political prisoner’s release. The company is always ready to get to the ground and reveal perturbing democracies.

The Foundation has recently published child labor practices in American farm kids, commonly known as the Tobacco’s Hidden Children. The organization remains the world’s leading human rights watchdog being served with the veteran leadership of Thor Halvorssen.

Cone Marshall Representatives Discuss Firm’s Commitment to Economic Advancement

Representatives from Cone Marshall, one of the leading tax law firms in the New Zealand area, have recently released statements describing the law firm’s commitment to the establishment of a thriving economic system through services and measures implemented within the institution. The New Zealand firm, which is led by attorneys Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall, has been instrumental in the development of stable economic systems for families in New Zealand. Through the use of several of Cone Marshall’s programs, families have become financially secure and economically stable. Representatives from Cone Marshall have stated that the company has become committed to the improvement of the New Zealand economy through its focus on the assistance and education of New Zealand’s citizens.


Commitment Through Assistance

Representatives from Cone Marshall stated that Cone Marshall Law Firm has shown an exceptional ability to improve the New Zealand economy through its assistance programs. The firm offers assistance to citizens who are struggling to establish local and international trust funds. The firm is also instrumental in the development of estate plans and tax documents. Through Cone Marshall’s customer assistance programs, a large number of New Zealand citizens have gained the ability to develop trusts and estate accounts that they would ordinarily not have access to.


Commitment Through Education

Cone Marshall representatives also emphasized their company’s commitment to the development of the New Zealand economy through the fiscal education of its citizens. Cone Marshall offers several programs for individuals who wish to gather information about trust establishment or tax information. Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall, the founders of Cone Marshall, have become known for their desire to educate clients about the ever changing federal tax laws.


Commitment Through Relief

Representatives of Cone Marshall also discussed the firm’s commitment to improving the economy through its fiscal relief programs. Leaders of the law firm created programs for clients who face financial hardships. By combining extensive legal knowledge about tax relief programs for qualified families with a step by step implementation program, the leaders of Cone Marshall have helped New Zealand families to get out of stressful financial situations and contribute to the growing economy. By creating a law firm that aims to solve problems for the local community, the leaders of Cone Marshall have become a company that is beloved by natives of New Zealand.


Different Types Of Gambling

Gambling is a really popular activity among people. For one thing, many people place bets with the hope of the outcome being close enough to what they bet on so that they can win a good amount of money. While people tend to equate betting to the casino and poker, there are many other types of betting that exist for people. Among the different types of betting that people participate in is sports betting. Sports betting is exactly what it sounds like. It is placing money or stakes on what the outcome of the game. Of course if the team the person bets on wins, the person wins money.

In order to take part in sports betting for games like College Basketball, one has to find a center to place bets in. One good center for sports betting is a company called This site not only offers people the opportunity to place the bets on the team that they believe is going to win. While everyone is responsible for their own type of research, one sign of a good source of sports betting is that they offer news and other information on the different types of teams that are playing which will help people make the right choices in the team that they are betting on.

College basketball betting is one of the forms of sports betting that people take part in. In order to increase the chance of winning, and reduce the chance of being cheated, it is important to do some research on the sites that allow online sports betting. One of the legitimate sites that are worth using for sports betting is This is because the site is managed by round the clock staff of editor. This makes it less likely that the betting person is going to lose the money unfairly. As with other types of money making activities, the way to earn a lot of money is to use a lot of wisdom. Most of the wisdom goes into money management. It is important to learn everything one can in order to make profitable decisions.

Why Your Business Should Focus on your Online Reputation

Online reputation management companies have become more popular than ever before, becoming a vital component of how businesses manage their brand reputation and image over the internet. What exactly these brand reputation management companies do and why they are such a vital component of how businesses operate today.

When a customer is looking to buy from a business they will often begin by doing research on a company. This research may consist of a web search or involve scouring the message boards for the product and asking their peers for the leading companies offering products or services. Sometimes news articles and formal online sources are used as a gauge to see the company’s reputation online and whether or not a customer should by from a company. Other times a shopper will look at the website or social media presence of a company and make a decision regarding whether or not they want to buy from this site or a competitor. Ultimately, shoppers use a variety of online sources when deciding whether or not to buy products from a business and a company needs to keep track of these factors to influence potential customers positively towards their business.

Learn More: Why Every Business Needs Online Reputation Management Services

Few businesses are all that talented at monitoring their online reputation. Businesses often concentrate on what they are good at, which is expanding their customer base and servicing their customers and leave the reputation and brand stuff to take care of itself. This is often a mistake.

Online reputation management companies will work towards improving on your online reputation by reviewing your online reputation and making the needed changes to see your brand thrive online. The Search Fixers are one such online reputation management company who has a talent for understanding what is going wrong with a company’s brand reputation and makes the needed changes to improve a company’s online reputation.

The Search Fixers often start by performing an overall assessment by researching a company online and taking note of their overall online presence. This involves their website, social media sites, good and bad reviews and other online mentions in news articles and industry sites. They work to give the company an overall response to the comments and negative reviews impacting online reputation and work to focus on the positive information about the company. Then they monitor the results of their implemented changes and try to improve how a company is perceived online over the long run. In the current internet focused era, online reputation management companies like The Search Fixers are a needed way of improving on a company’s business reputation and driving more business to the company.

Accusations that are Baseless

Securus Technologies is a company that represents individuals who are normally not represented within America. This primarily includes incarcerated individuals who are currently serving time for past mistakes. These individuals, just like any other American citizen, would like to have the ability to openly communicate with their family members and loved ones who are not facing the same prison time as they are. Even though visitation time is available to these people to see their families normally these situations aren’t comfortable and require a lot of time to develop properly. In order to avoid these problems Securus Technologies has devised a series of different services and products to suit these customer needs. Products such as a free downloadable application for mobile devices offer seamless streaming technology for video conference abilities. This not only makes communication between these two parties efficient and effective, but it also means that inmates are able to relax even when they are still being locked away. Unfortunately with all of these positive points for the company Securus has recently taken fire from another company, GTL, who has accused Securus of having expired patents on their products.


GTL, having released a multitude of different spreadsheets to the internet a few months back, was assumed to have information regarding these patent expiration dates. Most of these patents were for products that secure is currently has in circulation with the customers, and if found to be true would have caused a major problem for the corporation as a whole. Fortunately for Securus this information has proven to be inaccurate and the accusations against them has been taken away. It is safe to say that Securus Technologies has to be a reliable and customer based Corporation, following its Niche customer base for many years to come.