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Austin, Texas’ Best Plastic Surgeon Is Dr. Jennifer Walden

Who wouldn’t want to go home to do the work that they were destined for, especially when it’s a job like plastic surgery? Dr. Jennifer Walden has always wanted to be successful, and she has become such a highly successful surgeon in her own right that many regard her as one of the best surgeons that the United States has to offer. With years of work and practicing in different offices between New York City and Austin, Texas, Dr. Walden has become a specialist in plastic surgeries and is highly sought after by many people.


Dr. Walden received her bachelor’s degree after attending the University of Texas, she kept pursuing her dreams, which led her to New York City. She spent a total of eight years living in New York City, and during that time she was in a program that helped her to increase her skills. She went on to open up a practice that became so successful that she would of stayed if it wasn’t for the fact that she had twin boys and needed a family support system.


Dr. Walden chose to make the journey back to Austin, Texas to give her kids the life that she had growing up around her family members, and this became a great decision for her as well as for her career. Dr. Walden opened another practice in Austin, Texas that has been the pinnacle of her work and has allowed her to thrive in the Austin, Texas area.

Has Norka Luque Always Been a Singer?

Norka Luque started her career off as a student in France who was studying to become a major business mogul. She earned her degree in business and quickly entered the workforce. She learned, though, that this was something that she did not want to do. The career was not fulfilling and did not give her the creative freedom that she wanted to have in the things that she did. Since she was a creative person, she knew that she had to do something that would allow her to bring out the creativity that she had been harboring throughout her life.

Since she wanted to be creative, she thought that a career in the culinary field would be the answer. She was in France and had the opportunity to study with the best of the best because of this. This was something that not may people had a chance to do and something that allowed her to see a high level of success when she first started out. She learned, though, that it was difficult to find a career in a country where everyone is one of the best chefs in their field. It did not give her the creative freedom that she hoped for.

While Norka was trying to find her true calling, she dabbled in different career fields so that she was able to find something that made her feel better. This was something that set her apart from others and something that gave her the experience that she needed to be successful. Her jaunt into the fashion world also gave her the experience to design her own stage costumes and create something that was great for the way that she performs while she is on stage. It has been a great help to her in her singing career.

During the time that she was doing different things, Norka always enjoyed singing. She had not done it professionally, but she had voice lessons and piano lessons that allowed her to know the ins and outs of singing and performing. She never imagined that this would be a career and something that she could do. She took a chance, though, at singing for her career and it paid off. She gets the creative freedom she craved before, she is successful and she enjoys singing and performing for people around the world while making a difference for herself and making money.

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Andy Wirth, Newly Elected Reno-Tahoe Chairman

A Man, his Legacy, and his New Position

Andy Wirth is a man who’s had a very interesting and successful life. Wirth is most famous for being the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings who has worked hard to ensure his ski resort is one of the absolute finest tour destinations in the world however he’s had other accomplishments under his belt. In addition to his role as a CEO, Wirth is also a contributor to the community and environmental service organizations within the Lake Tahoe area to improve the area for everyone. Wirth has also co-founded an Ironman team called “Wounded Warrior Support” to raise money for the Navy SEAL Foundation as well as honor the men of the Navy SEALs. Wirth did this sometime after a near-fatal skydiving accident and it perhaps highlights his character. And now, he’s found himself a new position.

“I am honored to serve in this role for the Regional Air Service Corporation. I believe that the landscape of, and future for our region, including the greater Reno-Sparks area and all of Lake Tahoe, is replete with opportunity. Air service into our region is and will continue to be one of the central elements of our growing and thriving economy,” said Wirth.

Back in January Wirth had been elected to serve as the Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation (RASC). Wirth’s position was decided upon due to his major involvement with the development of airports and air services ranging from Colorado to Quebec for major resorts and communities.

About Squaw Valley

Discovered by Alex Cushing in 1946 during a ski trip with his friends, the ski resort first officially opened on November 24, 1949. What started off as a small resort by Cushing has evolved into one of the world’s finest ski resorts. So fine in fact that Olympic skiers are among the regulars of the resort.

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Magnises Is Exploring New Territory In The Millennials World

The Playboy club was the member-based platform that baby-boomers were attracted to in the 1960s. There were other private clubs in cities all over the country that offered members deals at restaurants and other venues. One of the most popular restaurant clubs in Chicago in the 1960s was the Millionaire’s Club on Tumblr. LA still has private clubs and so does just about every big city in the country, but none of those clubs offer memberships exclusively to Millennials. But young tech entrepreneur, Billy McFarland decided he would step up, and start a private club that catered to the elite Millennial crowd on Dujour. Trying to entice Millennials to join anything is a challenge, but McFarland is a Millennial from New York, so the thought of opening a tech-based membership venue for his generation didn’t scare him.

McFarland launched Magnises, the private membership club that focuses on the wants and needs of Millennials in March 2014. Billy developed a Magnises black card that is capable of interacting with a debit or credit card. For $250, the black Magnises card gives young professionals access to special deals in Washington, D.C. and New York City. Millennials get discounts at restaurants, clubs, and bars when they used the black card. Members are offered exclusive getaways, and they can book private concerts that are next to impossible to attend without the black Magnises card. Magnises members that need office space can rent a desk at Alley in New York City for $99 a month. The rent is normally $500 a month for non-Magnises members.

The Magnises concept is more than a private club that offers hotel rooms at a super special rate and gives members the chance to go to the hottest nightclubs in New York that only cater to the money crowd. Magnises is a movement, according to Billy McFarland. McFarland’s goal is to make living in big cities more unique than it already is, especially for young professionals in the fashion, tech, and finance industry. McFarland’s goal is to open doors for the young crowd that is often discounted for their attitude about the system and the people that run the system. McFarland wants to link young professionals in New York, Washington, Atlanta, LA, Boston, Chicago and London in a way that has never been done before.

The interesting fact about Magnises is young, successful professionals want to be recognized in a different way, and McFarland has given them a platform to enjoy that low-key recognition. Using a black card to get special perks is the perfect way for Millennials to express their freedom without conforming to the system.

More than 12,000 Millennials have joined Magnises since 2014, and the word is spreading that McFarland’s concept is a deal. What Magnises offers does have meaning and the deals offered do make life more fun for its members.

Lime Crime Makes A Bold Statement


Lime Crime is known for setting a bold new statement with their makeup line. Their league of followers come from all walks of life. Fans are found in this country and around the globe. Lime Crime is a dazzling line of makeup that brings trend setting, cruelty free makeup to the attention of women that like a look that demands attention. The founder of this wonderful line of products is the one and only Doe Deere. Doe Deere launched Lime Crime cosmetics back in 2008 to a makeup market that was starving for bold and original cosmetics colors.

Get Ready For More Lime Crime

The makeup company is always on the cutting edge of the fashion, beauty, and makeup trends. They recently released something that is sure to please their fans. First, it began with Superfoils, launched in June. This was a water activated, wet dry eyeshadow line. Needless to say, the new entry was an amazing success and a social media favorite. It was one of the company’s most popular popular makeup launches. New metallic colors are going to make a debut this fall. The Velvetines and Superfoil colors are bold statements that are making a big hit with the company’s followers. Doe Deere is very proud of her new addition to the makeup line. She notes that the Superfoils are easy to apply, just like the Velvetines. However, Deere suggest that the best way to rock the metallics is to over line the lips with a darker color, before filling them in.


Lime Crime

This company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. This is the perfect location for such a bold, trend-setting company. The company has a very interesting philosophy that guides them in the creation of their cosmetic line. They believe that makeup is more than just a tool to cover up imperfections. Makeup is about freedom and self expression. The company is committed to bringing the highest quality makeup line to the consumer. In addition, their makeup line is animal cruelty free and completely vegan. Get in touch with the company via social media or on their website.

Labaton Sucharow’s Client Receives The Second Largest SEC Whistleblower Award

In June 2016, Labaton Sucharow announced that the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) had awarded their client over $17 million. This is because the client (whistleblower) had exposed a possible major violation in the financial service industry. It is now close to six years after the whistleblower program came into existence. This prize money is regarded as the second largest to be issued by the SEC to a whistleblower. The whistleblower provided accurate information against a major figure in the financial markets. Because of his actions, the SEC managed to recover huge amounts of money that would have otherwise been embezzled.

The client chose to report the case anonymously through Jordan A. Thomas, a SEC whistleblower lawyer. This way, the whistleblower was able to avoid blacklisting and retaliation. Jordan Thomas, the Chair of the Labaton Sucharow’s Whistleblower Representation, applauded his client’s boldness to bring out such crucial information. He stated that in future, SEC would handle more of such cases from courageous whistleblowers. Jordan added that the present case was the beginning of many others to come.  In addition, he represented the first case where the SEC charged an employer for attempting to retaliate against a whistleblower.

The enactment of the Dodd-Frank Act in 2010 brought many reforms. It created a whistleblower program that sought to protect employment and financial incentives. The Act enabled individuals to report any violations regarding the federal securities laws to the SEC.  The Congress established an Investor Protection Fund to ensure there are adequate funds to pay awards to eligible whistleblowers. Labaton Sucharow was the first law firm to administer the whistleblower program by protecting and advocating for SEC whistleblowers.

For over 50 years, Labaton Sucharow LLP has been representing institutional investors, individuals and businesses in business litigation and complex litigation regarding securities. The law firm has been successful because of its team of qualified employees. Its whistleblower representation practice entails a first-class in-house group of investigators and forensic accountants who are highly experienced in matters of law enforcement. The firm’s financial analysts play a significant role in the entire process of whistleblower representation. The entity’s culture of excellence has seen it emerge as one of the leading law firms based on its rankings by The National Law Journal’s Plaintiff’s Hot List, Chambers & Partners, the Benchmark Litigation and the Legal 500. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire as explained in the following link