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Igor Cornelsen’s Insightful Pointers on Becoming a Successful Investor

Igor Cornelsen is a prominent investor who has managed to create a legacy for himself in the world stock market, particularly the Brazilian stock market. Apart from the stock market, he has served in the Brazilian banking sector for a significant duration. His experience in the banking and stock markets has given Igor due advantage in predicting the reaction of the Brazilian economy and stock market.

Lessons from Igor Cornelsen

As a prominent investor, Igor Cornelsen highly advises current and potential investors to focus more on investments that are available in the market for a long duration. Subsequently, he firmly believes in the benefits of investing in long-term investments and advocates investors to shift from short to long-term investments. To him, short-term investments yield to small percentage gains in terms of returns. On the other hand, long-term investments have unlimited gains since with time an investment opportunity grows leading to more returns.

Further, Igor firmly believes in the power of a diversified investment portfolio. As an investment advisor through the Bainbridge Investment Inc., he advises his customers or investors to put their investment into different sectors of the economy rather than just a single one. According to him, a diversified investment portfolio helps in the spreading of the risk of loss by acting as an insurance cover. Consequently, if one sector performs poorly during a specified period, an investor can still reap benefits or profit from another one.

Igor is also widely known for dissuading investors from putting their investments in companies or entities experiencing financial issues. Alternatively, he assists the potential investors in investing into damaged or declining stocks. Primarily, this is because damaged stocks are sold at affordable or cheaper prices and can be sold to realize goo profits when the market regains stability.

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Igor Cornelsen Offers Insights Making Investments

Igor’s Advice for Investing in Brazil

Igor Cornelsen boasts of significant knowledge and vast experience in the Brazilian economy. Consequently, he is aware of the various key areas that are viable or lucrative for potential investors. In fact, he has made himself wealthy by offering advice to investors willing to venture into the Brazilian investment market.

Due to his expertise and knowledge, he has in the past provided several pointers regarding investing in Brazil. Firstly, he advocates for a friendly interaction with local Brazilians because most of them are also entrepreneurs. This gives an investor the opportunity to learn about the market.

Outside the stock markets, Cornelsen is known to take part in numerous interviews. He also spends a significant part of his time in Florida enjoying his favorite sport, Golf. This helps to clear his mind off work matters.

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The Highs and Lows of FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a relatively new phone carrier that provides either very affordable and even free service plans. They are partnered with Sprint, but save money by not buy the various connection from that partner. Instead they purchase these services independently and run them via their Sprint partner. It is not uncommon for Sprint to partner with smaller providers. It usually sells its own services to these companies. So many, in fact, that most cellphone users are using Sprint in some form or fashion. They have a slew of groundbreaking innovations.

FreedomPop offers phones, mobile data, and home internet. They became famous because they were the first to introduce a free data plan. This free plan includes 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data. Although there is this free plan, many of their other plans are among the cheapest on the market today.

It also makes a good gift for a student since it does not allow service in a car. The next one up is $19.99 a month with unlimited talking, texting, and data almost anywhere. FreedomPop has 38 different phones that range in price starting at $50 to much, much higher. FreedomPop’s data service go for $99 up. You can either purchase a 500 MB for free or 2 GB for $19.99. Freedomtag sells multiple lines of tablets that start at the cheap price of $75. This cheaper model is good but does not allow for some big things such as email and Facebook.

Almost all Sprint smart devices are now compatible with FreedomPop and can be easily integrated into its system. You can purchase both new and/or refurbished FreedomPop devices from Newegg and Amazon. FreedomPop actively encourages people to get the free plan because with the free plan they are better able to convince people to get upgrades. And the customer service really lays this on thick, constantly pressuring people to make upgrades. In fact, FreedomPop is quickly building a reputation as having the worst customer service in the cell phone industry.

Getting information about your product from customer service is really hard and complicated. With that said, FreedomPop’s products are all well worth this relatively minor setback.

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Labaton Sucharow Helps Whistleblowers

There are a lot of people who want to come to the SEC with information about wrongdoing at their companies, but they have not had the kinds of protections that they are getting now. Labaton Sucharow has been helping people with their needs, and they are the first firm in the country that just does this kind of work. They are trying to make sure that the people that they are working are going to have a way to get what they deserve under the law while also making sure that they can get the case to happen as fast as possible.

Changes to Dodd Frank have made it possible for every whistleblower to get a portion of what they recover in a settlement, and then the law firm will help them while they are going to be testifying for the government. That makes it much easier for people to get the help they need, and they do not have to get into the legalese of the case. They have lawyers at Labaton Sucharow to do this for them, and they are also in a place where they will be able to make changes to their lifestyle based on what they learn from their lawyers. There are a lot of people who are going to be in need of help that happens immediately, and it is very important for these people to make sure that they can get a lawyer in their corner when they do not know what could happen next.

The whistleblowers will receive a payment from the government, but their lawyer at Labaton Sucharow will make sure that they have handled all those parts of the case for their clients. Their clients will get the best service possible, and they will get results from the lawyers instead of trying to do this on their own. This means that all the people who are testifying can get a new job if they need one, and they will be safe as long as their lawyer from Labaton Sucharow is helping them.

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The Life of Stephen Murray, Investor, CEO and Philanthropist

Stephen Murray graduated from Boston College in 1984 with a degree in economics and went on to earn his master’s in business administration from Columbia Business School in 1989. These would set him up for a long and accomplished career, beginning with being hired as a credit trainee in Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co., a large New York bank formed by a merger in 1961. After three more mergers, it’s known today as J.P. Morgan.

Over the years he would rise to become the vice president of middle-market lending and by 1989 he would join a unit of Manufacturers Hanover that was a predecessor to CCMP, a private equity investment firm focused primarily on growth capital transactions and leveraged buyouts. You can read more: CCMP’s Murray dead at 52

Before it would become CCMP it would be a part of J.P. Morgan Partners, where Murray would end up as head of the unit. After complications involving a bidding war in 2004 that resulted in TPG, a private investment firm, threatening to pull their business from J.P. Morgan when Murray’s unit outbid them for the drug company Warner Chilcott, J.P. Morgan split off CCMP.

In 2007 Murray became the CEO of CCMP, establishing a new identity for the firm and raising billions in funds. However, successfully leading the firm for more than two decades wasn’t all he did. He served on the board of numerous major companies, including Aramak, AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcott, The Vitamin Shoppe and more.

In early 2015 he stepped down from his position as CEO of CCMP, citing health concerns. He passed away only a month later on March 12th at the age of 52, leaving behind not only his wife and four children, but an incredible legacy, too.

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The Career of Kyle Bass


The investment industry is competitive for new agents. Financial advisors who want to succeed need to add value to clients. Kyle Bass was one of the most popular advisors for many years. However, after a period of bad investments, he had to start from scratch. His career is a great lesson to new financial advisors. Instead of counting on short term gains in the market, it is important to invest for the future. Over time, many people learned the hard way that Kyle Bass was hiding behind his investments.

Kyle Bass

From an early age, Kyle Bass knew that he wanted to work with numbers. Becoming a financial advisor was never a dream of his, but after interning at a financial firm he fell in love with the industry. He has a natural ability to relate to other people. This helped him develop a large client base over time. A lot of people struggle to earn new clients through their business. Kyle Bass had one of the best rates of return in the industry, and this success made it much easier to drive business. Many clients were unaware of just how risky his investments were.


When the economy was growing rapidly, it was easy to invest in risky areas of the economy. Kyle Bass made a living finding high-risk investments to earn a high return. However, when the economy started to slow down, his investment returns went down as well. In order to make things look right, he started to invest in ultra-risky stocks and bonds. Read more on UsefulStooges website: